Monday, December 09, 2013


Two to three inches to be exact.  And 20 degree temps.  I took this picture on Sunday afternoon when things had begun to melt.  Then things refroze.  I was in the house for three days.  Hog Man thinks that is horrible.  I think it is divine.  Lap top and a quilt on my lap -- cooking when I have to.  What's wrong with that?   : )    Did you hear?  The highways in the DFW area pretty much iced in with 18 wheelers and vehicles of all kinds stranded.  That would stink so bad.  Hog Man attempted to leave.  He got backed out of the driveway.  Then when he tried to go forward.  It didn't happen.  We become so aware of slight inclines when there is ice on the road.  Well, he totally forgot we have a slight incline to go forward after leaving the drive.  Yeah.  He put it in reverse to see if he could go back a little ways and get a run on it.  Yeah.  No traction.  He let it slide backwards into the bar ditch to get it off the road.  That was Saturday.  A neighbor came by on Sunday afternoon with a 4 wheel drive one ton and pulled him out.  Hog Man's truck is a one ton.  Heavy.  So not everyone can pull him out.  His is not 4 wheel drive.  : (

Speaking of 4 wheel drive.  Hog Man is in need of a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Not because of this last weather but because he has a job!  A job!  It's been since May that he has had regular employment.  God has provided.  He is a pumper.  What is a pumper?  He has eighteen gas wells to meter, check, etc. every day.  Some of the properties where these wells are located get pretty muddy and hard to travel in bad weather.  He got out today and we'll see how today goes.  He called his boss Saturday when he couldn't get out.  The boss said he would go check the wells.  He has 4 wheel drive and even found it really treacherous. 

I haven't told you about Stitches, our kitty.  She is doing wonderful.  She is such a joy and a belly laugh most days.  She and Sissy, our little yorkie,  get along great.  They play.  They chase each other and play fight.  We caution Sissy.  Get your bluff in early because the kitty may get bigger than you.  LOL  Our family came to help us celebrate our birthdays back in October.  She hid the entire time.  The next time when we had company she ventured out a little.  The grands really want her to like them.  She will -- but you know cats.  They have to do it in their time. 

I made chili and potato soup during our cold weather.  Yum.  I guess you could call the potato soup I made more of a chowder.  It had cream style corn and whole kernel corn and cream cheese.  Just a little cream cheese.  It added such creaminess.  I also added some heat.  Cayenne pepper.  For Hog Man.  He likes his heat.  Will I make it again?  You betcha! 

Still not much sewing going on.  It will happen.  Or it won't.  : )    

Blessings to you,

Monday, November 18, 2013


That pretty much sums it up.  Blah!  That's what I've been feeling like.  I haven't felt like myself since Mother's passing.  I figured it was the grieving process.  Part of it may have been until my glands on the right side of my neck started swelling and I knew it was something more.  After a week and they didn't go down I made an appointment.  Dr. M gave me an antibiotic.  The pain from the swelling is gone but the swelling is still there.  : (   I've put in a call to the dr.  We'll see what's next.

After I determined I wasn't contagious we made another trip to Ballinger to do some banking business for Mother's estate.  We got a lot done in a short amount of time.  It was a good thing we went when we did. The house insurance draft was not drawn for November.  We got it all worked out.  We talked with someone who does estate sales.  We will meet with them later in the month.  What to keep and what to let them sell?  Decisions.

We've had some cold temperatures and we have beautiful fall foliage on the trees.  The sumac is such a beautiful color.  This last weekend we had temps in the 80s and little visitors.  The two youngest grands came and spent one night with us.  So much energy!   I wish I had a small amount of their energy!

I have been in such a blah mood I have not sewn a stitch.  This may be the longest stretch I have lost my interest in quilting.  At this point--I'm wondering if it's going to come back.  


Friday, October 25, 2013

Reunion and Birthdays

Our high school graduating class celebrated our 40th recently.   Hog Man and I graduated from the same school, same class,  etc.  It makes it simple to go to class reunions.  We had lots of fun.  Some people hadn't hardly changed at all.  Others had changed some but I still knew who they were.  Others I had to read their name tag!  I hadn't seen some of our class mates since we had graduated.  I had reconnected with some via facebook and have connected with more since the reunion.  I was visiting with one gal who had moved down around Brownwood right after high school.  I told her our daughter in law was originally from Brownwood.  She asked what her maiden name was.  Turns out she knows Angie's folks.  Small world!  

We used the weekend of the reunion to do some more work at Mother's house.  We took down all the family pictures and boxed them up.  We located all the photo albums and boxes of photos.  Our DD Amanda drove down and helped out.  Lots of sorting.  Lots more to do.  I brought all the photos home with me for safe keeping and for storing.   Several of us had lost parents this past year.  One gal lost both her parents within a few weeks.  

I was clearing out our answering machine the other day and ran across a message from Mother.  I left it.  I thought it would be nice to hear her voice sometime.  I've been going through a very low time.  I guess it's part of the grieving process.  I have no interest in sewing, quilting, etc.  I know the urge will return in time.  Everything has a season.  

Hog Man and I are also celebrating our birthdays.  Our birthdays are only three days apart.  So tomorrow we will have the family over and cook some good food and have a wonderful time all together.   Psssst----
Hog Man celebrates a big one.  But I'm not telling.  LOL

Catering Quilter

Friday, October 04, 2013

Game Changers

I looked at my husband the other day in the car as we were traveling on I-20 back again to San Angelo and said this is a "game changer".  Let me explain.  We had taken my mother to the audiologist for her hearing early in September.  It was determined her current hearing aids could not be adjusted enough to give her the range she needed.  She purchased new ones.  In ten days the new ones should be in.  Just like clock work they called.  We made to trip.  When we got to her house I knew something wasn't right.  She wasn't sitting in her recliner waiting for us.  The house was very quiet.  Lights were on throughout the house.  I didn't want to startle her so I waited a few minutes to see if she would come walking out of her bedroom.  When she didn't I went in and her bathroom light was on.  I peeked in and she was sitting on the toilet.  I turned away.  But in that one glance I knew something was wrong.  I looked again and knew she wasn't doing well.  I helped her get dressed and let her to powder her face.  She walked into the den but was very weak.  I got her blood pressure machine and she started telling me she couldn't get it to register earlier.  Her batteries were out.  I got new ones and knew then what was wrong.  Her blood pressure was very low.  She stood up and would have fallen if I had not caught her.  We called the ambulance.  At the hospital they determined she was having heart issues.  She was transferred to a larger hospital.  They did a heart cath stat.  The doctor came out and was talking heart by-pass.  After what the Ballinger hospital told us I knew she might not be healthy enough for that.  Kidney failure and weak heart.  I questioned the doctor about that.  He called in a surgeon.  The surgeon determined she would not survive the operation.  We were told she probably would not make it out of the hospital.  Pow! That's a game changer.  All our plans were changed in a blink of an eye. 

