Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's been a Loooooong time!

Let's see--if anyone still reads this I apologize for the lack of posting. 

I still don't have much interest in quilting.  Hopefully that will change in the near future.  But until then--well,  life still goes on.  :  )  

Our little doggie, Sissy,  had puppies in April; three of them.  Unplanned.  Neighbor's Chihuahua.  She had them.  No problem.  Long story short--birthed, nursed, weaned and given away. 

About the time her puppies were old enough to give away it became apparent that Stitches, our kitty, was pregnant!  Her kittens were born July 1.  Five of them.  Wowsers!  All these girls are getting a trip to the vet.  Soon. 

And lately I've been busy making jelly, jam, pickles, and relish.  We found wild plums. I think some call them sand plums.  So I made jelly and jam.  Mixed some with peach juice and cinnamon.  And then one of my quilting buddies has a big garden and gave me two big bags of zucchini and yellow summer squash along with some cucumbers.  Hog Man helped me cut, slice, grate, etc. We will have soups this winter with added cubed squash.  I can make zucchini bread from the grated zucchini.  And we'll see how the sliced squash fares.  I blanched it and froze it in a single layer before bagging in freezer bags.  I will let you know.  And the cucumbers--we're enjoying sliced at mealtime.  I've made two different relishes.  And oh yeah, I made yellow squash pickles.  Love those things!  So the house has had some very nice scents going on lately. 

I made these wonderful little yellow summer squash fritters.  Some of the squash was a little big.  You know how a few will get big on you.  The seeds are too big to really enjoy steamed or fried so what to do.  I scooped out the seeds and grated some and mixed up my version of a fritter.  With  two cups grated squash I added one large egg,  half of a small onion chopped--stir together.  In a separate bowl I put a little less than a cup of all-purpose flour, 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon baking powder,  1/2 teaspoon Lawry's seasoning salt,  dash of black pepper --stir all together then add to squash mixture; stirring until all dry ingredients are mixed in.  In the meantime heat about an inch of vegetable oil in a pan.  Using two spoons drop about a tablespoon into hot oil.  Cook on both sides until golden.  These are so good. 

So the water bath canner has been seeing some action that it hasn't in recent history due to the drought around here.   I scrounged around in the garage for more canning jars.  I found some pretty jelly jars I didn't know I had!  Reminds me I need to see if there are some more.  We found some wild mustang grape vines.  We had a vine down by the barn that we didn't even know we had.  A few grapes --I picked them and juiced and it's in the freezer waiting for more.  We located some more vines on a country road near one of Hog Man's leases he checks every day.  They are still green.  He's keeping an eye on them.  I've never made grape jelly from Mustang grapes but I hear that it is really good.  :  )  It's a lot of work but I really enjoy all the bounty. 

I hope you are enjoying summer in your neck of the woods!
Catering Quilter

Friday, April 11, 2014


It's been a long time since I last posted.  Sorry.  I lost interest in blogging.  The winter was long, cold, and we had lots of cloudy weather and I NEED sunshine or it effects me adversely.  Spring is here and lots and lots of warmer and sunnier weather and I am doing much better.  Lots of things to catch up on. 

Speaking of. . . in the course of looking for sewing items and fabric I found projects (UFOs) long forgotten.  Oh dear,  add them to the list.  That list keeps growing.  I think I will dub the list my bucket list now.  LOL  It may take forever to finish all of them.  But I'll have fun doing it! I went through a dresser (count that one dresser) and organized and straightened.  A closet and another dresser and every crook and cranny stuffed to the brim yet to go.  LOL   Progress is progress.

Let's see . . . "Stitches" the kitty is doing quite well.  She is a very loving and entertaining cat.  We have been letting her outside and she is enthralled.  LOL  She caught a mouse in the house and one outside and as for me she has earned big kudos.   "Sissy" our yorky. . .  had an unplanned breeding.  Yeah,  she's due next week.  Next door neighbor's Chihuahua.  I was cooking and on the phone and Hog Man didn't realize she had gone outside with him.  Too late.  Can't undo it. 

The estate sale was held in January for Mother's estate.   A local estate sales business handled it for us.  Only way to go!  Everything was gone.  Totally.  And she vacuumed.  I haven't been back since.  We need to go soon. 

At Thanksgiving we acquired my grandmother's Singer 66 treadle sewing machine.  My older sister had gotten it after my grandmother passed.  I always thought my aunt got it and that's what my mother thought.  But when Mother was in the hospital and we were visiting I asked her.  No.  She told me that my sister had it.  I contacted her and asked her about it.  She decided she wanted my oldest granddaughter to have it.  DD Amanda and hubby brought it to the house so I could clean and oil it. The machine had sat unused for 20 years.  We got the belt put on and started playing.  I love it!  I am sewing little four patches and nine patches on it.  It has a beautiful stitch.  The decals have silvered somewhat and the cabinet veneer is chipped but I am in love.  For me to sew on something my granny used is awesome.  It did take some practice to learn to sew with thread.  The machine was manufactured in Feb. 1924.  My grandmother would have been 20 years old and she was also born in Feb.  Pretty neat, huh?  My aunt didn't think she got it new but remembered Granny sewing all their clothes on it.  DD Amanda wants the machine back at some time.  : (   It will go perfectly in their 1920s house.  So I will have to play a lot until time is up.  :  )  And then I will find one for myself to keep forever and ever. 

This year for our birthdays the Kraz-z Quilters decided to make signed string blocks for each birthday girl.  We have had two with birthdays so far.  This is one of the girl's blocks with a future birthday.

 These are some of the little nine patches I have been sewing.  Remember  Bonnie Hunter's pattern Tumalo Trail quilt that I made and posted here?  These were some that were too pastel for using in that quilt and I have started another quilt.  Yes, I know.  Another project.  And DGD Paisley likes it.  It's PINK.  At least it will be a smaller quilt.  And only four 9 patches needed.  This block is called "Balance" and is found in Nancy J. Martin's 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.  Find it on Dec.27.  It is a 15" block and no I didn't sew the block on the treadle.  LOL I used the Elna Lotus SP for that.  Still in love with that machine. 
Some young ladies called one Saturday afternoon wanting to borrow one of my sewing machines to hem some curtains for their church.  I originally thought they were going to take the machine with them so I got out my Kenmore (I'm terrible -- I though I can sacrifice it--if they mess it up) I couldn't bear the thought of them messing up the Elna.  They wanted to use the machine at my house.  Oh, well that changes things.  I can supervise.  And they needed it.  One hadn't sewn since high school and she is in her mid 20s and the other didn't have much experience.  I let them use both machines (they had six panels to do).  They managed to get both jammed.  But I got them unjammed. Mission accomplished.  The little Elna had some hiccups next time it was sewn on.  Threads caught in the bobbin area. 
 And yes, Hog Man, is still in the pig business.  Baby pigs in different stages.  I think he is done farrowing for now.  He has been breeding for the summer birthing.  For show pigs for winter shows.  Always have to plan ahead.  He is enjoying his job.  Pumping oil and gas wells.  I ride his route with him on Sunday mornings.  He enjoys seeing wildlife.  Turkeys, deer, hogs (yes, wild hogs), etc.  The recent rains we've had have brought us green grass and the leaves on the trees.  The redbud trees are blooming now.  So pretty.  Bluebonnets are small this year.  And not many in our area. 
So check back for pictures of puppies.  She is pretty miserable these days.  Waddling here and there.  She wakes me up in the middle of the night to go outside.  Bless her heart. 
Blessings and happy quilting,
Catering Quilter