Saturday, December 31, 2011


Sewing but not on quilts. Our daughter, Amanda, along with the kids came yesterday. And brought Aimee's new sewing machine Santa brought. Yes, Aimee has her first sewing machine.  They hadn't even taken it out of the box yet! So we figured out how to thread it and did some test stitching. Got all familiar. Wound a bobbin with pink thread and away we went. Aimee likes skirts. She doesn't like jeans I have recently been informed. So skirts it will be. There are lots of free tutorials online for tiered skirts and skirts made with elastic waist. Perfect! Would you believe I was so busy I didn't EVEN think to take pictures? Of course, you do. It happens all the time. LOL

I had to clear out the bedroom where I sew when my sister and brother in law spent the night when they were in Texas visiting. I have this table/chair/bench type thing that Larry's brother made in high school in woodworking shop. I have it in the extra/guest bedroom and most of the time it is in table mode with tons of stuff stacked on it. Lots of my UFOs and PIGs (and we're not talking about the four legged variety-LOL) to be exact. I had to find a home for all this stuff so I could make the room presentable. LOL I set aside one of the projects I ran across and thought I just need to work that up and get that out of here! That's what I have been saying a lot this year. So after I got the room all tidied up and all ready for their visit I set up a machine on the dining room table and finished up that project. Dixie from quilt club had brought a shopping bag one day and said "If anybody wants to take this home and finish it they are welcome to it." She had started a fabric basket made from cotton clothesline covered in fabric and it just wasn't working for her. I had made a couple of those baskets and thought -- why not? Well, needless to say it turned into a UFO. Like I was saying I got it out Christmas Eve and started. She had already done the wrapping and had tried sewing it and she said her machine just wouldn't sew it. I took out what she had sewn and thought I'd make quick work of it. Not! For what ever reason I couldn't get the beginning of the coil to work either. After several attempts and unsewing--gggrrrr-- I decided to cut the cord and start at the other end. No more problems. Got it done.

Then I was still on the "basket kick" so found some narrows strips I had been putting back for making baskets and started another one. A scrappy purple one. I added the flower to cover my ending.  I still have to work on my ending. It's not as neat as I'd like.  I like the scrappy ones. I sat and wrapped some more clothesline while watching TV.
I found the tutorial for the flower here.
Instead of a button for the centerI appliqued a circle to both the front and back.

Speaking of Dixie-- a couple of years ago I had posted about Dixie's husband being in a small airplane crash and asked for prayers. He passed away several days after the crash. A year later she met a man at church. They started seeing each other and married last February. They have been so happy. She has said that he has been so good to her and she really knew what a good marriage was like. Her husband suddenly died a week before Christmas. He had been sick the week before with upset stomach and sitting on the potty and lots of pain in his abdomen. She took him to the doctor. Long story short, he needed his gall bladder out. Surgery went fine. There were complications. He already had a weak heart. Poor Dixie! She is comforted by her faith in God and that He will see her through this.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Checking In

I thought I would check in. It has been a busy month hasn't it? Also nerve racking for us. We've been waiting by the phone for a surgery date.  The call finally came! Late January Larry will get his new hip joint. Yay! It has been a long wait and now just a little bit longer. But the end is in sight.  Praise the Lord.

I didn't get hardly anything sewn up for Christmas gifts. I just couldn't concentrate. Instead I did some cleaning and straightening.  I think I tend to do that sort of thing when I am feeling anxious. I need to do a whole lot more cleaning and straightening. LOL Some sorting and tossing, too.

I went ahead and took the Christmas decorations down and put them away yesterday. Probably the earliest ever.  I want to keep things in order and stay busy getting as much done before Larry's surgery.
I will miss the quilt retreat. It is scheduled the same time as his surgery. There will always be quilt retreats

So I have a pictures from Christmas parties I will post soon. I just wanted to check in and let you know I am still alive and well. LOL


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wish everyone out in blogland a very Merry Christmas. May you have a blessed time with your family and friends. 


Monday, December 12, 2011


We have had rain what seems like every day.  Not complaining mind you! It's just that when there are clouds there is no sun. We do need the rain so very much and hopefully all the lakes and ponds will be full soon. Thankfully the temps have stayed in the 40s and 50s. No icing.

This week is dull compared to last week. Three quilt group meetings with fun and food! Oh, my! I didn't have my camera at Kraz-z Quilters on Wednesday so I will just have to describe as best I can for you. We had agreed to all bring a finger food type dish. I took pumpkin dip, molasses cookies and apple slices. Others brought hot apple cider (it was a cold day and this was much appreciated!), cocktail weiners in sauce, sandwiches, crackers and cheeses, soup (not really a finger food but much appreciated on that cold day), candies, and more. It was delicious.  A couple of years ago we had decided one Christmas to exchange a yard of fabric Chinese style. So every year since we have enjoyed this tradition. It is always fun to see the different fabrics as they are opened and the stealing! And we always have a little time to do some hand quilting! Got to have our "fix" for the week. Excuse me, I meant therapy!

On Thursday I drove to Post Oak to the Post Oak Quilters or Busy Bees. And they are busy and prolific! They had invited some ladies from Blue Grove so it was a full house.

Bernice (Blue Grove), Marilyn, Lois and Nelda.
I enjoy these ladies so much. It's always like a reunion -- catching up on what's been going on with each one.
Elsie, Peggy (Blue Grove) and Susan.

Eunice, Virginia, Susan and Gena with the "festive" and fun head gear.

I took my store and several helped me set up and take down. Thank you to Gena, Virginia, and Susan and all the others who offered. We had a wonderful meal of baked potatoes and fixings, salad, and DESSERT. Oh my! Then the tables were cleared and the dishes taken care of and out came the demo. I showed them how to make a disappearing 4 patch. Such fun. Then they shopped. And shopped some more. Thanks, ladies, you are wonderful.
Carol and her 4 Patch Stacked Posies. Lovely!
Helping in the kitchen. Thanks, Carol and Clydene.

Then came Saturday! Wise County Quilt Guild Christmas party! We had sew much fun last year when past and present members gathered we decided to do it again! And guess what several have joined again! We had 38 in attendance. I am the program chair so I was responsible for the invitations, games, etc.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I had asked everyone in their invitation to bring a fond or funny memory. While we were eating we shared our memories. It was just lovely and fun. And did I mention FOOD. Yes, third party and more food. Elastic waists are the only way to go! LOL

And of course we had show and tell! Mary W. showed us what to do with our bits and pieces left from Christmas fabrics! And of course when you live in Texas you make Texas quilts. Love it! Trish R. on the right is a new member who joined after going on the bus trip. Hey, Trish.

Here's the link to the Wise County Quilt Guild blog with more from the Christmas party.