That was Friday.  I called my sister who lives out of state.  She made arrangements to fly in.  She arrived the next afternoon.  She had started improving on Monday.  Since she was doing better and my sister was there Hog Man and I went home to take care of some things.  He had an appointment with some pig buyers on Tuesday.  It was so nice to have a couple of days out of the hospital.  My sister called and said that Mother had been moved out of ICU on Tuesday morning.  She had plans to fly out on Wednesday.  So we planned to drive back Wednesday evening.  My sister left the hospital around 11:30am to drive back to Abilene to catch her flight out.  We were almost to Mineral Wells around 1pm and the hospital called.  Mother had taken a turn for the worse.  The doctor called around 1:30pm then at 2:30pm they called to say she had passed.  Needless to say that was a major game changer.   My mother always wanted to do things on her own terms.  They had been talking to my sister while I was gone about arranging for a nursing home.  Mother and I had been talking about moving her near me.  She didn't want to move.  So she got her wish. 

Her funeral was Saturday.  It poured rain.  I was grateful for all of those who turned out for her funeral in spite of the weather.  It was a nice service and she had such a peaceful look on her face.  We had found a picture of her when she was a very young woman and asked them to put it on a pedestal beside her casket.  She was a very pretty woman. 

We began to go through my mother's things.  My sister and I and our husbands.  We found lots of pictures.  Baby hair.  A special signature quilt that I brought home with my relatives names that dates probably 1947.  Much, much more.  Lots that needs to be shredded and lots that needed throwing out.  She didn't throw away anything!  It has sure made me think about my own house.  LOL  Then it was time for all of us to get back to the schedules of our lives. 

While we were in the area we had a joyous occasion.  Hog Man's mother celebrated her 80th birthday.  After seeing the signature quilt I decided I would make her a signature quilt in celebration of her special birthday.  She had some muslin left over from a project so I prepared it with freezer paper backing and got those in attendance signatures.  I will mail out pieces to relatives who couldn't come.  It will be a special quilt. 

My emotions and physical body have been through a roller coaster.  It has taken me days to feel rested and back to normal.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a spouse or a child.  I can honestly say I have more sympathy and understanding than I did before.  Isn't that how God shows us things?  I felt His presence the entire time.  It was amazing to me how strong I was.  It wasn't until I got home that I let down and felt the weight.  God is so good and so loving. 

Glory to His name and blessings to you,
Catering Quilter

Friday, September 13, 2013


I started playing some of the games on Facebook.  I resisted for a long time.  They are so addictive.  Anyone else enjoying the challenges of Candy Crush.  Enjoying is a relative term.  I suppose it is the challenge.  I am doing that instead of watching TV.  Maybe at least the games will help my mind stay sharp where watching some of these TV programs are demoralizing.

Update on the kitties:  Stitches is doing well.  Blade did not make it.  I have moved Stitches outside.  I had brought her back in after Blade was gone.  Hog Man's allergies are really bothering him right now.  Both of our boys are allergic to cat dander so I wondered if he was as well.  Anyway she is doing good. 

Hog Man has been cooking for us on his gas grill.  He's watching youtube videos.  He's cooked ribs, ham, steaks, hamburgers, fish, pizza, etc.  I like him cooking.  ; )  It's keeping the house cooler with these hot temperatures and it's pretty simple for me to put some side dishes together. Plus plus! 

Lovey had her pigs on Sunday.  Eleven.  Ten alive and doing well.  I will try to remember to take pictures. 

Blessings and happy quilting,
Catering Quilter   

Monday, September 02, 2013


The summer has gone by SO fast!  The older two grands came the first week of August.  For a whole week!  It was fun.  It was hot.   I enjoy each time they come because I know it won't be long as they get older that they will grow up and they will get busy with things in their lives.  : ) 

DGD Aimee came again to spend the night with us so she could be a part of the WCQG quilt show.  It worked out well since Hog Man had some things he needed to do the morning of the show.  She helped me by sitting in my booth and helping out.  : )  Then when Hog Man got done with what he had to do he came and I could leave the booth and do a demo for those in attendance.  She thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Even though she got there at 8:14 and didn't get to leave until after 5pm.  She's a trooper.  And a worker.  I had taken my yo-yo makers and she made yo-yo's when it was slow for her. 

It was a fantastic quilt show that was well attended.  Karen S. in our group is our quilt show coordinator and does a great job organizing it completely.  Members pitched in and worked.   Setting up, putting quilts up, taking down, and cleaning up.  Not to mention all the before show things--baking items for the bake sale; making things for the country store;  getting door prizes; etc. etc.   There was also quilts made for the silent auction which was a great success.  Some of the pictures turned out fuzzy.  :(   Sorry

Quilts going up


DD Amanda's quilt made by Hog Man's mother got an Honorable mention by the judges!

More beautiful quilts.


DD Amanda's Dresden Plate quilt that I made for her. And yes it needs rotating but I don't remember how. : P

This Cathedral Window quilt won best of show by the judges. It was HEAVY.  Completely hand done!

Here's a close up

More quilts

 This was taken Friday  before the show.  Hog Man, on the left,  is helping put up the Silent Auction quilt racks.

Like I said the quilt show was a great success.  Thanks to all who contributed.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. 
And DGD Aimee got to come see us again. : )  And here I thought when school started I wasn't going to get to see her much.  She spent two nights with us over this Labor Day weekend.  We didn't do anything particular but just "hang out" as they say.  So relaxing.
After the quilt show I got the two small C.A.S.A. quilts machine quilted.  I finished putting the last binding on day before yesterday.  Such a good feeling to have those finished.  I know you don't want me to mention this BUT  -- Christmas is not that far away.  OMG  Time to get BUSY!   I always want to make so much and in reality it doesn't happen.  : (  Maybe this year.
If you're still reading -- : )  we have more babies.  It's the season for show pigs to be born so there are more being born.  This last week has been 100+.  So hot and hard on mothers and babies alike.  Stitches the kitten is doing well.  I moved her outside when her brother showed up.  Or I think he is her brother.  Same size.  He was COVERED in fleas and malnourished.  We're getting a handle on the fleas but he is still not out of the woods yet.  I moved Stitches outside to keep him company.  I couldn't have him inside with the fleas.  I don't know if I have ever seen an animal as infested with fleas as he was.  Several baths later he is looking better.  We will see. She has adjusted well to the outdoors.  Although she would like to be in the house.  : )  Can't say I blame her with the temperatures. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Stitches and Sissy love Hog Man!


