Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

And of course as always, BLESSINGS

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Good Report!

DH had his follow up ECHO cardiogram on Monday then we went back to hear the results yesterday. His heart is functioning completely normal. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. We are so relieved. He is to continue taking all the medications and return to the doctor in four months.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lots of quilting going on

November 15 found me at Bowie, Texas at the Community Quilters. I was invited to do a demo and bring my store. A nice group of ladies and full of talent. I demonstrated The Binding Tool by TQM Products. It is a wonderful tool that makes joining the last edges together when machine sewing the binding down easy and pretty much fool-proof.

 The following three pictures are old quilt tops found in a home after a death in a family. Aren't we glad they have been found and will be quilted to be passed on to the next generation?

The next picture is of two adorable baby quilts made for twin baby girls. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.

And one more fuzzy picture--sorry. I've got to work on my photography skills. This picture is of one of their blocks out of the mystery quilt they are doing. This quilter bought her fabrics from me : ) I like her color combination.

The next two pictures are from this Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilters. Jan had bought the book 9- Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros and she cut this quilt out last week, sewed it up and brought to show.

Don't just love her colors. She used a panel and the technique in 9-Patch Pizzazz. And we are right down to it on finishing Time Travel quilt. Kathleen, Bonnie and Sharon are pictured.

And then today we had Wise County Quilt Guild meeting. When we were at retreat in August, we were talking. Gena was telling us about her parents lived in Indonesia, Singapore, Libya, and Australia while her dad worked for Haliburton years ago. She told us of how her mom had learned about batik fabrics. Always looking for a program for our guild I asked her if her mom would come and talk to us about her experience and batiks. She said she would ask her. Well, today Bobbi came and talked to WCQG. Beautiful fabrics she brought. Not like any batiks I have seen. She told of how she had a tux made for her husband while they lived there. When he passed away this past winter they buried him in that special tux.

The lion on the fabric is a piece she painted herself in batik fashion for her first granddaughter.
She brought shirts and asked some of the ladies to model. Click on the picture to enlarge to get a better look.

The framed unit in the background are blocks (I can't remember what she called them.) used to print batik.
Here is a link on found that has pictures and explains how batik is made.

Bobbie even had some leather pieces that had been painted in the batik fashion. Lovely.

And now some show and tell from guild members.  Our Mary always is doing baby quilts with her added
machine applique.

Next is Marie with the beautiful quilt she made for her son who sails.

And there were many others that I didn't get a around to photographing. Too busy drooling. Sorry.

Well, that's what I've been up to this week. And you know the other regular stuff--cooking, laundry, paying bills, and working on the next project. Stay tuned.

Blessings and happy quilting,

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Do you procrastinate? I know I do. I put off doing things that either I don't enjoy doing or don't feel like I do well. Or that are very time consuming (with procrastination doesn't that mean they take even longer-duh!). Last weekend I was inspired by Wanda at Exuberant Color. She got a lot of quilting done that she had been putting off. It got me to thinking about all the things I have put off doing. So instead of taking the time to reason out which thing to tackle first (do you hear more procrastination?) I just plunged in. I had been putting off for some time altering some clothing. You see I am vertically challenged. Those of you who do not fit the cookie cutter fit of clothes know what I mean. Even petite sizes many times I have to hem up. Don't laugh. So here I was faced with four jackets--one lined--and three pair of pants that needed hemming up. I stayed with it until they were all done. Such a good feeling!

This weekend DH went deer hunting and I had the weekend to myself. What to do? I had thought to have a mini quilt retreat. Nope. Instead I decided to continue the fight against procrastination. I ironed. I had a closet full of ironing that needed to done. I am spilling my guts now so go easy on me, okay. I don't feel like I do a good job when I iron. I grew up in the age of double knit and didn't really learn. No excuses--I will learn now! My motto now is --"It looks better than when I first started and I will get better." A few more pieces to finish and I can celebrate. And you know what? It's like I have a new wardrobe. Pretty cool.

Next in my battle against procrastination I think I will tackle closets! My DD (the organization gifted person) always tells me when I hint for to help get me organized, "What do you want to throw away?" Throw away! So I haven't let her near my things. After all this is a personal disorganization so it must be a personal organization. And yes there may be some things that get thrown out. Uh oh, have I put off organizing because I don't want to deal with getting rid of some of my stuff? Procrastination again. The battle goes on. But you know what? The battle won't be won in one day but IT WILL BE WON!


