Monday, April 27, 2009

Setting for 4PSP or any square Tutorial

Okay, here goes. I used this setting for the navy 4 Patch Stacked Posies quilt although I used a different method for it. The navy or Rose 4PSP was done in such a way that the block edges were on the bias. I wanted to do another and not have the bias edge. I figured how to do it with a lot of help online. Thanks to The Quilters' Cache Square in a Square --tried and true method and Quilting's handy chart for converting decimals to fractions for quilters. Using the instructions from the The Quilters' Cache Square in a Square; I measured my four patch and then with the helpful chart from Quilting I used my calculator and found what size to cut my squares and now I will show you what I did.

My four patches are 6" and I determined I needed 5 1/8" squares and then I decided how big a triangle I wanted and cut 3" squares for those. For each block you will need two large squares and four small squares.

Draw a line with a pencil on the wrong side of fabric as shown.

With right sides together pin a small square in the corner of a large square lining up the edges
with the line in the direction shown.

Sew directly on the line.

I learned this next tip from Bonnie H. at Quiltville. I lined my just sewn line up on the 1/2" mark left of my needle and then sewed another line. You could also draw a line if you wish.

You see both sewn lines? Good.

Repeat the process for the opposite corner.

Now using your rotary cutter and mat cut down the middle between the sewn lines. You should have 1/4" seam allowances for both pieces.

Press seam allowances toward green triangles.

Place your ruler down the center and cut from corner to corner. Repeat with other large and small squares.

Here's your bonus half-square triangles! You can use them to make a border or pinwheels--they're a bonus!

Now take and pin with right sides together one sewn triangle to your four patch or square. You can use the point of the triangle to line up with the seam in your four patch or finger press your square in half.

Sew both sewn triangles on opposite corners; press seams toward triangles.
Trim off dog ears.

Pin one of the remaining sewn triangles to one side of your four patch. Matching the point on the seam on the right side doesn't work for me doing this side. I don't know why! Pin leaving about the same amount of little dog ears on each side. Sew. Repeat with other side.

Press toward sewn triangles.

Square up. I allowed a 1/4" seam allowance.

And here they are as they will be sewn together.
Hope it makes sense. Let me know if you have questions. This is my first tutorial so comments are welcome--good or bad.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Favorite Quilt

I don't meet or make many quilts that I don't like or love for that matter. LOL But in choosing a favorite I would have to say that this 4 Patch Stacked Posies is my favorite. I absolutely love the kaldeiscope effect of these quilts. I first saw a quilt made from this pattern at Judy L's blog and fell in love. Sorry it was on her old blog and now I can't show you the picture of the quilt she made. One Saturday at Paradise Piecemakers a couple of years ago someone had brought in a fabric stash of a quilter who had died. She had started making curtains from this fabric. One curtain was partially made. I fell in love with it and brought it home. I took the seams apart and pressed it; stacked it and whacked it.
I've since made many more and continue to spread the addiction. Yes, it is habit forming! AND I have discovered so many ways of setting the blocks together! So fun.
Park City Girl is hosting a Quilt Festival and today is the last day to enter! So hurry on over and read how to enter your favorite quilt and register for prizes. It is going to be fun to visit all the sites and see all the quilts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed

Please pray for a young man named Chad. He is in desparate need for God to intervene in his life. Thank you.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God is so good!

Praise God for the rain He has sent. We haven't had a lot yet but it is adding up and everything is looking so much better.

The 4 Patch Stacked Posies presentation went well at guild meeting Saturday. Stay tuned for the photo tutorial I will be posting soon. Maybe later this week I will get that done.

Sunday we visited DS and DIL. We stayed for supper and then came home with DGS Mason. DIL had surgery on her foot. She is doing well. We kept DGS overnight and DS came to get him. I laughed so hard at him. He woke up; tossed his blanket and Sammy (his soft monkey) aside and grabbed one of the piggy catalogs and crawled into DH's recliner and started turning the pages. He loves his PaPaw.

I am washing sheets and hanging on the line today. Mmmmm! They are going to smell so good. And that dusty vacuum is not going to be dusty after today. The tomato plants may get planted, too. DH is working a half day today. He is preaching tonight at a local church.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Those of you who come and visit please leave a comment. I would love to visit your blog and get to know you.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi there!

Checking in again. This week kicked up into another gear. We spent Easter weekend in San Angelo/Ballinger area with our parents. DH is on ANOTHER different schedule. He was off Friday thru Monday. On our way home Sunday afternoon we stopped in to visit DD and her family. I forgot that I am a grandmother who is 50+ and was playing with the kids while our evening meal was cooking. We were playing "monkey in the middle" (we called it "keep away") when I was a kid. One is in the middle and two on either side and you throw a ball and try to keep the one in the middle from catching it. Well, DD wasn't thrilled that we were throwing a ball in the house. Hey, we were in the hall, she had taken down the pictures (they're getting ready to move to another house--bigger, yay, for them) it was a soft ball (okay it wasn't the baseball kind --more like a squishy squeezable fun kind) and we were being careful. But we were obedient. We rolled the ball and jumped over it instead. Trouble for grandmothers who are 50+ and packing a few extra pounds! LOL We had a blast but the next day my left knee was talking to me. But it is much better now.