Baby pigs, puppies and now a kitten.  A very young kitten.  A too young to be weaned from mother kitten came to the house Sunday evening late.  I heard it meowing out in the field behind the house earlier that day then when a thunderstorm came up it came running to the house.  It is tame. Purrs like some kind of machine.  It laps milk well -- very good.  And it can eat cat food.  But too young to survive without some care.  So here we go.  Hog Man is not fond of kitties to begin with and certainly not in the house.  He grumbles a little.  It's been two days.  Grow fast kitty!  Oh, and DGD Aimee and I decided "Stitches" would be a good name for her.  Yes, she is female.  Oh, there he goes grumbling again.  LOL 

The puppies are growing.  And as you can imagine they don't stay in the kiddie pool anymore.  So Hog Man made them a pen from a cattle panel that has smaller wires and they cannot escape.  We've started them on puppy food.  A few have been given names.  There's Roman, Opal, Jet, Diva (just imagine why), Diamond, Whiney (always whining when the rest are asleep) and the rest I don't remember what the grands named them -- not that it matters.  Their owners will give them new names when they are adopted.  In just a few more weeks.  I am counting down.  LOL

This has not been a really hot summer but I am ready for fall.  There is something restful about cooler temperatures and the beautiful blue skies of autumn are a sight to behold.  Speaking of the sky--we have had some beautiful sunsets lately and the clouds and blue sky at times have been so pretty. 

Yesterday I was invited to go shop at United Notions/Moda. I had never been in their warehouse before.  It was too much to take in.  Everyone of their employees were very helpful and courteous.  And their facilities were 5 stars.  The FABRIC!  I tried not to drool.  It's a good thing the bolts are wrapped in plastic.  ; )

The WCQG quilt show is coming up next weekend!  Lots to do. 

Blessings and happy quilting,

Friday, August 02, 2013

Done is a very good thing!

There's my sewing buddy in the top of the picture.  She will come and stay with me in the sewing room when I'm sewing.  Awwww.  And she snores, too. LOL
The piano key border is on and it's done!  I love this pattern.  : )   It measures approximately 72 1/2 by 82 1/2 inches.  And guess what?  With the trimmings from the piano keys and the extra 1 1/2" squares I am well on my way to starting another one!  I loved how the piano key border went on like a glove.  No adjusting seams just a small amount of easing.  But I squared up my blocks and that does make a difference.  I messed up though!  I had the borders all sewn on and laid it out to take a picture.  Took the picture and was uploading the picture.  I kept looking at it thinking something isn't quite right.  Yup.  I had sewn the piano key corners on the wrong direction.  Out came the seam ripper.  It pays to check the picture of your pattern.  ; ) 

The puppies are getting to a cute stage.  Yesterday evening I heard them growling and barking at each other.  I went out to see and sure enough they were playing and beginning to wag their tails.  Two and 1/2 weeks old.  It's been getting in the 100s this last week.  They whine when they get hot. Poor babies.  We have a fan blowing on them 24/7.  Then when that wasn't enough we started putting ice packs in with them and they really like them.  See what you think . . .

Yup, it's going to be time to get new ice packs when these babies get moved outside.
The other two grands are coming soon.  Where's the spinach, Popeye?  They'll enjoy playing with the puppies.  And there will be lots of sewing going on.  : ) 

Happy quilting and blessings,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tumalo Trail coming along

Sorry for the fuzzy picture I must have moved.  The blocks and sashing are all sewn and the red inner border.  I have started cutting and sewing the piano keys.  I am loving this!

The two youngest grandchildren visited us this past weekend.  We really enjoyed having them.  Their innocence is refreshing and entertaining! 

I don't think  I have mentioned that our dog, Ruby, had puppies.  It was an unplanned pregnancy with one of the male dogs that lives down the road who jumped our fence.  There are seven.  Six black ones like him and one that looks like a border collie like her.  They are sweet and the grands loved seeing them.  That is the one redeeming thing.   We have them in the garage with a fan because it is so doggone hot in the afternoons.  They are going outside very soon now. 

We still have grasshoppers by the hundreds.  They eat my tomatoes off the plants as soon as they're almost ready to start turning red.  I step on as many as I can!  This has not been a good year for raising a garden.  The squash were killed by squash bugs and the cucumbers and jalapenos bloomed but no fruit. What?  I've never had this happen. Someone suggested that we might not have enough bees to pollinate. 

Hog Man had another litter of pigs born over the weekend. 

Happy quilting and blessings,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrappy Goodness

Before I went to guild meeting Saturday morning I laid out the blocks and sashing for Tumalo Trail, Bonnie Hunter's pattern from her book Scraps and Shirttails II.  This week I have been sewing all the rows together and then joining each row.  I have two more rows to go!  This view doesn't do it justice. There will be a small red border that goes on next and then a piano key border which I haven't even started cutting out yet.   The grands are coming so I need this bed.  That was my push to get this done.  If I laid them out I didn't want to have to pick them back up un-sewn.  ; ) 
This little quilt loaded on the frame is all made from scraps and is a pattern from and is called 4 Patches on the Diagonal.    

I really tried to rotate this picture and I have given up! 
And here is another one I put together recently.  This I decided to use all blue for the triangles because Hog Man thought the first one was to o busy.  I like both.  These will be C.A.S.A. quilts for my contribution to our Kraz-z Quilters project.  I probably have enough four patches sewn to make a couple more little quilts.  And I keep more 2"squares cut out by my sewing machine to sew as leaders and enders as Bonnie Hunter does.

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Down but not out

I have been missing.  On the internet.  Not intentional--but due to computers around here needing repair.  One is up and running the other is history.  Amazingly I got a lot done or it seems like I got a lot done without the distraction of the internet or spider solitaire.  : )  

Let's see I got DD Amanda's Dresden quilt completely quilted and bound the last week of June.  Hog Man and I delivered it last week one day and it fits her bed.  Happy Dance!

I had the strangest feeling when we got in the car and drove away.  I felt sadness.  I can't explain it.  I was so happy to have it done and for her to have it but at the same time I felt a loss.  Like something significant was no longer a part of my life.  I know -- WEIRD!  I guess when you bond with something for several years you can't help but experience loss when it's gone.  : )

Enough of that!  Onward and upward.  We had some wonderful cooler weather last week.  Cool as in upper  50's and 60's for overnight lows and 80's for highs.  Unheard of around in these parts for June in Texas.  I got outside and worked in the yard.  I weeded my round brick planter that is home to the irises and tulips.  I edged the sidewalks.  I trimmed with the weed eater.  I cleared an area that briars always want to take over.  It was rejuvenating to work in the cool temps.  We have a BIG yard.  And we (Hog Man does because I am a chicken about mowing a slope on the riding mower and working around traffic!) keep the bar ditch mowed outside our fence because the county only mows it maybe twice during the season.  I did chop down the tall Johnson grass that had sprung up with the last rains we have had.  Long story made shorter--it is looking better around here!  If only it would stay that way.  It's kinda like bathing a child or cleaning house--you do it over and over again.  : )

My friend, Priscilla, lives part of the year here and part of the year in Colorado.  They had to evacuate because of fires in her area.  Their cabin is still safe but fires are burning in a national forest near their town.  Her loss our gain kind of thing.  She is missing out on her friends up there and the cooler mountain temps but I have enjoyed having her back.  She and I decided to go sew with the Paradise ladies the last Saturday of June.  There were 13 of us in the fellowship hall sewing away.  So fun.  I took my blocks from Bonnie Hunter's quilt pattern from her book Scraps and Shirttails II and I got four more blocks sewn together.
You can see them here.   I have continued cutting  scraps and sewing this week and now have 29 blocks sewn with two more laid out to sew.  I need a total of 42 blocks and then the sashing and piano key borders.   Everyone I show these blocks to love it.  What is it about small scrappy blocks that make us smile?

