Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been playing with Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci. I can see where this could get addictive. Oh my! We are making a snowmen themed quilt for our next donation quilt at Wise County Quilt Guild. I am playing with this technique to make my block--stay tuned.

We have been experiencing some wonderful spring like weather. Although yesterday we had a cold front come through with dust blowing. Choked me up. This weekend is supposed to be 80 degrees. My friend Dixie who lost her husband in the small plane crash a couple of years ago is getting married this weekend! She met a man at church. She wasn't interested at first. He kept pursuing and she gave in. Best wishes for the happy couple.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Beautiful 70 degree Weather!

Looks like DH has his hands full!

Let's see -- we had little visitors come see us. Yes, DGS Mason and DGD Paisley came for a few days while DS#2 went goose hunting in northern Arkansas. The grandkids are so lovable and loving toward each other. I put them in the bathtub together -- saves water and time. LOL  There is just something about little ones freshly washed with baby lotion and in their jammies. And then off to bed! One of the best times of the day I'm telling you. I wasn't worn out this time. Yahoo!
I had done some rummaging in cabinets and totes and ran across a little dress I started and didn't finish for DGD Aimee when she was a baby. It didn't need a whole lot to finish it so I did and it fit Paisley. It is red and white heart fabric and I embellished with a heart yo-yo on the bodice. So easy and quick! Sorry, I didn't take a picture before I sent it home with them. Bad blogger, I know. Maybe I can get one of her wearing it! That would be even better and I can get back in your good graces. LOL  And a big Happy Birthday to our little Paisley. She is one year old.
Friday night before Valentines DH and I went to DGD Aimee's Dad and Daughter Valentine dance. He pretty much was her dad for the first three years of her life. Thank God she has a dad now. I made her a little valentine bracelet using the heart shape yo-yo with valentine fabric and some grossgrain ribbon and a little velcro for the closure. Turned out cute. Sorry I didn't get a picture--I made it just hours before we went. That's when I got the idea and you know you just got to go with the creative juices.

Speaking of creative juices--have you ever lost your creative juice for awhile? It is a real bummer. I go through times. Maybe it is like writer's block or something. I don't know but it sure isn't any fun. I am going to confess something. Are you ready? This is big. I GO THROUGH TIMES WHEN I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING QUILT RELATED! There I said it. I hate it when it happens but when the time is up -- it is all good again. Weird, I know.

  See that book on the right? Yeah, gonna have to play!

I have been working on the ribbon border on the Star BOM from Judy L that I got stumped on when my computer didn't download the paper piecing foundation she posted. I drew up one myself and it turned out a little big. (Math involved! Oh, Dear!) I cut the papers down and have all the pieces sewn and now to join those and sew the border on. I have also been chain piecing some string blocks for another small C.A.S.A. charity quilt. I machine quilted a baby quilt for our local pregnancy center. I will piece backs for two other C.A.S.A. quilts and get them quilted. Then onto other machine quilting.

I did not get to go to see Bonnie Hunter while she was in Texas. Bummer I know. Next time I will be going. I did talk to someone who did go the lecture in Denton and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course. They knew nothing about her. Bless their little heart! She said she was so informative and funny. Of course.

This is a quilt top I made using The Binding Tool by TQM Products. I hung it by pant hangers from my curtain hardware over our patio door so that's why you can see the seam allowances. Here is a link to Moda's blog with an excellent post about it including a pdf file of a pattern to make a friendship braid. I made mine loosely following a quilt I had seen in a quilt magazine. Sorry I can't remember now which one. ; )  The fabrics I used in this quilt except for the white I have for sale on bolts.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you have a wonderful and loving Valentines!


Friday, February 04, 2011

Update on the Deep Freeze

Well, we got more snow. Maybe 4 inches. On top of the frozen stuff that was already there. I just looked and the thermometer on our south facing front porch is 22 degrees. Woohoo! There is a warming trend. The Super Bowl is happening this weekend in our neck of the woods. That and the weather has been pretty much what the news is covering. We are forecast to get up to 28 today. Tomorrow it is supposed to get up in the 40s. Then in a few days we are supposed to get cold again just not as cold--I hope!

Stay warm and happy quilting,

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still in the Deep Freeze

And thank God we haven't lost electricity. I can still cook and stay warm and blog. : )  We got up to 21 degrees yesterday and today we have only seen 19 for a high so far at 2pm. The weatherman is saying we haven't seen temps this low in twenty years. Let's hope we don't see them again for at least another twenty years. LOL Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 32 degrees. To put that in perspective--that will be almost double what we have right now. Hard to believe we had temps of almost 80 on Saturday.

There were rolling blackouts across the state yesterday.  Here's an article explaining what happened.

The media were asking everyone to conserve not only electricity but also natural gas use. Well, we did our part. We sacrificed majorly. : )  We put our thermostat to 65 degrees and put on extra clothes and turned off lights. I am so glad we didn't lose power like some did for seven hours or more in the DFW area. We are forecast for possibly more snow before this is all out of here.

We have been so blessed. A family nearby who bought show pigs from DH offered to come help him with the animals. A five gallon bucket full of water gets mighty heavy carrying it from the nearest non-frozen water source (I can't even carry one). For two days they have come and helped DH. I haven't been out other than to run to the mail box and seeing to the cat. I've got to invest in some insulated coveralls. Anybody got a source for a petite round little lady? At the very least I've got to get some insulated long johns. Our outdoor dogs have been camping out in the garage. That reminds me -- I need to check their water.

Stay warm and blessings,

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello Deep Freeze!

The Artic front came into our neck of the woods last night. Around 9:30pm it started raining then during the night we woke to hear sleet hitting the window and the wind roaring.  We had thunder and lightning and sleet showers. We got up this morning to the grass almost covered by sleet and snow.  Our temperatures have hovered around 20 degrees F today with 40 mile an hour wind. DH bundled up to go to feed and water the animals. He put on several layers including wool socks. He put on rubber boots. We don't have the ones with liners. He was outside an hour or so and when he came in his feet were numb and hurting (specifically his toes). It took about an hour for his toes to stop tingling. Our overnight lows are forecast to be in the teens. AND the temps are not to get above freezing until Friday. Oh joy!

I mixed up more Denver Biscuits today and Pumpkin Muffins. I cooked us stew for lunch.  I love making the Denver Biscuits. They are so convenient. The recipe makes a large amount and you can cut them and freeze in a single layer and then transfer to freezer bags. When you're ready to cook some take out the number needed let thaw and rise for 30 minutes or so then bake. I took these to retreat and treated my fellow quilters to hot bread! They were a hit. Did I mention I gained two pounds at retreat? Yeah. How did that happen? Let's see lots of good food and sitting and sewing. A perfect set up for weight gain. LOL

The newsman just said we were going to have the coldest night in a decade. Shiver. Being a quilter and owning quilts is an added benefit on night's like this.