Friday, November 05, 2010

Elna Lotus SP

With the flaps down and ready to sew.

Flaps up and ready to store. It even came with the original sewing manuals.
I've already spoken about this machine while on retreat.  I got it home and did a little sewing on it and it started making a noise. I put it away until I had time to check it out. On Tuesday I oiled and cleaned it and the noise went away. The zig zag stitches would not go the full width and the bobbin winder wasn't working. I asked DH to have a look at it. Bless the man! He got everything to working. It just needed some lubricating. It hadn't been run in awhile evidently. The machine's dimensions are 5"x12" and weighs 12 1/2 pounds. It sews wonderful. I even got it set to sew a 1/4" by moving the needle. The machine was manufactured in Switzerland best I can tell from research in the late 60's. I just had to do some sewing on it. I had a stack of 4 Patch Stack Posies blocks cut out and ready to sew.  All done. 

Now when retreat comes (Oh, I can't wait for the next one!) I will have a lighter weight machine to carry. And when the older grandkids come we can have two machines to work on.

DH did such a good job that we've been thinking he might look into sewing machine repair training. Hmm.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonderful Tutorials

A friend of mine, Sharon, put me onto the Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorials. They do a great job!

I am alive, Patsy. I survived. We had the little visitors for several days. The baby didn't sleep well for several nights in a row and the toddler decided to be rebellious the entire time. Mama said there would be days (and nights?) like this. And I had a birthday. I felt everyone of those years on Tuesday let me tell you.

DGD Paisley is crawling now. Not exactly what DGS Mason would like. She gets his "stuff". Oh, dear! "Nanaw, come get Paizwee!" She loves his Thomas the train engines.

Blessings and happy quilting,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Love Small Towns

I love the atmosphere where everyone seems to know everyone else. There were babies in strollers with moms waiting as small children squealed with delight as they slid down the huge blow-up slide in the center of the square in Chico. There were couples strolling and visiting neighbors. There were kids of all ages having a good time. Who wouldn't? Popcorn, ice cream, snow cones, brisket sandwiches, with the old time Soda Fountain open across the street and smells coming from the mexican restaurant on the opposite corner. Then there was a church bake sale RIGHT in front of our booth. We bought some homemade tamales and ate them while they were hot and then of course a pecan pie HAD to come home with us. There were booths selling various things--jewelry, paintings and prints, makeup, candles, home decorations, leather work, visors, sports fan apparel and plaques, and of course there was bingo.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue with wispy white clouds. Just perfect. It was a successful day for us and we are thankful. I had sent out postcards to all the quilting ladies I had addresses and many came and shopped. I gave away Judy L. Laquidara's book Nine Patch Extravaganza. So everyone who came could register to win. And we had a winner --Glinda T.  She'll be claiming her book shortly. Thank you to the Chico Chamber of Commerce and our customers who made it a great success.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Time flys. Let's see what have I been up to? September 24 & 25 found me in Post Oak with a booth at their Quilt Show and Trash & Treasures sale. We got up and it was raining (as in pouring). We had gone the night before and set up the canopy it was dry. When we arrived Friday morning we found out that the canopy is not completely water proof! Uh-oh. The ladies came to my rescue! They have an old time pavilion where they always have their Trash & Treasures sale and they offered to move their things around to make room for me. And they did! I told you these ladies are super nice. So we set up with them and we had a very successful weekend. The rain let up around noon each day--yes, it rained Saturday as well. It was sloppy but it didn't keep the people away. And as it turned out our canopy was used for their diners. They serve a meal with your choice of a variety of sandwiches complete with onion slices, pickles, chips, and cookie or beans and cornbread. Secretly I think some people come for the food! It's all home cooking. And they published a new cookbook this year! Love it. Thanks for the best chicken salad recipe ever. I will be trying a lot more.

Of course the week before I went to Post Oak I spent cutting fat quarters, one yard cuts and organizing. I stayed up late cutting and cutting. DH took off on Friday and went with me. He is good help. He doesn't totally understand a lot of quilt things but he is encouraging and and offers his help. What is most important he values quilts and the process of quilt making!

