Thursday, March 21, 2013

Computer is still alive

Well, maybe alive is not the right word.  I really don't want it to be ALIVE but you know what I mean.  Yesterday morning I tried to turn the laptop on and it wouldn't come on!  Oh, no.  I checked to make sure it was plugged in to the power source.  Yes.  But it would not come on.  : (   So I figured it had crashed.  I went on to Kraz-z Quilters meeting.  Hog Man checked it out on his lunch hour.  It had gotten unplugged where the adapter plugs into the power cord.  I was so relieved. 

It's been several weeks since I last posted.  What has been going on?  Let's see- the oldest two grandkids came for several days on their spring break.  DGD Aimee wanted to sew a stuffed animal or doll.  I happened to have a pattern. We decided on a doll.  I had some tea dyed muslin that worked really well.  She learned to cut out the pattern pinned to fabric.  She decided she wasn't too sure about sewing all the curvy seams.  So I did that.  Then we soon discovered I didn't have any poly-fil stuffing. No problem.  I had some left over poly batting scraps that we tore into small pieces and stuffed her.  Worked great. Then came the sewing on of felt eyes, sewing on a nose, sculpting the mouth, etc.  I soon discovered I didn't have any yarn for the hair.  I was avoiding going to Wally world at all costs during spring break with moms and screaming kids. Not my favorite place.  We got her a dress made.  It's been a LONG time since I have done that kind of sewing! 

Everything seems to be in bloom!  Red bud trees, fruit trees, weeds, etc.  I developed a cough last week.  I had a little fever--felt really yucky.  I do believe it is all allergy related.  Because I have experienced this before this time of year.  Long story short, I am feeling better--the cough is getting better.  Not so deep. 

In the midst of all of that I went out to Post Oak to visit the Post Oak Quilters.  I always enjoy the drive and putting on a little demo for them.  And they always have wonderful potluck luncheon!  And dessert. And this time it was DESSERTS!  I got a chance to see a two hundred year old New York Beauty quilt top!  Oh, the tiny piecing!  I didn't have my camera with me.  Bad blogger- I know.  If it was Bonnie Hunter you would have had a wonderful picture and full story.  But alas I am not Bonnie.  Sorry.  Speaking of Bonnie -- are you enjoying her Quilt-Cam sessions or what?!  I love that she found a new way to share them so they are achived to watch later. 

I didn't realize Sissy got in the picture. You can see the blue tarp that protected the roof after holes were knocked into it still laying on the sidewalk. 
Remember in December when we had a strong cold front hit and one of the huge branches of the sycamore tree broke off and hit our house and electric service sending an electrical surge through our house?  This is what remains of the tree.  Sawdust.  Oh, how I hated to see this tree go.  It was such a source of shade for our backyard. But half of it had died and I was anxious every time the wind got up--there was another almost as large branch dead as well.  It looks SO different with it gone.  We used to enjoy moving our chairs out under the tree in the afternoon and evenings.  The orioles will have to find another tree to make their nest this year.  There has been a lot of trees that have died throughout Texas the last couple of years due to the drought. 

Blessings and happy quilting, 

Monday, March 04, 2013

It's a warm day in Texas

I had to run an errand or two after lunch today.  The bank's digital thermometer said 88 degrees.  Say what?!  I knew it was warm but not that warm.  But never fear--the weather man says it will be in the 50s tomorrow.  Oh joy.  Up down, up down. 

Well, you may be asking--"What about quilt retreat last week?"  I ate too much, stayed up waaaayyy too late, and got some sewing down.  And laughed, talked, etc. etc.  I did get several of the borders on the Star BOM sewn on.  I only needed two more to go and it was time to go home.  I called my DDIL the next morning (I am making it for their bed) and found out I was wrong.  I thought they had a queen size bed. Nope it's king size.  I am SO glad I called her.  SO I am adding a couple MORE borders to bring it up to size.  This seems to be the story of my life.  It's a good thing I had some extra fabric.  But there in is the challenge.  Story of my life I'm telling you!  Doesn't that ric-rac border look good?  Judy L of Patchwork Times is the designer. Of course when I was sewing them on I got the first one sewn on right.  The second I turned wrong and out came the seam ripper.  I stopped talking and paid more attention. LOL  I don't like ripping out. : (
In front of Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop are Ann, Billie, and Priscilla

Monday afternoon at retreat we all piled in cars and went to the quilt shop in town.  The next afternoon some of us decided we wanted to check out the quilt shop in Whitesboro. I had never been there.  The Kaleidocscope Quilt Shop is really nice.  If you're ever near the area I'm sure she would love for you to stop by.  We went in my car because it gets good gas mileage.  And you know how gas prices are!  When I went out to move things around to make room for my passengers (I had brought an extra sewing machine--just in case) I discovered that the little birdies had enjoyed berries up above my car. : (  What a mess! 

I will post pictures of my quilt soon.  I have had to do some calculating and scratching my head and I think I have it all figured out.