I was so hoping to tell you that Larry was having his hip replacement surgery before Christmas but we still do not have a date. As they say "paperwork".  His file must be on somebody's desk who has gone on vacation or are busy covering for someone who is on vacation. We will be patient and wait. Til Monday when his case worker comes off vacation and he can give her a call and ask for HELP. LOL

I have really not known what to plan for Christmas for our family.  I have done some cleaning and put clean sheets on the guest bed. I've put up the Christmas tree, candles, and other decorations. My first time to "assemble" the tree by myself. It goes together in three sections and is one of those pre-lit ones. I'm sure if you had been a fly on my wall you would have laughed. I twisted this way and that way and 'purt near stood on my head. I got to looking at it last night and realized it was leaning! Oh, my. Almost reminds me of the days when we had the "real" cut trees. I unscrewed and rescrewed and hopefully it is straight. LOL

The plumber is here. We had a rocking toilet. That's one thing that doesn't need to "rock around the Christmas tree"!  Bless his heart -- having to go back and forth to his truck in the rain. 

Here's wishing you get all the shopping, gift sewing, decorating, baking done. And remember to rest and enjoy the season. Because Jesus is the reason for the season.


Monday, December 05, 2011


It is snowing this morning. This is looking out my dining room window to the south at our crooked pine tree. Weird, huh?  I heard sleet hitting the window earlier in the wee hours and then when I got up and looked out--it was snowing to bit the band.  At almost 8am it is still snowing a little. They are predicting for it to come to an end soon. Our poor pigs need web feet. It has been raining for days and now with the snow they have some sloppy pens. Poor things. But we are so grateful for the rain. This will nourish our trees and grasses after this long hot, dry summer.

I have a busy week planned. Two quiltey group Christmas parties and a trip to Post Oak to take my store and do a demo.

Ya'll stay safe and be blessed.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Another finish

These colors are washed out. It is much brighter! I used Bonnie Hunter's pattern Crayon Box. It is very easy to put together and as you can tell it is very scrappy.

Actually I finished this a week ago -- just haven't posted. What have I been doing? That's a good question. LOL Oh yeah, I straightened up my sewing area (reorganized--although I'm the only one who can tell- LOL) and did some cleaning. I finished appliqueing the centers on the Dresden Plates. Yay! I had used blue marker to mark the turn line on the plates and rinsed them in plain water. Laid them out to dry on towels. Oh dear. One color -- a bluish gray bled a little. I will hand wash them in Synthapol with some color catchers and see it that won't take care of it. If not out comes the seam ripper and take out the offending fabric and replace it. Better to find it now than once the quilt is together. So that's part of what I will be doing today.

And this week I also have a customer's string quilt that I am repairing and then will quilt. Then I need to get the guild's Christmas party invitations labeled and in the mail. Larry has a doctor appointment tomorrow. One more step before hip replacement. He has his okay from his primary care and heart doctors. Yay!

This year we didn't gather at Larry's parents for Thanksgiving. First time in many a year. They went to see Larry's aunt and sister. Instead I cooked lunch for us. Chicken and dressing and the fixings. And pies. I have a new favorite. I made pecan and buttermilk pies. I always make pecan but not buttermilk. The buttermilk pie made me remember my mom's Jeff Davis pies that she made years ago but a little different. Really they are made pretty much the same accept one uses sweet milk and the other buttermilk. Correct me if I'm wrong. I added a little cinnamon to mine. Just a dash. Oh, and I have a new favorite pie crust recipe using olive oil. It makes me feel so much better not using shortening. I was genuinely surprised how well it turned out. I rolled it out between waxed paper and it turned out perfect. Our daughter invited us for the evening meal. We enjoyed spending time with them. Our other kids went to their other destinations for Thanksgiving.  And I stayed home and enjoyed some down time. No shopping!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

WCQG Bus Trip

The guild took a bus trip to Stitchin' Heaven yesterday. It was our first ever and not the last. We had a ton of fun. We left the Decatur Wal-Mart parking lot around 8am and we were driven (quite possibly the almost best part) to Quitman, Tx. We arrived around 10:45 and immediately the shop was filled with 40 women. There was plenty of room for us. They had prepared little demonstrations for us. Our bus trip coordinator had arranged for lunch through Stitchin' Heaven so we didn't have to leave to eat! They had ordered club sandwiches, chips, water, and cookies for us. It was part of our ticket price. And of course there was shopping! Those who wanted to played fat quarter bingo after lunch. Then mid afternoon we loaded back on the bus. We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel in Denton then loaded back up and arrived in Decatur before 7:30pm. There were snacks, water, games and DOOR PRIZES on the bus. Karen did a great job getting the trip together.
I took this standing at the front door. There were many samples hung throughout the store.

 This was their classroom--where we ate lunch and here they are playing fat quarter bingo.

I was on a mission to find fabric to sash Amanda's dresden plates. I found two pieces that I think will work well. I may rob some from another project -- you know -- the P.I.G.S. -- project in grocery sacks and replenish them when I get to them. LOL I also found a really cute fabric for DGD Aimee's butterfly quilt that we will probably start on the next time she gets to come.

I just had to have this fabric! It will be perfect. And of course we have to have some polka dots and bright pinks and yellow!

And don't you think these will go good with the Dresden Plates? I'm planning on making sashing with nine patch corner stones and then a piano key border -- real scrappy.

And then there was this scrap bag of mostly batiks --squares and rectangles-- that I couldn't resist. I was asked what I was going to do with them. I didn't know at the time I just knew I fell in love with them. After sorting them and caressing them : ) I'm thinking Christmas gifts! Little zippered bags. Tote bags. God, could you please give me superhuman ability for say two weeks so I can get everything done that I would like to make. : ) 

We were given goodie bags on the bus and there were several fat quarters for the stash. Can there ever be too much? Don't answer that!

Here's a C.A.S.A. quilt I finished. These are crumb blocks sewn block to block with sashing and borders. I have another one quilted that needs trimming and binding. I will get that done today while Larry is gone hunting. Here's a link to a tutorial for crumb quilt blocks and another (I'm not sure if I will ever make any as small as Bonnie Hunter's blocks.) But I have learned to never say never. : )

I had a little escapade with the pigs while Larry's been gone. Friday evening when I went out to feed there were feeder pigs out of their pen. These four are probably 40 to 50 pounders. The sows had rooted  the sandy soil out under the fence of their pen trying to get to the feed trough and the feeders had crawled under the fence. I got all the hogs fed and set about figuring out how was I going to get them back in their pen? They wanted to go everywhere but there. But darkness helped. One by one they went to their pen knowing that was where they needed to be and they wanted to be together. All but one. It was the stubborn one. By the time it decided it wanted in the pen it was pretty dark. I was gone all day Saturday so I didn't get to feed until Sunday morning. Uh oh -- they were out again! Repeat of Friday night. Hunger and thirst were on my side.  Got them all back in again -- there was one again that was the hold out. Probably the same one! This time the sows are locked up in their pen. Normally we leave them to graze all the time. Let's just say they won't be tasting any grass until the pen situation is remedied.

Have a wonderful Sunday and now I'm off to make a binding and get 'er dun. Then more Dresden Plate centers need appliqueing. Just a few more!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessings to our Veterans and Service Men and Women

A big Thank you to all who have served or are serving our country! Also thank you to their families who have been by their side.  They don't always get noticed for their service as well.