The week after I reorganized then we had our little visitors come spend a few nights with us. DGD Paisley can sit alone now and she is so sweet. When I hold her she pats me on the shoulder. How sweet is that?  DGS Mason is getting so tall. And his vocabulary is amazing. I took pictures. Want to see? I knew you would.

This past weekend we were in Wichita Falls at the Red River Quilters Guild Quilt Show "Quilting in the Falls".
We were one of ten vendors. We learned a lot. Saw some pretty quilts. I didn't take pictures; will you forgive me?

Yesterday I got two calls from two different quilt groups asking me to come do a demo. How about that?
The first one is next Thursday. Yikes! Gotta get one worked up. Saturday we have a little booth at a local fall festival to try that market. I made up postcards and mailed out today to let fellow quilters know I would be there. We'll see how it works. Saturday is also guild meeting and I will miss it. I am helping get the little program together and to some ladies on Thursday. Tomorrow is Kraz-z Quilters and we are still hand quilting on the Time Travel quilt. We've had fewer quilters the last several weeks so it's been taking longer. So we probably still have a couple more Wednesdays to go.

How about the wonderful weather? Fifties at night and eighties in the day--just wonderful. We have the house open day and night. We decided to give Roy (Roy-L-T) away. He went to a family that needed a second dog to work cattle. DH is doing better. I can tell a big difference. He isn't breathing heavy anymore and he isn't exhausted all the time. Really nice.

Blessings and happy quilting,

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been getting caught up on some quilting. Yes! First, the Time Travel quilt is being hand quilted by the Kraz-z Quilters. We've worked on it I think it is three weeks so far and pretty much all the outer borders are done. I am using Pellon Legacy 80/20 batting and we are quilting the flying geese and smaller borders in the ditch. In the other borders we are quilting a zig zag pattern. Next week we will get into the body of the quilt and start the blocks. We only had four of us this past Wednesday. Life happens and gets in the way of quilting some days!

I got my part of the tote bags done for the Wise Co. Quilt Guild community project. Yes! I got my quilt block done for the Kraz-z Quilters' next raffle quilt. Yes! And I got the Sun Bonnet Sue block done for WCQG. Yes! And I got a quilt machine quilted and another on the frame (sorry, no pictures). Yes! Now I have to make Christmas stockings for another WCQG community project and start cutting 8" blocks for another. But before I do that -- I have a booth this coming weekend in Post Oak. Yes! Gotta cut fat quarters and yardage and get ready. 

I had WCQG meeting today. It went well with lots of plans for upcoming months and our next quilt show.

DH has sold several butcher size pigs lately and young show pigs. A big yes! Four more butcher size will go tomorrow. Butcher size for us is anywhere from 230 pounds and up. When they get that size they can put away a lot of feed every day! These pigs are six months old. You might be thinking--Wow, they grow fast! And you would be right.

Blessings on all who read these words,

Exploding Pineapples and Retreat Pictures (ABOUT TIME)

Here it is--my Exploding Pineapples. This is such a fast and easy technique. And very striking. You can click on the picture to enlarge. The red print is a western with boots and horse shoes. I thought I was being so smart (beware, Marilyn) Sunday before retreat I sat down and figured (I thought I had it figured out) how many of what size blocks to cut so I would be all set to cut at retreat. Not so. I totally forgot that the first two squares are cut the exact same size. Duh?! So I cut everything wrong. Fortunately I took plenty of fabric and recut (can you say daylight burning (or retreat burning). Do you see the blocks behind my quilt? Jan and Dixie came up with this design while at retreat. A very contemporary quilt with bright colors. I had taken a fat quarter from all my fabrics and there was one batik that had all these colors in a tie dye fashion that went perfect. So she came by the next week and bought enough for a border. Begorgeous!                                                                                           

Marie attended this retreat and we had a lot of fun and laughs with her and at her. She is 84 years young. See that little Elna sewing machine? Dixie brought it to retreat for me to look at to buy. Yeah, I bought it. It is an Elna Lotus SP. I was looking for a small machine for the grandkids to work on and for me to take on retreats. It needs a trip to the sewing machine repairman for a good cleaning.