I said this week kicked it up another gear. Oh, yeah! I had a presentation at Post Oak yesterday and took my store. Remember I cater? I am going to make a photo tutorial (maybe next week when life slows down a little--hopefully) of the presentation. I think they enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed giving it. And those ladies at Post Oak! They are the greatest. They had invited several small groups from around their area to join them on Thursday but they couldn't make it. All I got to say is they missed out majorly. We took sack lunches and the Post Oak ladies provided dessert and iced tea. They made coffee to go with the dessert. Oh my! I took a salad knowing I was going to PIG out on dessert. And I did. Oh yeah! Chocolate layer cake, brownies, a baked cream cheese bar/cake dessert, a cherry delight (wonderful - I got the recipe and will post it later.) , an apple cake, and I can't remember what else. I skipped the Blue Bell ice cream. You know to save calories! LOL All I can say is YUMMY! Thanks Busy Bees of Post Oak.

There were wildfires in our area last week. Not right where I live but there was smoke in all directions. Some of the ladies at Post Oak had close calls. Thusday as they were quilting one of their husbands came in and told them there was a wildfire headed that way and to hurry and get out of there. The winds were gusting 40 and 60 miles an hour. It was jumping highways. Wanda got home only to have a knock on the door and told to evacuate. She grabbed her purse and left. Her home was spared but she had an outbuilding that suffered damage. Elsie had the fire to get as close as her fence. She said if some firefighter had not used their tractor and plowed a fire break they might have lost their home. Marilyn S. (yes, she and I both look up when someone calls Marilyn) have cattle on 500+ acres. They don't live on that property and didn't loose any of their cattle but all their corner fence post were burned. Yesterday we were able to give thanks that everyone was okay. Praise God! But there were some in other areas northeast of us that weren't so fortunate. Loss of lives and homes. May God comfort and provide. And more homes lost southwest of us. We've had some much needed rain. Sunday we received two inches and today it is a wonderful off and on rain. Praise God for answered prayers. If the rain hadn't come I don't how the fires would have stopped.

Today I HAVE to do some cleaning. And I have to get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday and Wise County Quilt Guild and I have another presentation and workshop. I get to teach the 4 Patch Stacked Posies. Yeah! AND I'm going to babysit DGS Mason on Sunday night and all day Monday. Oh, yeah! Anybody got some B vitamins or something? Or I can just watch this video and get myself pumped up. My quilting buddy Kathleen sent this in an email forward and I just love it. Check it out. These young ladies are called the King's Firecrackers. They jump rope. Boy do they! They are from Kings Mills, Ohio and are between the ages of 9 and 14 and have marched (make that jumped) in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade plus many other performances. Hope it makes your day; it did mine.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter!

Praise the Lord for His resurrection! We who by faith have believed that Jesus died for our sins will someday spend eternity with Him in heaven. What a mighty triumph over sin and the grave!

Seems as though this is getting to be a weekly post. Just a busy time I guess. I posted last Friday. Saturday we went to Muenster and bought a ton of feed for the hogs. Then we worked in the yard. I had called a man I know who works on a lady's short arm quilting machine. He came over Saturday afternoon and advised me on mine. He's not a sewing machine repairman but he has gotten familiar with hers. Mine is a different brand from hers. She has a Gammill and mine is a NuStyle. After he left I started working with it again. I had gotten so discouraged with it last year that I had pretty much given up on it. But I am determined to make it work now! Long story short--I got past one problem -- it was hanging on the right hand side. We (DH and I) figured how to manuever the clamps to get it to work. But now the thread is breaking and there are long stitches happening. I'm thinking I need to take it in to a repair man. It sounds like it could be the timing. Some of my bobbins have a nick where the needle has hit it.

Monday, I got my paper work together for filing taxes. We are later getting it done this year. Tuesday, I did laundry and took the paper work to the tax person. I also cut out a kit for a 4 Patch Stacked Posies pattern. Wednesday, of course was Kraz-z Quilters. We finished Priscilla's Eureka quilt! And we said Eureka and Hallelulah! We have decided as a group to make small quilts for C.A.S.A. They are a group of advocates for children who have been taken out of homes due to abuse or neglect. So as soon as Priscilla's quilt came off the frame we put in two small quilts to tie for C.A.S.A. Dixie (fast woman that she is--and I mean that in the most respectful way) had sewn these two up. One in pastels for a girl and one in blue and reds for a boy. We got them tied and next week we will turn up the backing for binding on a machine. And we will work on making more small quilts. Today I will work with the ladies of the Wise Co. Quilt Guild to finish our donation quilt top. Update: We didn't get it finished. : ( We ran into some snags with the borders. There is a film of dust on the furniture. The vacuum cleaner has a film of dust on it! The toilets and bath tub are sticking out their tongues and saying "Nanny, nanny boo boo" at me. So today might be a good day to tackle them after sewing. No cleaning today--stayed late this afternoon working on guild quilt. I worked on one of the pillow shams while Mary (bless her heart) dealt with the borders. Another day and we will see it complete.