It is the season for show pigs to be born for next year's shows.  Hog Man has two litters so far.  One litter of blue butts and one hampshire.  So for the next few months there will be baby pigs making their way into the world.  It is a challenge to keep the mothers cool when the temps are in the 100's like this week.

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grands have come and gone--Whew!

Note the flour on faces! It was also on the floor.  Thanks to DG Aimee and her mischievousness.  They helped mix up banana bread Thursday.  AND clean up the mess.  ; ) 
Then the two younger grands joined us Thursday evening.  There was lots of giggling and activity!

Our son-in-law threw a surprise party for DD Amanda to celebrate her masters degree. He pulled it off which is truly amazing since she is one who likes to know what's going on all the time.  He rented their local pool and got help from friends and family with the food and keeping it quiet.  It was fun and all the kids really had a great time. 
Look at that face! 
The last two went home last night.  I  am relaxing this morning! I think the dishwasher, cook stove, washing machine; not to mention doors (in and out) are relaxing too!  Thank God for dishwashers!  They got to see caterpillars, honey bees in the squash blooms, and even an empty cicada body.  Ewwww!  And with the doors opening and closing (CLOSE that door!) lots and lots of flies!
And of course there was crafting time--paper, markers, scissors (3 yr. olds and scissors, oh my) although there wasn't a problem--no hair cutting or upholstery or clothes.  Or at least I haven't found it yet! It's easy to see the play dough pieces that wound up in the carpet.  No problem--this grandma knows to clean the carpet AFTER not before.  ; )

So my feet are up. I had a relaxing shower.  And I am surfing the internet.  I just might visit you today!

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

Monday, June 03, 2013

A little catching up before

A little catching up before the next round of activity.  Isn't that the way life is?  A snatched moment here and there to put your feet up and relax.  Or to walk outside and listen to the birds or enjoy a sunset.  Before the next thing requires you to go or to come or to unload it or fold or wash it or cook it.  Notice I didn't mention quilting.  That's a welcome chore. ; ) 

This was the sunset on May 28.  Isn't it so pretty?

This was right before the sun went below the horizon.

I drove down for my nephew's memorial service this weekend.  I went a day early in order to get my mother to her hearing aid appointment.  She had gotten to where she couldn't hear thunder.  Again.  Bless her heart she drives me CRAZY.  I sure hope I don't do that to my kids someday.  It was recommended that she see an ear, eyes, and allergies doctor.  Do you think that is going to happen? NO  She says she is feeling just fine.  Her blood pressure runs high but oh, no she is not going to no doctor.  She drives me crazy. 

The memorial service was nice.  The slideshow they played was very nice.  I chose not to attend the private burial to avoid any possible family issues.   Mother decided to go to the memorial service.  I was glad she did.  It all turned out just fine.  If was a relief. 

I was almost into Winters on Friday morning when I came upon these combines
going down the road.  It is wheat harvest time.  Mother and I saw them harvesting in the fields around Rowena and Miles on our way to San Angelo for her appointment.
This is a wheat field east of Winters, Texas.

I have picked a few zucchini and I will cook some for our evening meal today.  We have more green tomatoes coming on the plants.  There are blooms on the cucumbers and little yellow squash. 

The grands are coming!  We will have all four later this week.  I can't wait to see them playing together.  Our house will be a flurry of activity.  Right now I am soaking up the quiet.  LOL 

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More progress

I have been hand quilting more on the Dresden.  I have two sides and two corners completely done.  : )  It's getting done -- just not as fast as I'd like.  Who am I kidding?  This IS hand quilting and it's not meant to be fast.  : ) 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed remembering all the quilting projects I have going.  But I stop and tell myself--they will get done and it's okay.  Enjoying the process is it.  Sometimes I enjoy some processes more than others.  But I always learn something. 

Last Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilting Club I got out one of the sewing machines that had been donated to our club by some very nice folks after the building burned that we were meeting in.  That morning early I had cut 10" squares from an old sheet.  I had some strips of fabric that I put in a basket thinking of making a string quilt.  The week before we had been talking about string quilts and one of our new members didn't know what a string quilt was.  I showed how to sew the strips on the 10" squares.   I came home and cut enough 10" squares to make another small quilt and will take this week.  I brought the second sewing machines home after discovering that it was very sluggish.  I asked Hog Man to look at it.  He got it to going after using penetrating oil and then sewing machine oil to oil everything really well.  He tried and tried to get the bobbin winder to work and it is just couldn't get to free up completely.  So now we have two machines working!  Two people can sew at the same time.  Yay!  Very helpful when the quilt on the frame is almost complete and only a few have a space to quilt.
I have more little green tomatoes and LOTS of little zucchini.  The jalapeno plants have blooms and I am waiting for blooms to appear on the yellow squash.  We've had rain and the grass is green.  It looks so good.  Thank you, God.

Hog Man had some folks come pick up show pigs this weekend.  I grabbed two of the feedsack tote bags I made and gave them to them.  I gave the more purple one to the little girl (new customer) and handed the more blue one to the fellow (repeat customer) who had brought the little girl and her dad from Burkburnet.  The fellow said "My wife will really like this."  Wasn't that nice of him? 

Hog Man has been wanting a gas grill.  He earned some extra money the last couple of weeks and he got to get himself a gas grill.  So we grilled this weekend. The only part I don't like.  The cleaning.  But isn't that the least enjoyable process of any cooking?  But it sure is nice once everything is nice and clean again. 

Ya'll have a great week and be blessed,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My heart goes out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma.  Read more about it here.  The weather man is forecasting more possiblities of severe weather today.  We got a sprinkle yesterday.  Points north--nearer the Oklahoma border-- had a tornado touch.  This weather pattern with humidity and warm temperatures--90s is much more normal than recent years with the drought. 

The tornado that happened in Granbury last week was just east of where DS#1 lives.  We received 1 1/2 inches of much appreciated rain.  The grass immediately perked up.  I have teeny weeny zucchini on the plants.  And one green tomato!  Looking good.  I can't wait to taste them. 

This past Saturday was WCQG meeting.  It was a good meeting and I did the Worry Free Bias Binding demo for them. 

I took a break from quilting on the Dresden plate quilt.  Temps were too warm to sit under it!  Until we turned the a/c on.  The humidity was just too great not to turn it on.  So now the quilting continues.  I am almost to the end of the 2nd border.  I marked the corner this morning.  I am finding that the chalk marks are disappearing with my handling if I mark too far ahead.  This is not loose chalk but a chalk cartridge. 