Sharon and Bonnie deciding which way to sew the 4 Patch Stacked Posies blocks (yeah, I have another one addicted, terrible aren't I?). This was Bonnie's first retreat and from what we heard not her last! Beyond them into the next room you can see Dixie at her machine and a peek at the design wall. On the far right you see a peek of Sharon's
quilt on the design wall. She used charm packs and made the Pineapple Chunks from the Sew Simple Pineapples book by Karin Hellenby.

                                                                                                                                                                      And here is Ann at the cutting table. This was Ann's first year to join us. She and Gena belong to another group that I mentioned on my blog before-- the Busy Bees from Post Oak. They were a lot of fun. There were ten of us this year. Ann, Anna, Bonnie, Dixie, Gena, Jan, Kathleen, Marie, Sharon and myself.

And guess what? We can't wait for the next one!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Thankful

My DH had some health issues recently, spent a few days in the hospital and now is doing much better. I am so thankful he is doing better. He is being a good boy taking his medications and monitoring his blood pressure etc.

I am also thankful that the summer heat is pretty much over. I am thankful for rain. We've received over 6 inches in the last two weeks. I am thankful for our wonderful kids who have helped us in the last several weeks. I am thankful that our DGS Mac wasn't seriously hurt when he fell from their above ground pool and whacked his head on cement. I am thankful for God's grace and His mercies that are new every morning.  I am thankful for a new litter of pigs. I am thankful for God's provision. Thankful for His healing. He is so good.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Checking In

I have been neglectful about blogging lately. Sorry. I just got back from retreat and I wish I could say I had pictures. I don't. I took the camera. I didn't take the battery charger. You guessed it--the battery was low. Some others took pictures and if and when they get to share I will post. We did have a good time. There were ten of us -- more than we've ever had. We stayed at LeRetreat House in Gainesville, Tx. It is a nice old house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is always so much fun to see what everyone brings to work on. I took the black and red exploding pineapple project to make more blocks and sew together. Mission accomplished! I will post a picture just as soon as I charge the battery. LOL

We've also had more house guests. Not quite as little as last time. DGD Aimee and DGS Mac came and stayed several days and we had a good time. We sewed. Even Mac! And he is good. I sewed Aimee a tiered skirt from one of the batiks I sell. No picture. I know bad blogger! Maybe I can get her mom to take one with her wearing it. That would be nice. I found this neat tutorial for a cute little girl's ruffled skirt. I can't wait to make her a few of course I will have to refigure for a larger size but it will be easy. Also found this and want to make one. And not to leave Mac out I asked him about making a shirt for him and he picked out a fabric. I guess I better get busy!

I am only going to acknowledge that the temperatures here have been well, AWFUL. Well over 100 degrees for several weeks. The grass is burning. We turned the cow and calf in on the blackeyed peas. The tomatoes and peppers have dryed up. I gave up on them. BUT we are forecast for cooler weather soon. Ten degrees will be so much of a difference. Can't wait.

Ya'll stay as cool as you can, 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I am in love! With lovely golden luscious peaches. I kid you not I could eat my weight in these fruits. I have canned, frozen slices, frozen juice for jelly, frozen pulp for jam and tomorrow we pick more, yeah. And on the agenda is to make Pickled Peaches and Cinnamon Peach Jelly and Jam and more cobblers.  Tonight I made Peach Salsa  to go with our ham and black-eyed peas. And we kinda liked it. I'm going to tweak it a little. I cut up a few peaches, a little red and green bell pepper, a jalapeno, a bit of onion and squeezed a lime over it all. Some recipes add cilantro and garlic. I have since learned tonight online that I can can Peach Salsa.Gotta love the internet. On our ham I like to mix brown sugar and plum jelly or jam and spread over. We generally have our ham cut into steaks. And one steak will give us two meals.
So to recap and to explain my shriveled hands.I'm loving it! I picked 3/4 bushel of black-eyed peas Saturday morning; shelled them and canned them later that evening. We had picked peaches Friday morning and they weren't quite ripe so laid them out to ripen more. Sunday I started blanching and peeling. Cutting and freezing. This batch I froze. The previous picking I canned. These days I don't feel normal unless I'm standing at the sink cutting or peeling something. LOL We are also enjoying cantaloupe from another neighbor. Another friend gave me Jalapeno Jelly.