11/11/11 -- Too cool! Isn't it wonderful to be alive on a day like today? Make the most of it-- live like today is the most important day of your life. And tomorrow.

Blessings to all,

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Did you feel the Oklahoma earthquake?

I had fallen asleep on the couch and didn't. Larry woke me up and said he could feel it in his recliner and he watched the angels that hang from the mantel swing back and forth and said he could have sworn the wall was moving. I was so groggy that I just looked and him and went back to sleep. Then this morning I remembered and got online and googled it. Wow! 5.6 is an earthquake.


Monday, October 31, 2011

A whirlwind of activity!

That's what it has seemed like around here. LOL Week before last I sewed five more tote bags for the veterans. I worked in the yard--dug grass burrs, mowed and weed eated. Cleaned house. All in preparation of company coming. Larry's parents came and most of our kids and all their children. We had Mason and Paisley Friday and Saturday nights. Mac and Aimee spent Saturday night with us. Amanda and John brought pumpkins for them to carve and they had a good time doing that.
Okay, can you see Paisley marking on herself with her marker? Caught her in the act.

Paisley is scooping out the "guts" of her pumpkin. She really got into this activity!

On a sadder note--one of the ladies in our quilt guild suddenly died and her funeral was Friday afternoon. Then Larry's employer passed away Wed. and his funeral was Saturday. I was so busy getting things ready that I didn't think my menu through enough. Forgot to buy bread. I made biscuits. I forgot to buy cream of chicken soup. We managed without it.  No one (hopefully)knew the difference. : )  All in all it was a great weekend.

We have had some FOG several mornings. We're talking thick! It didn't burn off until almost 11am. 

How 'bout those Texas Rangers? Are you watching the World Series? I haven't got a clue most of time what most of any of it means. LOL Not a good baseball follower. Update: It was intense watching some of the games especially the 7th one! Of course, I wish they had won the Series but since they didn't maybe next year.

I've washed laundry and hung out on the clothesline AFTER the fog lifted. I got things put away and picked up after the weekend. I will put the clean sheets on the guest bed. Larry has been home since last Thursday. Since his employer had passed away and the shop is relatively close to their house they thought they would allow the family some private time without all the noise and also allow more parking for extra family and friends coming. SO you gals know what it's like to try and clean or do ANYTHING around a man. Extra patience is required. LOL And the questions--what are you doing now? What are doing that for? Why don't you do it this way?

I told you I would keep you posted about Larry's hip replacement surgery. He's had the x-rays done for the first diagnostic visit. We have an appointment with the DARS rep this Friday morning to discuss the plan of action. Woohoo! Update: We attended our appointment. Doc wants more x-rays -- of his knees now. Hopefully things will start progressing.

This post started out week before last. It got pushed to the back burner. LOL  Hence the updates.

So, I will add recent activities and not put off posting for another week. LOL  Would you believe I have  done very little sewing? I patched some of Larry's bib overalls and sewed one more tote and turned it in. Our total totes 194 and possibly some others will be turned in. What have I been doing? Working outside! The weather is gorgeous. I have declared war on the sunflowers again. Seems like this battle is never ending. I tried pulling them up before the rains and it was impossible (they just broke off or worse didn't budge) not to mention too hot to be outside much less pulling weeds. So with the wonderful rains we've had the conditions are perfect. I got a lot done over the weekend and hope to get more done today.

Since Larry took off for his appointment Friday we used the day to get other errands done. We both needed new tennis shoes and Beall's had a good sale. A trip to Tractor Supply, of course, for stuff for the pigs. A trip to the feed store and then it was time for lunch. We tried a new place in Bridgeport called Rock City Burgers. We got the jalapeno bun. Very tasty.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

We were busy little bees!

That we were! Yesterday was a work day at guild. We needed to finish up our charitable projects. The last two years we have provided the local DAV auxillary with 200 tote bags for veterans. They fill them with whatever they fill them with and gift them to veterans in the hospital. Most of the totes had been made-- just needed a few more. Isn't it always just a few more? Like a bad dream. Just a few more. Chasing you through the night hours -- just a few more. I think several of us had dreams like that last week. LOL  I brought a few more home to do-- oh, dear.  I hope to get them out in the next few days so I can move on to MY projects. Yeah.

We also worked on Christmas stockings for C.A.S.A.  We estimated 100 needed. We got the bulk of them done yesterday. Woohoo! Lots of talking, eating, laughing, and humming of sewing machines.

It was a very good productive day. Guess what happens next month on meeting day. BUS TRIP! Oh, yeah! I will report every detail. And hopefully have pictures. Because as you see I didn't take my camera yesterday. I had too much stuff to pack and carry. Yeah, that's my story and I staying with it.


Monday, October 10, 2011


And lots of it! It started raining late Saturday afternoon and didn't stop until Sunday morning. So wonderful. When Larry (DH) went out Sunday morning to check the rain gauge it was over-flowing! It holds 5 to 6 inches. Praise the Lord.
 Remember this quilt?

Our darling granddaughter Aimee came and spent Friday and Saturday nights with us. Her mom and dad were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Congrats, kids. We had such fun. She wanted to sew. =D A girl after mine own heart. I prepared the backing for her quilt Friday afternoon before she arrived. BUT before the sewing could begin--there was the usual everyday stuff that had to be taken care of like feeding animals, preparing our evening meal, cleaning up afterwards, etc. Then I asked what they wanted for breakfast - sausage and pancakes- okay. Went out to the freezer. Uhoh! Things in freezer thawing. Not good. Relayed bad news to Larry aka DH. We begin process of transferring items from non-working freezer to other freezer and freezer section of refrigerator. I wound up with a large bowl of meat that had thawed too much to refreeze so I made room in the refrigerator. After getting all that moved around it was 8pm and I really didn't want to start sewing that late ALTHOUGH Aimee really wanted to. I convinced her we would sew the next day.

Saturday morning--I had bananas that needing baking into banana bread after cooking breakfast. Got that done. I had promised Larry and Aimee chocolate chips cookies. Got those started with Aimee's help. We had a late lunch of leftover chicken and spaghetti. I asked her to go with Papaw to the feed store. She did. While they were gone I prepared one of the round steaks that had thawed for smothered steak. Got that in the crock pot for our evening meal. Now all set for sewing!

I had some pieces of batting that needed whip stitched together to use for small quilts. So Aimee and I got one whip stitched for her quilt. Then we layered the backing, batting and top and safety pinned in a few places. I found some yellow embroidery floss that would work. She had wanted me to machine quilt her quilt but I thought it might be fun for us to tie it. Saturday afternoon we tied. And we tied. And we tied. We took a break. She went with Papaw to feed the animals and I got our meal together. Just as they got outside it thundered and the bottom fell out. They got soaking wet and enjoyed every minute of it!

