Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting the word out

Bonnie Hunter has asked for help in getting the word out about a quilt that is believed to be stolen. What a shame for the owner.

Here's the post.

Spread the word. And a prayer for it be returned to the owner.

Thanks and blessings,

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Slowly getting back to normal

Normal being a loose term when I am the topic. LOL Hog Man continues to improve. A home health nurse has come twice a week checking his vitals and stabbing his finger for blood. They have to keep a close watch on the blood thinner.  A therapist has been coming to the house and I can tell a difference. He is getting stronger. He still needs the walker right now. He has been wanting to go walk down to see his hogs and the litter of pigs born right before his surgery. We asked the therapist and she said to use the crutches and not go alone. He took his first expedition yesterday afternoon and did very well. He got to clean Lovey's pen and was so happy. Only a hog man could understand. LOL

I have been doing a little sewing this week. A group of us in guild are making 16 patch blocks and exchanging them at the February meeting. I've gotten three made of the 21.

I've also made two pillowcases and working on pillow shams for DS #1's Time Travel quilt. I made a label on the computer for it and got it sewn on. I had fabric left over from making the quilt and thought pillowcases and pillow shams would be a good idea. Like Hog Man said--"Sounds like a new project." "But I'm using up the extra fabric and all those little half square triangle blocks left from the flying geese I made."  Those suckers finish at one inch.  Designing as I go. Designing being a loose term.  And yes, I have lost some of my points. I'm not going to cry about it.

I ran across a blog the other day that got me all excited. I just love her colors. And I've been wanting to make a Spider Web quilt. Here's the link to Molly Flanders post on how to make one.  She's got lots of other lovely ideas.