And here is the latest addition to our pig collection. My fellow Kraz-z Quilter, Jan, gave me these last Wednesday. Aren't they 'dorable? They are carved from wood. We are expecting a new litter this coming weekend. Bless the poor humans and beasties in this heat. Triple digits are forecast through next Monday. It is definitely August in Texas. Today I did laundry and hung on the line to help save on the electricity bill. In this kind of heat I  "wet" the hogs down about mid afternoon.

DH has gotten some work the last couple of weeks. Sounds like it might be sporadic for a bit. We are thankful for God's provision.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Checking In

Does the summer seem to be flying by to you? Well, as far as I'm concerned the near 100 degree temps and high humidity can fly by and totally away. And we did get welcome relief last evening and today. Rain showers overnight and clouds today brought some welcome lower temps.

What have I been doing? We had little house guests again. Yes, DGS Mason and DGD Paisley. They stayed most of last week. Let's just put it this way. I sure did enjoy relaxing when they went home.  LOL Oh, I gotta tell you this. Mason and I were talking one morning EARLY ('cause that's when he wakes up is EARLY and his sister likes to wake up during the wee hours when her pacifier is not in her mouth). He said that someone must have tickled the sun and woke it up. I asked him if the sun had tickled him (me-what sun? it's still asleep.) and woke him up. He told me the sun didn't have any arms.

In the picture above it sure looks like Paisley is observing the quilt and the stitches. A future quilter perhaps. Sure hope so.

Not much quilting going on. I've been rearranging the sewing/quilt notions/fabric room. And I am liking it. I bought a couple of shelf units and started organizing, sorting and tossing. I have a couple more areas and then I'll be done.  Have you ever reorganized and then slept (dangerous) and then couldn't find something? Yeah. Not fun. I still haven't found it. Oh dear. It will turn up. I hope sooner than later.

Like I said not much quilting going on. But there has been canning. And there will be more canning. Blackeyed peas. Yes, they recovered from the grazing of the bovine. Two weeks after their haircut I picked a bushel. That produced a couple of meals for us and eight quart jars. And then there soon will be peaches in the water bath canner. We picked about a bushel this morning and there are several more trees. The neighbor  with his proposition with the plums is the same one who has the peach trees. It was so funny that morning. He came to the house and said to DH, " I have a proposition for your wife."  Of course he was talking plums. The deal was he would supply the plums and sugar if I would make the jelly. He liked the jelly I had sent by way of DH. I've never canned peaches before so I am looking forward to it. And I might make us some preserves, too.

I haven't posted what we decided to name the puppy we kept. Roy-L-T  because he looked like he was wearing a crown. Now not so much. His head has gotten more slender. LOL We call him Roy for short and it suits him fine.I would post a picture but someone might turn us in to the Humane Society. He looks like he starving but I know different. He's at that clumsy, awkward, feet too big for his body stage. Lately he has been wanting to chew on everything. Not my favorite part of puppyhood. It was almost hilarious the other day. We leave our outside shoes in the garage. We had just come out of the garage after putting on a pair of outside shoes and I had left the garage door open. Not smart. I kid you not that pup ran in there in a flash and grabbed one of my old tennis shoes and ran behind the nearest tree and commenced to chew. I took off running and so did he. Commanded "Drop it." and he did. We had already done this with my flip flops, Mason's crocs, DH is stilling missing one flip flop. Oh and did I tell you that with hot humid weather also come ticks. Yeah. Not so fun either. The pills from the vet fixed them right up.   

Quilt retreat is coming up in August. I can't wait. I might get some sewing done.

Blessings and happy quilting,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Again

We left Thursday for San Angelo/Ballinger. My sister, Patricia, and I (and hubbies, can't leave them out because they were wonderful) hosted a birthday celebration for my mom and step-dad.  Mom turns 85 this week and step-dad's birthday was earlier this month. The party went well and I think they enjoyed it. We found a really neat place to rent that we didn't even know existed until the Chamber of Commerce suggested it to me. It was perfect! Guess who forgot their camera at the motel room? I will have to wait for someone in the family to share with me before I can post. Sorry. Thanks to DS#1 for all his help and extra trips to the store at the last minute. 