To make a long story short--the tying was finished Saturday night. I had planned on turning the backing forward for binding. I miscalculated. Oh no! I didn't allow enough for the top and bottom. So Sunday I had to make binding. Aimee did help sew the strips together. We had to stop and help Larry in between. We had so much rain the weaned pigs were standing in water. He made a pen for them in a dry area. Aimee and I helped transfer them. Funny little squealing pigs! Then it was lunch time. Pork chops (that had thawed) with rice.

Then we pressed the binding--pressing the seams open and then pressing in half. But the sewing had to wait. Sigh. Larry aka DH had sold a pig and had an appointment to get it to the butcher. He loaded her while we were pressing. We rode with him to Weatherford. I wanted to go just in case he needed any help. Last Wednesday we had another hog to deliver to a butcher in Muenster. Had a blow-out on the trailer just a little over half way there. No spare. Limped on in and made to the butcher before they closed. Whew! The butcher knew of a mom and pop tire shop just a few blocks over. He made the call. Praise the Lord, they fixed us right up with a used tire and we were on our way. So I had wanted to go along JUST in case he had a repeat of Wednesday evening. The other tires on the trailer--yeah--need replacing. One of these days.

Back to the quilt--I decided it would be best for me to machine sew the binding on.  I got that done when we returned from Weatherford. Just in time before we needed to meet Aimee's folks in Jacksboro. Whew!

Today, I turned the binding and finished it by machine. Not the best job I have done. : (  But it will have to do. It is in the washer now and then I will toss in the dryer.

Now to finish the C.A.S.A. quilt I machine quilted last week. It needs trimming, binding, washing and drying. Then to make a backing for another C.A.S.A. quilt and pin it on the frame and quilt. But that quilt will wait for tomorrow.

I hope and pray that you've had rain if you needed it and of course as always--


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilts and Pigs

What else do you expect from me? LOL

I sewed this together several weeks ago. I've been using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders method with the little squares then sewed them leaders and enders again into four patches. Then I used Mary's pattern
4 Patches on the Diagonal and put them all together. And of course my quilt top is turned the opposite from Mary's pictured in her instructions. LOL It is VERY scrappy. Some people like scrappy and some like "controlled" scrappy. I like SCRAPPY. But next time I might use solid or solid looking fabric for the large half square triangles. What do you think? I will definitely be making more quilts from this pattern. I have lots more squares! LOL  I haven't decided whether to add a border or not yet. What do you think?

We have four litters of pigs that have been born with one more due in a couple of days.  The pen on the left has one mama and one baby. This mama had trouble having hers and we were very blessed that she and one baby are alive and well. The mama in front of the camera has six babies. Can you see the little ones in the back napping in the sun? These babies are around 3 weeks old. They are starting to eat feed and will be weaned soon.

These are still in the barn and are from a litter of ten. They have a Berkshire mama and a Hampshire daddy.

These are Hampshires babies also still in the barn and also ten in their litter.

Aren't they all sweet? I just love to hear the mama hogs call their babies when their milk lets down. They all scramble to latch on and fight over teats and squeal. Hilarious.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture Perfect Weekend

That's what we had at the Post Oak Quilt Show. DH and I had an outdoor booth and it was an absolutely fantastic weekend. I was busy last week preparing for the booth: cutting fat quarters, yards, etc. I organized totes; priced items; made a few kits up; etc. We had a good profitable time. I counted how many fat quarters and yards we sold. I am so surprised. We sold a good many but you know you can barely tell that they are missing! Did God multiply? Did they fluff up? It is amazing for sure. Thanks to all who came out and stopped by our booth. We had a great time. And most of all--Thank You Post Oak Quilters.

We got everything unloaded and put back in it's place. And again DH was great help. I couldn't do it without him. I did call ahead and got some help putting up and taking down the canopy. Thanks to the Scarbers and others who lent a hand. 

One of our customers showed me a picture of a quilt on her cell phone asking if I had the pattern. I did not.  I did some searching today. I hope she reads this so she can find it. I found it at Joy's Fabrics & Quilts in Godley, Tx. The pattern is called Quick Pieced Posies by Jan Ward. The link below is the a jpg of the quilt.

DH has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon Wednesday about his hip. I will keep you posted.


Friday, September 16, 2011


1 Choice 4 Quilting has a GIVEAWAY! Hurry on over and register. You have choices! She wants your best quilting tips for new quilters. While you're there look around--can you say SHOPPING.

Have a good Friday.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some Little Visitors and the Quilting Room

DGS Mason and DGD Paisley came to stay for a few days this week. We played with sidewalk chalk, dug in the dirt, rocked the baby, road tricycles, played with toys, etc. etc. They were very good and lots of fun. Aren't they growing?

I remembered to take my camera to quilting on Wednesday. I remembered to get it out of my purse. I remembered to take pictures. Thumbs up!

Below is Mickey's beautiful quilt. This is a Pam Bono pattern. We had borrowed her pattern and were in the process of making the blocks for a raffle quilt when the building burned. We lost six blocks in the fire. I had made one just like the sunflower one in this quilt. 

 Bonnie pieced this one from cute flannel prints that were donated to us. From left to right are Bonnie, Marie, and Mickey.

Kathleen is crocheting since there wasn't room at the quilt to quilt. We had several afghans donated that were not finished.
Sharon and Jan are almost ready to turn the quilt. This quilt belongs to Sharon. She had it ready to be quilted and when hers was lost in the fire we told her to bring it and we would quilt it. I hadn't realized until I took this picture that I should have tidied up the quilt top before taking the picture. LOL Some of the papers are the stencils that Sharon traced so we could determine the quilting lines a little better.
Here they are removing pins and unscrewing the c clamps to turn. Do you see that trunk behind Sharon? That was donated to us. Pretty neat, huh?
And here they are turning what has been quilted. The little disk you see is used to cushion the c clamp.

So there you have it.  I will take my camera again-- when I can remember!


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Visitors and COOLER weather

My daughter, Amanda, called on Friday evening and asked if they could come over Saturday evening for supper and visit. YES! That meant I had to clean house. I hadn't done any good cleaning for awhile. Just vacuuming and laundry for a couple of weeks--so I tore through the house Saturday morning. Washed several loads of clothes and hung out. Stripped our bed and washed sheets. I straightened and dusted. Picked up the sewing room--seems like it always needs picking up. Things come apart in there pretty fast.

Amanda's husband asked if we might have fried okra for supper. Since we didn't have a garden this year we have to rely on the grocery store or MAYBE someone who did plant one. We'd had some okra gifted to us last week by an older gentleman that DH knows. Would you believe he stopped by with just the right amount for our supper? And it was so good. The last time DH barbecued we had some German sausage in the freezer and he grilled about five pounds and I froze it in separate packages for future meals. I got out enough for our meal and Amanda had asked for my fried potatoes. I decided homemade ice cream would be good so got that together and DH got it going for us. Our meal was great and we had a good visit. DGD Aimee asked her mom if she could stay and spend the weekend with us.(She wanted to sew. : )) They hadn't planned on that. They had shopped at a thrift store that day and had picked up a couple of clothing items. I told them we could run to the store for a toothbrush and undies. So that's what we did. She had finished the body of her quilt last time she was visiting. This time we added her border. We also had to comb out one of the Cabbage Patch dolls hair and rebraid it. We had a great time. We took her home yesterday and ate lunch at their house and enjoyed sitting on the porch with a cool breeze.