I don't think I am going to be able to keep up with Hog Man.  He empties the feed sacks faster than I can sew them!  Those little pigs are growing fast!  Which is a good thing. : ) 

I gotta share a recipe of sorts.  I had some leftovers in the fridge.  Little pieces of this and that.  Steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, roast beef.  I had seen a recipe on Pinterest for broccoli patties.  My mother used to make potato pancakes.  I only had about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes--not enough for potato pancakes.  I had about a cup of leftover steamed broccoli that needed using or would have to be thrown out.  So I chopped the broccoli and mixed in the mashed potatoes.  Then I sprinkled in dry minced onions and broke an egg and stirred.  I added some frozen corn--maybe 1/3 to 1/2 cup.  Then I added a tablespoon of cornmeal and about a fourth cup of flour and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I took small spoonfuls and pan-fried them for our lunch yesterday.  The roast beef was minced up and added to white sauce and served over toast for a fast tasty lunch.  Leftovers gone! 

Happy quilting and blessings,

Friday, May 17, 2013


Warning: This post is HEAVY.
I know that what is posted on the internet stays somewhere on the internet forever so I try to choose my words remembering that.  The last several days have been filled with emotions and memories.  My nephew who suffered a gun shot when he was 16 and was made a paraplegic has died this week due to severe infections in his body.  He has battled wound infections off and on this last year; spending months at a time in the wound hospital.  He lost a leg due to an infection almost ten years ago.  And I know all this second hand and I call it "eavesdropping" on facebook.

I have never really known my nephew.  He was born when I was in high school.  There were a lot of family dynamics that went on.  My parent's marriage was dissolving and of course being a teenager I had my own things going on.  More family dynamics with sides being chosen when the divorce happened.  Families can be complicated.  I realize now that ours was a dyfunctional one.  Are there really any normal ones?  I am so thankful for having married into Hog Man's family.  I learned what hugs and kisses were.  I learned to say please and thank you and I'm sorry.  And that families are important and you have to work at getting along rather than choosing to stay apart over a disagreement. 

So my heart is heavy.  Even if I didn't really know him I know there are those who are hurting.  I know he went through battles.  I also know he has fought the good fight and it is now over for him.  He has ultimately won!  Praise God!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

I wish I could do two things at once

Or three or four!  I have done three more feed sack totes.  I need to quilt on DD's dresden quilt and machine quilt.  But SINCE I can't do two or more things at one time I will have to be satisfied with what progress I make! I've got my system down on these totes so they go pretty fast.

Hog Man thinks these totes will sell.  I told him he is in charge of selling--I've got enough to do!  It's the whole "A woman's work is never done" thing.  Speaking of--I gotta go!

Happy quilting and blessings,

Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Cool and Sorta Rainy Day

We are experiencing a light drizzle and the temps are in the 70s.  A very nice day for May in Texas.  This has been an unusual May already.  Record setting cold a few days and still on the cooler side.  I'm not complaining!  This is wonderful. 

Yesterday I visited the Hugs and Stitches Quilters in Jacksboro.  They are a very nice bunch of ladies.  I demo-ed the Worry Free Bias Binding method.  It always so much fun to see the look on faces with this demo.  : )  They had potluck of soup and salad and turn desserts!  Since it was Wednesday it meant I was missing out on my Kraz-z Quilters.  I got back in town in just enough time to see Kathleen opening her birthday presents.  Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Kathleen has always been my cheerleader in my Quilt Catering business.  Always believing and always cheering me on!  And she's contributed to my success--shopping.  Priscilla has also been one of those friends who has cheered me on and shopped!  Priscilla will be taking off for her summer stomping grounds in the mountains soon.  I am so going to miss her. 

I have been making more of the Feedsack Totes.  Hog Man asked me last week when I was going to get around to making them.  He informed me that he had several dozen in the barn.  So--I got busy.  First the ends had to be cut off. I recruited him to help--it was his idea right?  Then they had to be washed and then hung to dry.  Then I cut the bottoms to even it and cut straps.  Then I sewed them.  I think I have sewn ten or so with about that many more waiting.  I laughed at Priscilla.  She saw a pickup like one of our members drives in the parking lot when she pulled in and she was so afraid that member would have more feed sacks for her.  Seems as though this lady has been keeping her WELL supplied.  And with her packing to leave soon she really didn't have time for anymore.  Pick me!  What am I saying?! But hers are different from mine!  Marjorie and I are going to exchange a rabbit one for a pig one.  Sounds logical to me! 

Our tomato plants, cucumber, peppers, and squash made it without damage through our cold snap last week.  I can't wait to have fresh vegetables.  I can make the relishes I love and have fresh tomatoes to eat. Yum!

Happy quilting and blessings,

Friday, May 03, 2013

Making Progress

Slow progress.  One corner is completely done. Yay!  Outer borders and piano keys are done on 1 1/2 sides.  I used a Frixion pen to mark the tulips in the pink border.  I haven't tried to remove it yet. I used a chalk cartridge pen in the off white.  I have used the Frixion pens before with success.  But I did read on a quilting board that on batiks and dark fabrics when you use the heat to remove the marks they turn white.  I did some experimenting.  And it is true.  On batiks it wasn't nearly as noticeable as on black and other dark fabrics. On Kona cotton in Bone color it left a faint grayish line that could only be seen if you turned the fabric at an angle.  So quilters beware.  Always test.  Hand quilters are always looking for that perfect marker that can be removed easily.  Will I continue to use Frixion pens?  Probably.  I will test on the fabric before I mark with them. 

I didn't get to clean yesterday.  I had other things pop up.  So today is the day. Oh, speaking of today--it is COLD.  We woke up to 38 degrees this morning.  Thank God it didn't freeze.  I covered our tomato, cucumber, and squash plants just in case.  After that cold wind yesterday the zucchini plants leaves had suffered some burning around the edges.  The news reported that this is the coldest it has been this late in May.  Very strange indeed. 

Blessings and happy quilting,

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hello May!

Yesterday was warm -- 80s.  Today it is not -- 40s.  How weird is that? 

Last week was busy.  Last Thursday we had a blast in Post Oak with the Busy Bee Quilters.  They had asked me to demo some specialty rulers.  I asked my quilting buddy, Priscilla, if she would come and demo some rulers as well.  She has made so many amazing quilts and I knew she had great experience with rulers.  I also invited two other Kraz-z Quilters to ride with us and join in on the fun.  So Kathleen and Mickey joined Priscilla and I.  I had such a good time.  The Post Oak ladies had invited two other groups so there was a few extra ladies. I also demonstrated Worry Free Bias Binding.  It was a beautiful spring day and we had a great time.