AND this weekend we will spend with family.

Another recipe if you're interested. I have been making this bread lately and we like it and my quilting ladies like it too so maybe you will, too. I don't even have a name for it so help me name it will you?

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup quick oats
about a cup liquid (milk, potato water (really good) or water)
1 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp. honey
1 1/2 tsp. yeast (I make my bread in a bread machine.You'll need to adjust the amount of yeast if you make it by hand.)
1 1/2 tsp. gluten (when I use the potato water it doesn't need it)

In my bread machine you put all the liquid in first and salt. Then the flours and oats and last the yeast and gluten. I've been putting mine on the dough cycle and putting it in a loaf pan to finish it. I've found (I don't know if it is my bread machine or what) that it needs more rising time. And I can't just set the machine and walk away. Nope can't do it. I gotta be a part of the process. So I open it up and check on it. I'll pause it and get out my rubber spatula and make sure all the flour gets worked and it's just the right consistency. When I'm happy then I walk away. Until it's time to shape and put in a loaf pan. I love the feel of bread dough. I love the smell of bread baking. I love the taste of fresh baked bread. And it shows! LOL Oops! Forgot--bake at 350 degrees for about 30 to 35 min. I like to bake mine in a long slightly narrow loaf pan.

Oh do you want to see my baby tomato plants? Thought you would!

They are coming along nicely. Next week I will begin to condition them to the outside world. Poor babies! In all there are fifty something plants. Last time you saw them they were all in small peat pots. Where there were several plants in a small peat pot I transplanted into the larger peat pots. Next week I will start conditioning them to the outside world. I can't wait to taste the tomatoes!


Friday, April 03, 2009


Checking in again! I'm been on the go. Let's see let me backtrack and tell you what I've been up to. Let's go backwards shall we? Yesterday I met with several ladies from Wise County Quilt Guild to sew on our donation quilt. We got a lot accomplished and one more Thursday and it will be complete. Yay! Wednesday was Kraz-z Quilters and we continued to work on Priscilla's king size Eureka (pattern by Jackie Robinson) that we are hand quilting. One more Wednesday and we will have it complete. Yay! Tuesday DH and I (he took a day of vacation) made a trip to see our DGD Aimee in a school program and later in the day watched her practice softball. Too cute on both accounts! It was fun!
Have you seen a cuter star fish?
Her team is called "Twisted Sisters" is that cute or what? I kept thinking that there ought to be a quilt block by that name. If there is let me you will you?

Monday I received a phone call at 9am. Kathleen on the other end--"What do you have planned today?" My response--"Two loads of laundry and not sure what else--what do YOU have in mind?" Kathleen said, "Want to go to Quilter's Workshop?" Me--"When?" Her--"As soon as you can get ready!" Me--"Okay, let me hop in the shower and feed the dog!" Laundry can wait and everything else can wait, right?! You betcha. After all they were having a sale 50 to 75% off on select fabrics. YOU BETCHA! I called Dixie and she dropped everything too and we had a blast. We ate at Olive Garden and got home around 5pm. What a nice way to spend a day!

Sunday, Saturday, and Friday night. DS called late Friday afternoon and asked if we could watch DGS Mason. Babysitter was sick and they had tickets to something. SURE! I was sewing on Star BOM sashing at the time. Okay, quickly shut down sewing machine. Put away rotary cutter, scissors, all sharp objects. Clear my "design bed" that also is used as "changing table" when DGS Mason comes. Clear dining table that also serves as "cutting table". Check pantry for "Mason food". Check refrigerator for milk. Put away breakables on coffee table and elsewhere. Cook supper. Get toys out and play yard. Had fun chasing him around. Bath time, nite-nite, wake up at 2:30am back to sleep with NaNaw etc. etc. He is talking. Not that I understand much of what he is saying. LOL There's the usual Mama, DaDa, See?--and maybe not so usual--Oh, Man! Then gibber blabber, blabber yidder, yadder, uhhh? Okay. Nanaw is clueless.

Did you notice what catalog they are looking at? A boar stud catalog. Yeah. Lots of hogs butts--maybe that accounts for the look on Mason's face. LOL

And that my friends is the week sort of in review. In the mix I was also making up another order and doing the usual stuff we all do -- cooking, laundry (yes, it eventually got done), sleeping, dishes, all that fun and useful stuff.