The weather is much cooler! We stayed in the eighties yesterday and overnight low was 59 degrees. Woohoo! The a/c is off. In fact it felt pretty darn cool this morning.

Please pray for the wildfires across the state of Texas. A huge fire is burning east of Austin--where nearly 500 homes have burned and thousands of acres. The Possum Kingdom fire is still burning. This one is in the same general area as the one back in April.

I'm praying for rain for all those who need it and for relief for those that don't.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye August 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow. NOT! Come on September with cooler temperatures and RAIN!

I lied. I told you a week ago I would take pictures of our new quilting room. I forgot. I forgot to grab the camera as I was leaving. Today, I put the camera in my purse and forgot to GET OUT and take pictures. One of these days I will remember to do all three. We were laughing and cutting up today. Dixie was talking about how a cut up her new husband is. He keeps her laughing and that is so wonderful for her.

Part of the reason I forgot to take pictures--I had finished quilting Jan's quilt and brought it to her at quilting and of course everyone wanted to see it. And then several of us had C.A.S.A. quilts we had finished and had to show them. And then I had brought examples of the backing fabric I have on hand for Jan to see for her next quilt. And then it was time to quilt. And then it was time to eat. And then it was time to quilt again. And then it was time to go home. Blah-blah-blah.

Here's Jan's quilt. Isn't it pretty? I don't know if you can tell or not. I used a snowflake overall pattern. And after I took it off the frame I loaded this little C.A.S.A. quilt. Got it quilted and bound within two days. Fastest I have EVER gotten a quilt done. Woohoo! Of course, I sewed the binding on by machine. I didn't have matching purple thread so I used a variegated purple and used one of the specialty stitches on my Kenmore to sew it down instead of by hand. Much faster! I have another quilt loaded and I'm quilting it. I will also bind this one. Hopefully I can get it done by the weekend.

                                         Jan's quilt.
                                          C.A.S.A. quilt. The colors are washed out in both pictures.

Wildfires are burning again. Possum Kingdom Lake has a huge fire burning. Twenty or more houses have been burned and thousands of acres. Today a big grassfire started up south of Bridgeport. Two houses and possibly a third have burned. I will know more tomorrow. One TV station out of  DFW is reporting that it is 0 per cent contained.  From our viewpoint the smoke line was much smaller before sundown. Another station has reported a more accurate report. Firefighters will remain tonight and watch it closely for the next few days.

Ya'll stay safe and be blessed,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yes, quilting with the Kraz-z Quilters. I will take my camera and take pictures of our new room.

I have updated our Wise County Quilt Guild blog if you want to see pics from Saturday's meeting.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A "GO" Giveaway

MooseStash Quilting is holding a giveaway of an Accuquilt Baby Go die cutter. Hurry on over and sign up and do me a favor--tell her I sent you. I'm going now to sign up. See 'ya.


We had a wonderful meeting at guild last Saturday. I took pictures of the show and tell and will link to the post on our WCQG site just as soon as I download the pictures and do that. Ahem. Tonight I have been invited to a local group to peddle my goods. Be back soon to post more.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Friday

DH came home. We ate. Then I asked him to look at the mower and see if I had something set wrong. Yup, it was operator error. I was told I didn't need to choke it except on a cold start. Okay, got it. I finished mowing. Did some weedeating before it got dark. Good end to the day.

Tomorrow morning is guild meeting. We have a special program. I will take my camera.

Good night,

Dresden Plates

I got to thinking--yes, I know it happens and sometimes it can be dangerous. LOL I got to thinking that YOU might like to know how to make Dresden Plates. Oh please say you do! Even if you don't I'll still luv ya.

Here is an awesome tutorial--  Of course these are the POINTED blades with I believe ARE easier. Anyway you get a nice finish on the edges.

And then I saw these Dresdens with 3D triangles created by Edyta Sitar  and my heart skipped a beat--literally. This is a free pattern if you register with . Oh, how I wish I had found this BEFORE I needle turned my edges. I am so doing this next time!

And I wouldn't have found the link above IF I hadn't listed to Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio program where she interviewed Edyta Sitar. Big plus I now know how to say her name. LOL  Edyta is a very talented quilter with some very good techniques and tips.

And remember these?  I am still thinking of how I want to set them. I absolutely love these.

Enjoy and I hope you might want to try making a Dresden Plate.


Best Laid Plans

You know when you get up and have things you want to get done and then they start going down hill? You've had one of those days, too?! Then you know how I feel. First thing this morning I call to see if DH's prescription is ready for pickup. It was out of refills--I knew that--I also knew they would fax the doctor. They haven't heard from the doctor. I call the doctor's office. They say they didn't get the fax. Also the doctor won't be in until Tuesday. Call pharmacy back and they will loan us enough until then. I love our Brookshire's Pharmacy. They have a drive-thru window. It rocks!

I get that done plus other errands. I filled up the gas can so I can mow the yard. I get changed and fill up the mower. It starts just fine. I start mowing. I kill the engine to pick up a stick I didn't see before. It's hard to start back up. But it does. I had to stop another time. That time it wouldn't start up again. Drats. Double drats. I only like about fifteen minutes more. Hopefully it is only an air filter stopped up or something.

Have a blessed and productive day,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More progress

One more Dresden Plate block done. Total 16 so far.  I think I will give myself a day off. The Dresdens are getting a little boring.  Don't worry I'll be back to them.  And don't worry I won't be starting a new project -- I have plenty on-going ones to work on! LOL

It's still hot here 106 or 107.  I thought you needed to know that. You can suffer with me if not in person then in spirit.

Local news: A body wrapped in a tarp hidden in a barn was found about a mile and half from where we live. Last night DH and another guy went to visit a friend in the hospital in Ft. Worth last night. His friend picked him up and when they left our house they took the county road toward Hwy. 114. They saw police cars in front of a residence. They returned the same route and there was a sheriff's deputy positioned at the same house with the yellow tape you see. After he got home and right before he went to bed he asked me if I had heard about a body being found. The man they visited has a relative who had called him and told him since he lives in the same general area. Today a man has been charged with murder. They have identified the body as a female but don't have an identity yet.   This sort of stuff happens on TV shows that we watch. Another tragedy: a young boy on accident fatally shot himself this week in our small town . I can't imagine what the family must be going through. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Again, all ready. Where does the time go? In the last post I wrote about the Dresden Plates. I hand pieced number 16 last night and hopefully tonight will get it appliqued while watching TV.  My stitches have improved as well as my turning a good curve. I've always shied away from needle turn applique before. It just always seemed so feedily (is that a word?). But you know -- I am finding I can do feedily. Surprise, surprise.