Then Friday, you know there is the necessary stuff--laundry, vacuuming, etc. Straightening etc. etc.  I put a small quilt on the machine and finished it up Saturday.  Sunday was a quiet day.  Monday I machined the binding on the little quilt and started the hand part.  Then Tuesday I was invited to go with some quilty friends to Dallas to the fabric warehouse district.  Two of the ladies were looking for specialty fabrics for church vestments and banners.  I was basically along for the fun.  I had been warned it would be an all day trip.  And it was.  We left town at 8am and got home at 9pm.  I heard several different languages spoken from shoppers.  We oohed and aahed over sparkly fabrics--dance, bridal, etc.  There was drapery and upholstery fabrics.  And there was a nice surprise--buttons!  One warehouse had rooms of buttons.  What fun we had looking and going through them. 

Boxes, bins, plastic boxes and giant bins all full of buttons! 

I had been warned to dress comfortably.  So glad I chose my athletic shoes and not my sandals.  My feet didn't hurt after all that walking. 

We had to stop by Quilt Country quilt shop in Lewisville coming back.  I love their bright store.  It is well arranged and they have nice samples.

We were famished so we stopped at Golden Corral then a must stop by Sam's Club and after many laughs and non-stop talking we were back home.  So fun. We all need days like that.

Yesterday, of course, was Kraz-z Quilters.  We are working on Kathleen's Triple Irish Chain in pinks and brown.  I got home and had an invite to come do a demo in a nearby town.  I am grinning.  I love it.  Today? Errands, cooking, cleaning, and more quilting. ; )

Blessings and happy quilting,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Relaxing Today

I am relaxing after last week.  Our neighbor passed away after the massive heart attack.  We went to her funeral last Saturday.  Monday, I went to Graham and put on a demo for the Cross Stitchers.  I had a fabulous time there and met more quilters.  I spent Tuesday (I mowed the yard, too)  and part of Wednesday (went to Kraz-z Quilters part of the day) getting ready (cutting fat quarters and yardage) to do a demo for the Thursday Quilters in Saginaw.  Then on Thursday I drove over and had a super time visiting them. I remembered my camera.  And even better.  I remembered to take pictures! : )

They are such a fun group of ladies.  The lady in the center of the picture with the white hair facing right is 96 years young.  I hope I am quilting away at 96!

I showed them a new (to me) way to cut bias binding that is SO much better and easier.

Kathy Seals of The Quilt Patch

And of course I am now carrying her laminated sheets that remind you how to cut the binding and on the back she has included instructions on how to sew your binding on by machine or by hand. 

Our oldest DS#1 is doing better after back surgery.  Thank you for your prayers.  I had time to unload my "store" after Thursday and do a little house cleaning and grocery shopping and then the two youngest grandkids came for the weekend.  We had a wonderful time.  The weather was perfect and they played outside all weekend.  I bet they went to bed early last night.  ; )  We planted tomato plants and cucumber and zucchini seeds.  The stores were out of yellow squash seeds!  From what Hog Man tells me people around here planted early and the frost got their garden.   That's why we always wait.  This Friday morning we have forecast overnight lows in the upper 30s.  We will probably cover our plants. 

The hummingbird feeder is out and has had lots of visitors.  The barn swallows are back and nesting.  The Eastern Phoebe stole the barn swallow's nest on the front porch.  She laid her eggs before the swallows arrived.

Today is sunny and warm so I am going to wash a few quilts and the sheets on our bed.  I will run a few errands then I hope to relax and quilt on DD's dresden quilt. 

The irises are in bloom and are so pretty.  I will walk around the yard and get some pictures. 

Blessings and happy quilting.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Catching Up

This post is long over due.  Where has the time gone?  Let's see--I spent about two weeks under the weather with allergies.  I have never before had so much trouble with allergies.  They sure side lined me.  Now I am playing catch up.  Is it possible to get two weeks back?  I don't know but I am sure trying.

First off-- I have special prayer requests.  Our neighbor, Carla, suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday morning and died yesterday.  Could you please lift her family in prayer at this time?  Another request--our DS#1 had back surgery on Mar. 25 and is recovering.  And one of my quilting buddies, Alice, found a lump in her breast and it is positive for cancer.  She has surgery this next week.  I told her she would be in many people's prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.

I had a real treat on March 23.  The First Presbyterian Church here in town hosted the Supper Quilt modeled after The Last Supper painting by da Vinci.  It was a site to see.  They also displayed quilts on the pews and hung on the balcony.  The ladies of the church did a wonderful job.  They had wonderful refreshments and a violinist playing.  This is the same church where our Wednesday group Kraz-z Quilters meets.  They asked us to have our room open and some of us volunteered to spend that time hand quilting for those who walked through to see quilting in action.  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed it tremendously. 

I am making progress on my DD's Dresden Plate quilt.  I try to quilt an hour in the morning and a couple of hours or so in the evening.  But I am going to have to hurry--May deadline is approaching and with the weather warming up; a quilt is not comfortable to be under.  ; )

Can you see the tulips I marked in the pink border?  I used a Frixion pen. 

I have two groups of quilters to visit next week.  I am busy this week getting ready.  It is going to be fun!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Computer is still alive

Well, maybe alive is not the right word.  I really don't want it to be ALIVE but you know what I mean.  Yesterday morning I tried to turn the laptop on and it wouldn't come on!  Oh, no.  I checked to make sure it was plugged in to the power source.  Yes.  But it would not come on.  : (   So I figured it had crashed.  I went on to Kraz-z Quilters meeting.  Hog Man checked it out on his lunch hour.  It had gotten unplugged where the adapter plugs into the power cord.  I was so relieved. 

It's been several weeks since I last posted.  What has been going on?  Let's see- the oldest two grandkids came for several days on their spring break.  DGD Aimee wanted to sew a stuffed animal or doll.  I happened to have a pattern. We decided on a doll.  I had some tea dyed muslin that worked really well.  She learned to cut out the pattern pinned to fabric.  She decided she wasn't too sure about sewing all the curvy seams.  So I did that.  Then we soon discovered I didn't have any poly-fil stuffing. No problem.  I had some left over poly batting scraps that we tore into small pieces and stuffed her.  Worked great. Then came the sewing on of felt eyes, sewing on a nose, sculpting the mouth, etc.  I soon discovered I didn't have any yarn for the hair.  I was avoiding going to Wally world at all costs during spring break with moms and screaming kids. Not my favorite place.  We got her a dress made.  It's been a LONG time since I have done that kind of sewing! 

Everything seems to be in bloom!  Red bud trees, fruit trees, weeds, etc.  I developed a cough last week.  I had a little fever--felt really yucky.  I do believe it is all allergy related.  Because I have experienced this before this time of year.  Long story short, I am feeling better--the cough is getting better.  Not so deep. 