We got home this afternoon and found the bovines (cattle) in the garden. Last time we left town and returned it was the same thing! Except last time they hadn't been in there long and didn't do that much damage. This time--DAMAGE! While we were gone it rained 3 inches. So it should recover from being EATEN. Maybe it's God's way of saying "You need a break from the garden."  More litters of pigs due soon so stay tuned.

And can you say "HUMIDITY"! We have been having rain, wonderful rain off and on for a week or so with the tropical storms coming in from the gulf . And now the sun is out and the heat is rising. Steamy! 

Sissy aka "Little Doggie" traveled with us and has made a lot of trips with us now. She has become a perfect traveler. And everywhere we go everyone loves her. They were going to charge us a pet deposit at the motel but said that we were very responsible with her and could see that it wasn't a problem. No accidents. And she hasn't had any in a long, long time. Happy dance.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Before we know it--it will be gone.


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pickles & Relish

I made Dill Pickles, Squash Pickles, and Hellish Sweet Relish so far. I know I'll be making more Squash Pickles as I LOVE them. I could eat them as a side dish in the winter and I'm always sad when they're gone.

Happy July 4th to everyone. Prayers for safety and a good time.


Making Jelly

I've been making plum jelly and jam.

The plums were on the small side with deep red skins that produced a very deep red jelly.

Next I'll be making pickles. What are your favorite pickle recipes?


Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploding Pineapples

Sorry I have taken so long to post. It has been busy around here. As promised--exploding pineapples! Karin Hellaby has simplified pineapple blocks and it is so fast and easy. She has easy to follow instructions and there is no waste! Ingenius! Check with your local quilt shop because many are offering quilt classes using this technique.

If you've been following my blog for any length of time you know that I am in love  addicted  with/to  stacked four patches. I wanted to try a different fabric. I usually use florals. I have this paisley in stock. Stacked it and Voila! What do you think? I was looking for something more masculine. Did I accomplish it?

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Then I used the smaller stacked four patches in the center of these two color exploding pineapple blocks. Sorry for the wrinkles. I carried these to Post Oat last Thursday to show them. They loved them! It's so easy and very fast.

 This is the focus fabric used for the stack.

This the aftermath. We had to have a new septic system put in. A lot of our backyard has been dug up to put in the new line to the tank. Most of the rock patio had to be dug up as well. It was needing to be redone--the cement had crumbled between the rocks but that was a project for the future. Well the future is now. But we also may choose to move it to a shaded area where the summer breezes blow.

This is my DD Amanda holding her niece and our DGD Paisley. Aren't they beautiful? We had a wonderful family gathering at our house Sunday. We hadn't gathered as a whole since before DDIL went in the hospital in November. Schedules didn't work, etc. The house was wonderfully noisy and full and we enjoyed some good food together--blackeyed peas from our garden, squash fresh from the garden, ditto on the cucumbers, tomatoes, fried okra and with a chicken casserole followed by homemade ice cream for dessert furnished by DD. And then they all scattered to their own homes. This photo courtesy of DS#1's I-phone. Thanks, son. I was too busy to take pictures.

I then went out Sunday evening and picked more blackeyed peas and shelled them. I slept well. Amen.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Wanna see pictures of the grands?

Grandkids that is. I knew you would! DGS Mason and DGD Paisley came to see us this weekend. Boy were we busy making bottles, changing diapers, digging in the dirt, going to see the piggies, playing with the puppy (yes, we are down to one) and yes they sure are sweet when they are sleeping. Mommy and Daddy had a date weekend.

Big brother is giving little sister a kiss. He is so good with her.

We had our very own concert in our living room by none other than the very talented and might I add loud DGS Mason. LOL Poor Papaw! Mason still drags out my old baby doll. See her in the foreground.

And a dolly for sister. She was enthralled with the doll! She wanted to give it kisses.

And of course you must see this baby in all her glorious cuteness! It was an experience let me tell ya.

How safe do you think my pot plants are? NOT! This is the last puppy. The little female went to a family with a nine year girl who took her home and they slept together the first night. The other male went to a family with a five year little girl and grandparents who love dogs. We don't know what to name this one. He has a white face with black ears and a black spot like a crown on the top of  his head. Any suggestions?  I've been calling him Prince but I don't think DH is satisfied with that name. We will keep him for awhile and see if a new dog is what we need for right now. I could be satisfied with Max, Ruby, and Sissy. VERY easily.