Have I told you about the Dresden Plates? If so bear with me--I AM menopausal! And lately the hot flashes are back--no fun--especially in 100+ weather. LOL We did a reprieve Saturday. It stayed in the 80s most of the day. So nice. But I digress. Back to the Plates. I started out planning this quilt for my daughter for her high school graduation. At that time two sweet ladies in my Kraz-z Quilters Agnes and Jessie started helping cut plates because I soon found out I didn't have enough variety in my very small stash at that time.

Agnes had moved to our area from Austin after her husband died from Alzheimer's disease. She was a go getter. She could quilt circles around me and did on a regular basis. She made many a baby quilt for young mothers in our area. I remember going to her apartment. I picked her up or took her home from quilting sometimes. She used one of those rolling walkers and up until the last years of her life always insisted on loading it herself.  But you know what? She never drove a car. She said she always lived within walking distance of where she worked. She was an accountant in a department store for years in Austin. Her and her husband had one son who gifted her with three grandchildren and one is now our sheriff.

Jessie had raised four boys on a farm and buried two husbands, both died from cancer. She was married to each one 27 years. I loved to listen to her stories of her boys and raising them. She always said she never had time to make raised (yeast) bread. It was biscuits or cornbread at her house. Cook oh, that woman could cook! She told of bathing her boys in a washtub in the summer out in the yard.  This kind of stuff is what I love about quilting around a frame!

Both ladies have gone on to their reward. I can still hear them talk. Jessie always thought we made too much of a fuss putting a quilt in the frames. Principle--too many cooks spoil. She's pretty much right. Sometimes it sounds like a bunch of hens. Let two or three put it in and it goes much smoother. LOL Jessie ALWAYS put her quilts on the frame by herself at her house. I remember going to her house once with the Kraz-z Quilters. She had some nice quilts. Funny thing about her--she never used quilting thread. Just regular cotton thread.

Agnes and Jessie cut out most of the slices of the Dresden Plates. I didn't ask them to they just did. And they weren't too happy with me not getting it together snap, snap.LOL I hope they are smiling now. And that I am enjoying doing it is even better.  I wasn't so much into piecing then. I had just learned to hand quilt and felt pretty intimidated by piecing.

The Dresden Plate quilt is no longer a UFO (unfinished object) but a WIP (work in progress) for those who might not know. My daughter has been patient --somewhat. She knows her mother. She has since graduated from high school, college and is now working on her masters. It will look nice in her older style home.

Thanks for visiting and blessings to you,

Monday, August 15, 2011

I need your help

I am in need of advice. I have fifteen Dresden Plates so far. I am thinking of yellow centers. Originally (in the 90s)-- yes, it is an old UFO-- I was going to use Marti Michell's pattern.  It is 80 x something. My daughter doesn't have a full size or queen size bed anymore. She has a king. So either I have to revamp this pattern or I go for something else. Right now I am voting for something else. I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for ideas on the web. I saw sashing - plain, pieced, no sashing. Here's a link to the pieced sashing. I saw piano key type borders out of the same fabrics as the slices --I like that.  I saw little mini dresdens set as cornerstones. I like that too. At this point I figure I will probably have to make more Dresden Plates. I do like the on point setting of Marti Michell's pattern. But I'm not in love with the basket in the center. I had already planned on just using a plain Dresden block there. I really like the softness of these fabrics. I played around in EQ5 last night --thank you Patsy-- and came up with a layout on point with sashing between the blocks and half Dresden blocks in the side setting triangles. If I go that route I've to get busy and make another 17 blocks and that includes the halves.  I have plenty of the background fabric. My original plan was to use it for the backing of the quilt. I don't have enough to do that anymore. 

Whatever I decide to do means more piecing at this point. I have a turn coming up -- there are two people in front of me-- at Kraz-z Quilters and I would really like to get this ready for my turn. So I've got to get it ready because I really would like to have it hand quilted.

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


It is raining! Hallelujah! Oh, Lord, please let it rain all over the state of Texas and everywhere it is dry.

How's your day?

I was up early. The little doggie, Sissy, woke me up at 2:30am to go outside. Back to sleep after she gets her business done and awake at 5:15. Unload the dishwasher, wash pans that soaked over night. Put a load of clothes to washing; got DH off to work; then started mixing up banana bread. The bread is out of the oven -- I am always on a quest for a good loaf of banana bread. If you have a recipe you like I would love to give it a try. I know, I know banana bread is pretty basic. But there are differing amounts of baking soda, fats, and liquids. This recipe this morning called for buttermilk. I will let you know how I like it. I had a slice years ago of a lady's banana bread and if there was ever a perfect loaf of banana bread it was hers. That was more than 30 years ago. I told her how wonderful it was and she acted like it was no big deal. I asked her how she made hers. She said, "I use ______ in my bread."  My two older children were very small and I must have been distracted and of course another factor I was still learning to cook. It couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that she was an accomplished cook with four children and a husband and I was still learning cooking terms and other things. It couldn't have had anything to do with I felt inept in her presence and  too timid to ask her to repeat herself.  I cannot remember if she said she used butter. Or she could have said lard.  I don't know but I have been in search for that perfect loaf of banana bread ever since. I have never tried lard. I've heard it makes wonderful pie crust. It's that whole lard thing. Lardo--has always been a slur word for people overweight.

Speaking of weight--ahem. I haven't had much exercise this summer. No garden. No yard work due to the drought. Staying inside due to the heat. All have added up. As in weight gain. I'm going to blame The Pioneer Woman! It's all her fault. She posted about iced coffee. I love iced coffee. I like it best with chocolate syrup and milk. And one isn't enough! But I found out yesterday I'm not alone in the weight gain department. Several at quilting spoke yesterday of gaining weight. It's been too dang hot to do anything! But sweat! And evidently sweat doesn't weigh that much. Except when it's IN your body. That is a big injustice! It's my story and I'm sticking to it.  ANYWAY we all know weight is easy to put on -- harder to come off. So again I am in need of reducing my intake and increasing my activity.

Time to change the subject! LOL We have lower temperatures! Yesterday it was only 106. Today it should be less and by Friday or Saturday it will be iffy to hit 100. Yahoo! We even have a chance of rain. Yahoo!
Thank you, God.

I hope to connect with a lady today who has a couple of boxes of fabric to donate to our Kraz-z Quilters. We have had lots of donations. People have been very generous. We have been blown away.

Time to hang out that wash.

Blessings to everyone,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


And I don't have to remind you what that means! LOL Kraz-z Quilters! I missed last week with the grandkids here. We normally pop in for a few minutes so I can show off my growing grandkids but it was going to be like 108 to 110 and decided we would just stay home and sew IN THE A/C. I found out they were few in number and went home around 1pm anyway.

We are close to breaking a record heat wave. There is a record set in 1980 of 42 days of 100+. Saturday will be the day to be the breaker. We have been around 108 to 107 for the last several days. Tomorrow is to be just as hot and then (I think) we begin to come down a degree or two every day. Saturday and Sunday may or may not get to 100. Here's my thinking: Two thoughts here--If we've endured this awful heat wave what are two more days to set a record--I mean shouldn't we get SOMETHING out of it? That's the first thought. The other--let's be done with this NOW! The sooner the better. LOL 

Gainesville which is about 60 miles north of us got rain last night. Yay Gainesville! We could see the clouds. They looked so nice. So inviting. This morning DFW weather news reported 56% humidity.  I had washed DH's bib overalls after he got home yesterday. I forgot to hang them out until about night fall. I thought -- What the heck--I can always throw them in the dryer. I got up around 5:15 and they were perfectly dry. In normal summer weather conditions they would not have dried. I have been hanging clothes on the clothes line all summer to save on the electric bill.