In the midst of all of that I went out to Post Oak to visit the Post Oak Quilters.  I always enjoy the drive and putting on a little demo for them.  And they always have wonderful potluck luncheon!  And dessert. And this time it was DESSERTS!  I got a chance to see a two hundred year old New York Beauty quilt top!  Oh, the tiny piecing!  I didn't have my camera with me.  Bad blogger- I know.  If it was Bonnie Hunter you would have had a wonderful picture and full story.  But alas I am not Bonnie.  Sorry.  Speaking of Bonnie -- are you enjoying her Quilt-Cam sessions or what?!  I love that she found a new way to share them so they are achived to watch later. 

I didn't realize Sissy got in the picture. You can see the blue tarp that protected the roof after holes were knocked into it still laying on the sidewalk. 
Remember in December when we had a strong cold front hit and one of the huge branches of the sycamore tree broke off and hit our house and electric service sending an electrical surge through our house?  This is what remains of the tree.  Sawdust.  Oh, how I hated to see this tree go.  It was such a source of shade for our backyard. But half of it had died and I was anxious every time the wind got up--there was another almost as large branch dead as well.  It looks SO different with it gone.  We used to enjoy moving our chairs out under the tree in the afternoon and evenings.  The orioles will have to find another tree to make their nest this year.  There has been a lot of trees that have died throughout Texas the last couple of years due to the drought. 

Blessings and happy quilting, 

Monday, March 04, 2013

It's a warm day in Texas

I had to run an errand or two after lunch today.  The bank's digital thermometer said 88 degrees.  Say what?!  I knew it was warm but not that warm.  But never fear--the weather man says it will be in the 50s tomorrow.  Oh joy.  Up down, up down. 

Well, you may be asking--"What about quilt retreat last week?"  I ate too much, stayed up waaaayyy too late, and got some sewing down.  And laughed, talked, etc. etc.  I did get several of the borders on the Star BOM sewn on.  I only needed two more to go and it was time to go home.  I called my DDIL the next morning (I am making it for their bed) and found out I was wrong.  I thought they had a queen size bed. Nope it's king size.  I am SO glad I called her.  SO I am adding a couple MORE borders to bring it up to size.  This seems to be the story of my life.  It's a good thing I had some extra fabric.  But there in is the challenge.  Story of my life I'm telling you!  Doesn't that ric-rac border look good?  Judy L of Patchwork Times is the designer. Of course when I was sewing them on I got the first one sewn on right.  The second I turned wrong and out came the seam ripper.  I stopped talking and paid more attention. LOL  I don't like ripping out. : (
In front of Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop are Ann, Billie, and Priscilla

Monday afternoon at retreat we all piled in cars and went to the quilt shop in town.  The next afternoon some of us decided we wanted to check out the quilt shop in Whitesboro. I had never been there.  The Kaleidocscope Quilt Shop is really nice.  If you're ever near the area I'm sure she would love for you to stop by.  We went in my car because it gets good gas mileage.  And you know how gas prices are!  When I went out to move things around to make room for my passengers (I had brought an extra sewing machine--just in case) I discovered that the little birdies had enjoyed berries up above my car. : (  What a mess! 

I will post pictures of my quilt soon.  I have had to do some calculating and scratching my head and I think I have it all figured out. 


Friday, February 22, 2013


Come close. . .  I have something to share.  I AM GOING ON RETREAT!  I can't wait! So the next few days will be spent cooking for Hog Man, packing up projects, doing laundry, etc. etc.  I am taking a UFO to complete and one project to begin cutting out.  And who knows I may take the Dresden Plate quilt to do a little hand quilting.  I need my therapy!  I have less than four blocks left to do.  Then the outside borders.  I'm still deciding what I want to put in the plain off-white border.  Hmmmm!   I am really liking the chalk cartridge pens. The chalk stays put pretty good but comes off easily once the quilting is done.
Remember this one?
This is the UFO I am taking.  It is from 2009 and Judy Laquidara's Star BOM from that year.  I have to complete the ribbon border and all the outer borders.  I am so wanting this DONE and out of the tote.  Stay posted.  Once it's done I think it will be my next hand quilting project.  I got my new thimble in.  Love it!  I never thought I could get accustomed to using a thimble but I have.  I don't quilt without it.  I just wished the leather wouldn't stretch : (. 

Happy quilting and blessings,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Girl

 Our youngest granddaughter turned 3 and her party was yesterday.  She is a precious little girl.

I made her some skirts. I sure hope they fit!  The smaller one may not.  If it doesn't I will make another.  No problem.

And I made her some diapers for her dollies.  I found a Hello Kitty purse-so cute.  And she loves Dora the explorer right now -- so it was a Dora themed party.  I found the free pattern for the diapers here.  I made mine from flannel that was given to me and sew-in velcro I bought at Wally world.  I extended the back tabs slightly and sewed the velcro across the front in case she had different sized babies.  I think it would be neat to make them from real cloth diaper material.  But I didn't have any. 

I sewed them on the Elna Lotus SP.  The belt started slipping toward the end.  : (    I have worked the little sweetie pretty hard. 

We had some nice rain in the wee hours of Sunday am.  An inch!  Anything will help with our drought conditions.  


Monday, February 04, 2013

Another vintage machine

Hog Man's buddy brought this to me last Thursday.  It is a Singer 201-2 and was manufactured in 1951.  I had started the cleaning process when I took this picture.  It was dirty!  The wiring needs replacing and the winder tire. I'm going to need Hog Man's help.  But I can't wait to get it running.  It was his buddy's mother's machine.  He remembers her sewing shirts for him.  I found an instruction manual online and part of a service manual online as well.  What's amazing--the handwheel and needle bar are free--everything moves well!  The 99K looks like a very little sister next to it. LOL  Once we get it running I want to find a cabinet to put it in.  I just love these black Singer machines!

I quilted on the Dresden Plate quilt while watching the Super Bowl.  One more block almost done!  Earlier in the day we had to round up baby pigs.  Hog Man had weaned two litters and separated them from the mothers.  But they had other ideas!  Then we loaded one of our Berkshires to take to Weatherford.  The temps were in the 60s and so nice to be out.  I made a run to Wal-Mart to pick up essentials--dog food, milk, ink cartridge for the printer, etc. LOL 

Blessings from Catering Quilter

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good News!

We spent Sunday at the Ft. Worth Stockshow.

In this building there were hundreds of pigs.  The breeding class showed on Sunday.  We knew several exhibitors.  In fact, Hog Man's boar had sired the young boar our friends were showing.  And it won!  He won first place of the Hampshire boars AND Reserve Supreme Champion Boar out of all the breeds.  Isn't that wonderful?
See this?  I ate one of those Volcano Nachos.  Chips, chili, nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, black olives and jalapenos.  It was good!  And surprising -- no indigestion! LOL  And I don't want to think about the calories!

The boar's mother is in our barn with a new litter of pigs. Same breeding.  Lovey had a new litter Saturday night and her daughter, Olivia, the one who won her class in a show in Missouri has a new litter of pigs that were born last night.  I will try and get pictures.  You know me.

