Monday, April 27, 2009

Setting for 4PSP or any square Tutorial

Okay, here goes. I used this setting for the navy 4 Patch Stacked Posies quilt although I used a different method for it. The navy or Rose 4PSP was done in such a way that the block edges were on the bias. I wanted to do another and not have the bias edge. I figured how to do it with a lot of help online. Thanks to The Quilters' Cache Square in a Square --tried and true method and Quilting's handy chart for converting decimals to fractions for quilters. Using the instructions from the The Quilters' Cache Square in a Square; I measured my four patch and then with the helpful chart from Quilting I used my calculator and found what size to cut my squares and now I will show you what I did.

My four patches are 6" and I determined I needed 5 1/8" squares and then I decided how big a triangle I wanted and cut 3" squares for those. For each block you will need two large squares and four small squares.

Draw a line with a pencil on the wrong side of fabric as shown.

With right sides together pin a small square in the corner of a large square lining up the edges
with the line in the direction shown.

Sew directly on the line.

I learned this next tip from Bonnie H. at Quiltville. I lined my just sewn line up on the 1/2" mark left of my needle and then sewed another line. You could also draw a line if you wish.

You see both sewn lines? Good.

Repeat the process for the opposite corner.

Now using your rotary cutter and mat cut down the middle between the sewn lines. You should have 1/4" seam allowances for both pieces.

Press seam allowances toward green triangles.

Place your ruler down the center and cut from corner to corner. Repeat with other large and small squares.

Here's your bonus half-square triangles! You can use them to make a border or pinwheels--they're a bonus!

Now take and pin with right sides together one sewn triangle to your four patch or square. You can use the point of the triangle to line up with the seam in your four patch or finger press your square in half.

Sew both sewn triangles on opposite corners; press seams toward triangles.
Trim off dog ears.

Pin one of the remaining sewn triangles to one side of your four patch. Matching the point on the seam on the right side doesn't work for me doing this side. I don't know why! Pin leaving about the same amount of little dog ears on each side. Sew. Repeat with other side.

Press toward sewn triangles.

Square up. I allowed a 1/4" seam allowance.

And here they are as they will be sewn together.
Hope it makes sense. Let me know if you have questions. This is my first tutorial so comments are welcome--good or bad.


  1. what a neat process....thanks for sharing...

  2. Love this colorways. Absolutely stunning. Looks wonderful.


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