I got a phone call yesterday from DGD Aimee. She had gotten her package. The last of the doll clothes I had sewn. She liked them. Just what I wanted to hear! Now to start thinking of what to do for DGS Mac for his birthday next month.  Any ideas? His great grandmother made him a DS case. I had thought of a messenger bag for him to carry his stuff in. But not sure about that. His dad might think it looks too much like a purse.

Blessings to you,

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Childhood Illustrator

In my sidebar I have changed the Blog of Note to Featured Site and please go visit Sarah Jane's Studios. She is an awesome illustrator of children. She has prints, posters, stationary, embroidery patterns in her shop. Also she has a fabric line out called Children At Play. I just love the innocence! So please go visit and come back and let me know what you think.

I so want to get some of her embroidery patterns and embroider. It must be sewing all those doll clothes. Tee Hee.


Monday, August 08, 2011

Glorious Monday to you

I don't have much to add to that. LOL I could complain about how HOT it still is. But it wouldn't do any good to complain. I could complain that the leaves are falling like it was autumn due to the drought. But it wouldn't do any good.  So no complaining!

I finished up all the doll clothes for DGD Aimee and put them in the mail this morning. I forgot to take a picture. I am such a bad blogger! I was in a hurry and I simply forgot. I will describe them -- I made a t-shirt from a red print with dog bones and kitties and doggies; a royal blue knit skirt, a royal blue pair of leggings, a long-sleeved blue background with multi-colored hearts print tunic; a coordinating print striped pants; a black floral print jumper; and two hobo bags-one blue jean and the other taupe linen) and a purse out of the same striped print as the pants. My fat sack and tote bag sewing experience came in real handy. I lined the purse and squared the bottom corners. It turned out so cute! I will see if DD Amanda will send me a picture.

Aimee's dad made her bunk beds for her dollies for her birthday. And she got a new American Girl doll - Kit. She was thrilled. Good thing I made more clothes--wouldn't want those dollies to run out of clothes. LOL

Back to work. I've got a new shipment in to price and machine quilting to do.

Ya'll have a blessed week.


Thursday, August 04, 2011


The older two grandkids came for a visit. DGD Aimee wants American Girl doll clothes so that's what she and I are sewing on. We'll finish piecing her quilt that she's worked on the last several visits. DGS Mac has folded some origami shapes, watched TV, and played computer games. We're off today to Wal-Mart to find velcro for the doll clothes that doesn't have the adhesive. My sewing machines do not like it. Do you how long it's been since I've sewn doll clothes?!

 We dug out the Legos that their uncles had played with when they were young. I love to listen to kids play and use their imaginations.
Aimee is sewing her blocks together and into rows and the rows together. She's worked on this several times when she come for visits. This time it was sewn totally together.

 She is sewing this for a C.A.S.A. quilt. Doen't she look proud?  She thinks it needs a border. What do you think and if so what color?

These are the doll clothes we sewed. The purple tank top was a free pattern found here.  The dress was another free pattern found here. There are lots more free patterns just check them out.  When we went to Wal-Mart I found the two patterns showm. Aimee wanted PJs for her dolls so we used the Simplicity pattern to make the pants and tops. I love sew in velcro to make doll clothes. It rocks! Not pictured is a skirt that I managed to get done minutes before we left to take them home this afternoon. I had a scrap left from the skirt I made Aimee last year. And I mean a scrap! It was barely enough to make a gathered skirt with an overskirt and waistband.  I got out the Kenmore. Poor baby hasn't been used much since I fell in love with the little Elna. I drew lines on the skirts and Aimee sewed one of the decorative stitches spaced horizonally down the skirt. The stitch was a scallop and we used the last one as the edge of the skirt and I took sharp scissors and cut the fabric away from the scallop stitching. Looked really cool.  She is such a slave driver! We didn't get the jumper or the purse we were going to sew done and she asked me if I was still going to sew them. And then she decided that I could sew them and mail them to her. She is so into completing projects and can't stand to see something incomplete. Oh I forgot! We also make pillowcases. One for both of them. I forgot to take pictures. : (

And since it was so hot we watched movies and of course we had to eat ice cream!

We have had 109 to 110 temperatures this week. These very hot and dry days are going to be memorable. DH pulled our well. We have public water for the house and animals but used to use the well to irrigate. The well hasn't worked for several years. We figured it was the pump. It could be the pump but for sure the water level has dropped and it won't do any good to put a new one in right now. We'll keep praying for rain.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Okay the clouds are gone

And the temp went on up to 100. According to the news we started the day at 86 degrees that set a record low.
The clouds were nice while they lasted. And the little shower of rain was so nice to see.

Ya'll hang in there this long hot summer.

A Cloudy Sky

That's what we woke to this morning. And mid morning we had a little shower of rain. Woohoo! Praise the Lord. The temps have stayed in the mid 80s so far. Another Woohoo!

Yesterday was crazy. You ever have one of those days when you have something you want to get done and it just doesn't happen. Yeah. I was paying bills and such. The telephone company has changed their billing. It fouled up the way I normally pay my bill by telephone. I FINALLY got a human voice to talk to me and we got it all settled. All that automated stuff that doesn't apply-- don't get me started. But to the telephone company's credit -- the person on the other end was very polite and helpful. And our neighbors down the road have telephone service--the repairmen were there yesterday installing new boxes on the side of the road. Thumbs up.

Like I was saying yesterday didn't go as planned. The phone would ring. It was all personal. Family and friends and they wanted to talk. I'm okay with that. But it sure can change your plans. LOL I'm back on track today; we'll see how long it last. LOL I've got the vacuuming done. That always makes me feel better. Soft cleaner carpet under my bare feet.

I have four or five Dresden Plates left to do. And then I will explore how big I will make this quilt. I'm working on it in the evenings while watching TV.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Scary Moments

On Friday afternoon we had a grass fire across the road from our house. I discovered it around 2:30 when I went out to spray the hogs. As I walked out the back door I smelled smoke and as I rounded the corner of the house I saw smoke coming across the road. And the wind was blowing at a pretty good speed. I ran back in to call the sheriff's office. Then I ran to change out of flip flops into socks and rubber boots. Then I thought to call DH to come home and help. By the time I got back outside you could see the flames. When DH got here (probably only 5 to 10 minutes) the flames were to the road and as high as the power lines. The firefighters arrived very quickly. The wind was out of the southeast so the neighbors to the west of us were in the most danger. DH and I both got water hoses going -- he down at the barn and me at the house because the flames were also traveling up the hill.  We were basically wetting down our side and DH was spraying in the air to keep any embers from catching our side on fire. We were praying and spraying! I was concerned for our neighbors.