I asked Hog Man today--"What did we do Saturday?"  It's been crazy.  He reminded me that we had shopped for a new refrigerator and went to Tractor Supply to get him some new bibs and rubber boots. Then we went to Bowie to pick up gilts that had shown and were coming back to us. Then we moved one sow and her babies out of the barn to make room for Olivia.  Oh yeah,  now I remember! Yesterday was spent in Ft. Worth. Today,  the refrigerator was delivered.  Lowe's gave me a "window"  when to expect them.  I made ready. I had to empty Hog Man's gun case so they could move it.  They were here about an hour.  I must say they did an excellent job.  After they left Hog Man and I ran to town to grab some lunch since the kitchen was tied up I didn't get a chance to cook. Oh darn! 

Then I spent the afternoon working on the Kraz-z Quilters scrap book.  The roofer had come last Friday and replaced the shingles that the color didn't match.  About 30 minutes after he left one of our breakers tripped.  Long story short--it's fixed now.  It was something they messed up.  I have my quilting buddy's electrician husband to thank who came by today and fixed in less than fifteen minutes!  Still getting back to normal!  What is normal anymore?!  Maybe this is the new normal!  LOL 

I haven't sewn a stitch.  My thimble broke.  It is a leather one with a metal end.  The metal broke right down the middle while I was quilting last Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilters.  I was crushed.  I forgot my bag at Kraz-z Quilters with my needles, scissors, and marker.  LOL  Silly me.  Maybe tomorrow I can sit and sew for a little while after I find my other needles and I'll give the new leather thimble a try. : )

Blessings and happy quilting from Catering Quilter

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been a LONG time!

Where has the time gone?! I'm not sure but it's gone.  LOL  Praise the Lord, we have not had the flu or stomach bug that has gone around.  How about you? It has really been bad hasn't it?

Let's see--we purchased a new tv to replace the one that was ruined when the power surge went through our house.  We still had one of the old box type tvs and I had no idea what LCD, LED, etc. etc. was all about.  I googled it.  Don't you love Google? Then at the store they recommended a LED.  It has a really nice picture.  The roof has been repaired.  The shingles are the wrong color! I didn't discover that until I went out after they were done.  They said they will come back and replace them when the weather warms.  It doesn't leak and that is the main thing.  Now to go refrigerator shopping.  I miss the ice maker ours had.  Although, there is an ice place in town that sells a 16 lb. bag of ice for $2. There hasn't been a lot of demand for ice with the cold weather we've had recently. LOL  In fact I have really been enjoying my hot tea. 

I needed a break from hand quilting.  My finger under the quilt got pretty sore.  So I pulled out a UFO to work on.  I NEEDED to sew on the little Elna.  I just needed to.  It is DGS Mac's quilt.  He told me he liked the colors of the block I had made up to demo the Pineapple Plus book so I decided that I would finish it and it would be his. I blogged about here. BUT it got put in a drawer.  I was digging through that drawer looking for something else and decided that now was the time to finish it. And now it is! All but the quilting.
After my finger healed up a little and I got my machine piecing crave satified I got back to hand quilting. 

Ten done! Six more to go-plus the borders.
We celebrated Hog Man's dad's birthday a week or so ago.  My mother is doing well.  She called this past weekend.  She said, "Do you believe in miracles?"  "Sure I do!"  She had lost her hearing aid and had looked all over the house for it.  She had swept the kitchen floor to see if it had fallen under the kick plate of the cabinets.  She prayed and asked God to find it for her.  She walked into the kitchen and STEPPED on it!  She says she didn't break it.  She was so relieved.  God is good.  She will celebrate her 88th birthday this year.
We had little visitors this past weekend.  DS#2 and wife went to a George Strait concert and needed us to watch their little ones.  Then DGD Aimee called and wanted to come spend the night -- and bring a friend.  I had guild meeting Saturday morning and left Hog Man in control.  And with a toilet that needed fixing.  You know one of those float thingies and maybe the flapper thingy.  Then while I was gone the tube thingy broke in the repair process.  He managed very well.  I had made them lunch before I left.  I stopped on the way home to pick up more milk.  They can go through the milk! And would you believe I forgot to take a single picture. Of course, you believe it.  It's not the first time or probably the last. LOL
The guild re-elected the same officers for a second year.  So I get to preside over the meetings for a second year -- plowing my way through.  I'm not the best at protocol.  I have no problem standing in front of a group anymore.  Not like I did when I was younger.  It was bad, really bad then.
So back to quilting--I got out another UFO to see what it needs to finish it.  Not that much!  When my finger gets sore or I feel the need for a machine piecing session I will pull it out and "get r dun". 
That's all for now.  Happy quilting from the Catering Quilter

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Quilting Away and Happy New Year

I have almost completed block #8 on DD Amanda's Dresden plate quilt last night.  I borrowed a bigger hoop from quilt club and it allows me to quilt more before I have to move it.  And I am getting used to quilting with a thimble! I never thought I would-- EVER.  Never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.  The thimble I am using is a leather one with metal on both sides of the tip.  One problem I was having was the leather was stretching and the thimble would slip off my finger.  I wrapped it with a wide rubber band to get it just snug enough to not slip off.  It works. Doesn't look real great but it works! 

Many thanks to my friend, Priscilla.  When DGD Aimee spent the night with us on the 23rd, she asked me, "NaNaw, when are you going to make my quilt?"  So I pulled her tote out with the fabrics I had been collecting and her pattern and we determined which ones she liked and didn't.  We decided she needed to hand embroider a couple more butterflies for it. She had one that she had done on another visit so she started another one.  And this is where my friend Priscilla comes in.  I took the fabrics to Kraz-z Quilters yesterday and asked her opinion.  She is so good with colors.  I appreciate her input and advice.  We all need friends like her. 

I've got to mention here that another quilting buddy, Marjorie, got to take a Bonnie Hunter class recently.  She drove to Plano to Fabric Fanatics for her class and had a spectacular time.  I am so happy for her!  She told me I HAD to go next year.  I am thinking she is right!  It would be wonderful! Priscilla, are you with us?  Mandy?

Goals for 2013 . . .  lose 15 to 20 pounds (there I said it-online-it is out in the public).  I lost 7 pounds this last year and gained most of it back during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My goal is to lose 1 to 2 pounds a month. 

Finish more quilts.  Always.  Specifically- DD Amanda's Dresden will be finished before May when she gets her Master's Degree.  Her course work is finished -- that is when she will walk across the stage if she chooses.  Finish piecing DS#2 Marcus' quilt and get started quilting on it.  Finish piecing DGS Mac's quilt, start piecing DGD Aimee's quilt, finish the pillow shams for DS#1 Brian's quilt and quilt them.  Get with my younger sister and decide on fabrics for her quilt and get started on it.  That's all the personal stuff.  Then there are samples for when I go and do a demo.  Lots of quilting in the forecast! Love it!

Blessings from the Catering Quilter