Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He's Home!

That would be the Hog Man. He got that nasty old worn out hip replaced with a shiny new one. His pain is pretty much nil. Amazing! He can now place his foot flat where before he walked on the ball of his foot. He is having to learn to walk correctly. He is doing so good. 

Everyone has been so terrific. A big shout out to all the family. THANKS! Couldn't have done it without you. Most of all we are so very thankful for God's provision. His mercy and grace and favor.


Friday, January 20, 2012

One of our sunsets

This was taken several weeks ago. Just beautiful.

We have a blue ribbon winner! Aimee entered 5 items in the youth fair in her county show. She got four blue ribbons and a second place. Doesn't she look happy? We are so proud of her.

Lovey had her pigs yesterday.  She is a Blue Butt (Hampshire and Yorkshire cross). She was bred to a Hampshire. There are more pigs behind her under the heat lamp and on the heated pad. I named her Lovey because she loves for you to rub her belly. Her belly is a little busy these days. LOL

While I had the camera I walked around and took pictures of all the other pigs. Remember these?

And these?

They have grown.

We have two left from the Blue Butts above and three left from the Hampshire litter and one from the Berkshire/Hampshire litter. Hog Man bought two Yorkshire gilts that will be replacement sows someday.  That feeder holds a ton of feed and has doors that the pigs lift to get to the feed.

This is King, our boar. He probably weighs 500 to 600 pounds. He is a registered Hampshire.

This is Berky (My daughter said we were very original with the name. LOL) She is a Berkshire.  King is behind her.  They are scrounging around for any feed cubes that may be left over.  She is bred to Hoss below.

This is one of our Yorkshire sows. She is #4. We never got around to naming her. She needs a name; don't you think?! She is dirty! She should be all white. This one is supposed to be bred and due in late March.

This is her sister #3. They were from the same litter. We've called them #4 and #3 so long I don't know if other names would feel right. LOL As you can see she is getting a tummy. She will have her litter in March.

This is Hoss. He is our new boar. He is a Hampshire cross.

And this is Princess. Hog Man named her. She is in the pen with Hoss. She is very "mouthy". Meaning she talks to us a lot. We hope that she is now bred. It is a "wait and see" until her date for her next heat cycle comes around. A female will come in heat every 18 to 21 days.

We sold two gilts and a boar early this month.

There you have it. Our hogs who are funny, stinky, and hungry what seems like all the time. LOL


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Checking in again

I haven't been on the computer much except to read a few blogs and check email. Larry/dh/Hog Man has been needing something to keep him occupied. LOL Did you know there must be thousands of hunting videos online to watch. I had no idea. Thank God for the internet.

We went Friday for one of the pre-op appointments. Took Hog Man to Cabela's to look around afterwards. They have an elevator. I did not remember that. Hog Man did. He had a good time looking around. That place is always busy.

I had fabric sales two Saturdays in a row. Very successful. Thanks everyone. The Sunday after the first one I woke up at 1am (Ruby barking like crazy outside). I got up to see what was tripping her trigger. Someone's dogs out roaming. I get steamed about that. Don't get me started. I had a horrible throbbing headache. You know the kind. The one you remember having when you had the flu. I started praying. I don't need to be sick right now kind of prayer. Thank, God, I never got the full blown stuff. But laid around Sunday and napped and rested. Sunday night I wake up to hearing Hog Man in the bathroom emptying his stomach. Poor guy. He can't move around too fast these days. So, yeah, yuck. It was just a 24 hour thing; thanks be to God. So we both were pretty worthless for a couple of days.

Went to quilt club Wednesday. We're seeing the end approaching of Bonnie's quilt. Poor Bonnie. She fell and broke a bone in her leg right before Thanksgiving and is just now being able to bend her leg a little each day. The break was right below her knee. Bad place.

We had snow the first part of December. It melted right away. Not anymore since then. We've had some well needed rain the past week. We have what we call wild rye grass in our yard. It needs mowing. I don't ever remember having wild rye that grew so much in the winter and needed mowing. I've got to get down and get an air tank so I can air up the front tires on the riding lawn mower. Then I can mow. Just one more thing to do. : )

Oh, Amanda, our daughter, and Aimee, DGD, came the first Sat. of my fabric sales. I already knew that several were coming and thought maybe I could use some help cutting fabric. SO glad I called her. We were swamped the first two hours. Amanda cut fabric and Aimee carried bolts of fabric back and forth. They were wonderful. Did I tell you that my daughter--MY DAUGHTER--who always said she didn't like sewing is SEWING? Maybe it was she and I back then. Maybe I wasn't patient enough with her. Because she said when I was helping Aimee--"Mom, you're different now."  My reply--"I'm older and wiser now."  Why or why does wisdom have to come with age? How many times do we say I wish I knew what I know now back then.  Anyway, I am so glad she is sewing. And she and Aimee are doing it together.  : ) But you know I am watching them and I am so grinning. Amanda is going to get to say the same thing some day. "I'm older and wiser now." LOL

We have another pre-op appointment this next week and then the surgery we have been so waiting and praying for will happen soon.

Remember these? I replaced the three yellow centers that had fabric that bled on them. I turned them over and cut away the background fabric to make it easier to hand quilt. Next I will square them all up and begin cutting sashing fabric. Then lay it all out on my design "bed" and put it all together. Hopefully I can get them done in the evenings this next week.
Blessings everyone,