We have two pine trees on either side of our front gate and as you know pine trees catch fire very quickly.  So that's where I was directing the water. The firefighters got a handle on it really quickly. Our neighbors homes were spared one lost a tree next to the road and part of their lawn burned the other neighbor has really high hedges in front of their house that burned. 

On Saturday afternoon the fire rekindled where it had begun--in the middle of the field across the road. The fire is unexplained. I saw  Mr. & Mrs. Davis (the ones who lost the hedges) walking up the hill looking at the damage. I met them on the road and visited. She had seen a small pickup truck drive out shortly before the fire started. There isn't anything in that field--no house --no crops  --no reason for a pickup to be out there. We suspect meth activity. Either producing or dumping the products used to make it. I also found out that the Lara family was gone at the time of the fire. I had been gone running errands and probably been home about an hour when the fire started. Both neighbors lost telephone service-- the boxes on the side of the road burned. Our box is located up the hill and around the corner -- so we still have service.

It is so very dry here. The grasses are all brown except where it has been irrigated. It looks like winter. I can never remember it being this dry in the almost 23 years we have  lived in this area. I am very grateful for the fast response of the firefighters both Friday and Saturday. Our neighbors homes could have burned and even ours if the fire had not been contained as quickly as it was. Thanks be to God for our protection.

Needless to say my plans for Friday afternoon were changed! I had planned to do some house cleaning. Nope, didn't happen. I was zapped after the excitement. Instead I began to applique the Dresden Plates on the background squares. It's been too hot to do much of anything so I sat and sewed all weekend except when we went to Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Tractor Supply.  I am making great progress on the Dresden Plates. I only have four or five left to do out of fourteen. That is IF I don't decide to make more to enlarge the quilt. Hmmm. Gotta think about it.

So today I will do some cleaning and some quilting on the machine.

Have a blessed day and may God's protection be on you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Wednesday!

And you know what that means--Kraz-z Quilters. We are going to meet today in our new place and sew on C.A.S.A. quilts. I have to load up my sewing machine and stuff. So this will be a quick post. I would have gotten my things together last night but I called my sister and she's going through some stuff and just needed to talk and be encouraged. Would you say a prayer for her? Thank you.

What follows is a post I started earlier in the month and totally forgot about.

I washed the quilt I keep on our bed. I wash it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and dry it spread on a plastic drop cloth on the floor with fans blowing on it. It is hand quilted and that's why I do it that way : ) -- just my way. It surprisingly drys pretty fast. I usually do it at night so we have the walking space during the day but this time I did it early in the morning and it should be dry before Larry comes home. I don't think I've washed it since we've had Sissy. I trust her somewhat. But I thought it might be better to be awake when it was on the
floor. ; )  I love a newly washed quilt. It feels so soft and smells so good! 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uncle, Uncle

I give up! Please no more 100+ degrees. Our grass is cooked. It is absolutely horrible to be outside after 1pm in the afternoon and until 8:30pm before it even begins to be tolerable. Please, Dear Lord, give us relief from this heat and please send us rain. From the US weather map sounds like a lot of people feel the same way. The drought has been made much worse by the heat.

Good news! We have a meeting place for the Kraz-z Quilters. Two of our ladies attend a church in town who offered the use of a room (that they weren't using) that is just perfect for us. We will experience added bonuses of a kitchen and fellowship hall nearby. The fellowship hall will come in handy when we want to tie C.A.S.A. quilts, bring our sewing machines and have a sew in, eat our noon meal. We are all doing HAPPY DANCES. We will be back to quilting in a few short weeks. Woohoo!

We have a new litter of pigs born yesterday. Lovey gave birth to thirteen piglets. Twelve are alive and doing well. That's a lot of babies especially for a first time mom! We have two fans and a drip on her constantly to keep her cool enough. I will get pictures in a few days. Update: When I checked on her around 2pm two laid dead. Then at 8:30pm  she had stepped on five more. Such is the life of a pig farmer. Hopefully she will raise the remaining piglets without further destruction. Sometimes you get some that are good mothers and sometimes you don't. 

DH had an appointment on Friday morning with a representative of  DARS to see if he qualifies for assistance. The rep felt like there wouldn't be any problem. DARS from my understanding is a rehabilitative program to assist children and adults who have disabilities and developmental delays to live and enjoy a more productive life. And in their program they help workers to either return to work or be able to stay in the work force. Folks, we believe our prayers have been answered. He will get his hip replacement he's been needing so badly. He is such a trooper. He has been working -- with a bad hip and in this horrible heat. Please continue to pray for my DH. Thank you.

I attended TAQG Rally Day July 9. It was my first time to attend. Terry Clothier Thompson was the speaker. She spoke on civil war quilts and had many beautiful quilts in her trunk shows both morning and afternoon sessions. There were many door prizes. I came home with one! A pattern for a quilt. The entertainment was "roll on the floor" hilarious. The Fat Quarters (there are four of them!) were totally enjoyable. Four women all admittedly menopausal quilters so you can imagine the jokes and lyrics to their songs.  One of the highlights was seeing all the donation/raffle quilts the different guilds had on display and the opportunity to buy a ticket!  Our guild's quilt this year is a snowman quilt named "Snowmen on Parade". We all made a block or two. We were given a fabric (blue glittery tone on tone) fabric and told to make a snowman block. We could use a snowman printed fabric or make an applique of a snowman. It is a unique and truly one of a kind quilt. I will post a picture sometime soon in the future. We will draw a winner in December.

These photos were taken from the afternoon session when she talked about appliques quilts. Don't you love the strawberry quilt in the center?

Sunday we celebrated DGS Mason's fourth birthday. He wanted a "bounce house" party. I had never experienced a bounce house before. Let's just say there was a lot of bouncing and sliding going on (without this grandma LOL). Lots of three and four year olds in attendance along with their parents. I think some of the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids! There were two sets of twins in attendance. One set had identical girls and the other a boy and girl who looked just like their father and mother respectively.  Both Mason and Paisley had been sick during the week with strep throat. Has this been a weird year not only for weird weather but weird sickness as well?

Mason is going up the slide.

 I tried to catch him in mid slide. Didn't happen! He's too fast.  One of the twin girls is climbing up. I think that is my DS#2 Marcus about to send someone? down the slide maybe Paisley.

I took this one over someone's shoulder (other grandma--okay quit hogging--LOL) of DS#2 Marcus and his baby girl, Paisley, as they landed. Can you see those smiles on their faces? I think they were having fun.

 Update:  More good news--not only did the Kraz-z Quilters have the offer from the church of a room for a meeting place. But the insurance company who covered the burned building told us to gather a list of things we lost in the fire and get it to them. So after our club president arrived back in town after vacation she and I got busy gathering information. We have offers of at least three quilting frames we can choose from.  The local paper did an article on the fire and that the Kraz-z Quilters had met there and our loss and what people could donate. So I received a phone call from a lady who has fabric to donate.We are feeling really blessed!