And these are the little pigs from a previous post. They were weaned this weekend. They are four weeks old now.  All fourteen of them.  The little boys will soon well how do I say it? Not be boys much longer. All but two that is. DH is going to watch how they develop and keep them for boars. You needed to know that. Trust me. Oh can I tell you about our experience of getting the mother out of the pen so the piglets could be weaned? Man ya'll are so good. I seriously know why DH wants to do this by himself most of the time. LOL You see I was trying to help. Well we don't communicate real well sometimes. Mostly because I think men in general forget that women in general don't read minds. Or understand what they are saying. Can I get a witness? The sow did come out of the pen. Things were progressing well after that. We moved her to an outside pen for her to dry up and get near the boar so naturally she would come in heat so we can make more babies. Well things were progressing well like I said until she decided she didn't want to go in the pen we were coaxing her into. Note: I can't say I blame her. What female wants to repeat a pregnancy of delivering sixteen babies and nursing fourteen (might I add round the clock) and go do it all over again? Anyway--to make a long story short when she didn't want to go in the pen she wanted to go over the top of Marilyn to get out the way she had come. One minute I was standing the next I have been tackled and thank God it was soft sand.  DH is concerned and frustrated all at the same time. I was not hurt. Just felt slammed and a couple of bruises.

Next post--Exploding pineapples! Has nothing to do with national security. LOL

That oughta keep you wondering. LOL


Friday, May 14, 2010

It's May in Texas

And that means humidity and warmer temperatures. We need the rain. It is thundering right now and hopefully it will rain tonight. We have our garden planted and it is coming up nicely. Tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, blackeyed peas, yellow squash, zucchini squash, and okra and I can hardly wait for the first vegetable. I spent several days clipping hedges and helping DH cut vines and stuff out of the fences. The puppies are weaned and are so big. I will post new pictures soon.

Last Wednesday the Kraz-z Quilters came to my house. DH barbecued chicken breast and pork sausage and the ladies brought side dishes and dessert. Oh my it was good. Everyone brought a project to work on. And they shopped. Boy did they shop. Thanks, ladies for a wonderful day. It was so fun.

For the last several Thursdays some of us from Wise Co. Quilt Guild have been working on our raffle quilt. This Saturday we will work on it as well. And hopefully very soon it will be a quilt top. I will post pictures as soon as it is done.

I've gotten more fabric in so I've been busy with that. I have a rash that I think is related to working in the yard. I'm thinking I must have gotten into some poison oak or something. I just know I'm ready for it to go away.  We traveled to Ballinger/San Angelo area to see our mothers this past weekend. I am happy to say they are doing well. We stopped on the way home on Monday and watched the grandkids play ball. There was a rain shower and bit of hail that came up toward the end of their games.

Hope all you mothers had a nice Mother's Day. Not much personal quiltey stuff going on at MY house. I did play tonight for a little bit. I was having 4 Patch Stacked Posies withdrawal and stacked a paisley fabric just to see what it would look like.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Piglets and Puppies

We have a new litter of pigs. She gave birth to sixteen. Sixteen! First litter. The two smallest did not make it so we are down to fourteen. Aren't they cute?

The heat lamp was a popular gathering place. Half the litter were nursing and half warming.

This a close up so you can see their ears. See how they are sorta pinned up and against their head? They come down in a day or so after birth. They look pink because of the glow of the heat lamp.

Okay now for the puppies.

Sis, I don't think it's a good idea to jump out.

There's a big world to explore. You stay here and you're going to miss out.

And the first place I'm checking out is the food dish! Hey, where are you going, Brother?

All this for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Piglets and Wildflowers (what a combination!)

These are the Hereford's litter. They have a Hamp dad.

These have a Hamp mother and Hamp/Bluebutt cross dad.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago.  We have another litter due the end of this week. I will try to take pictures of the sow. Her tummy is so low it is nearly dragging.

I took this picture on the way to Weatherford today. 
The Bluebonnets are so pretty this year.

Indian paint brushes.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandbabies and puppies

Little Miss Snaggle-Tooth

Perfectly happy in Mommy's arms
Mason loves the puppies!
They are two weeks old and GROWING.

Stay tuned for quiltey pictures.