Friday, August 28, 2009

Just in case you didn't know

I'm back from Wal-Mart and thought I might share a tip with you. Wal-Mart will price match competitor's ads. I got my local grocery stores ads and circled the specials I wanted to buy; made me a list with the price I wanted Wal-Mart to match; and went shopping. I found this site that gives good information and here is Wal-Mart's policy. You need to be organized and polite to the cashier. I put my items on the belt last with the divider between my other things and before he/she gets to them I tell them I would like to "comp" them please. I take the ads with me to show if the cashier needs to see it. It is better to make a list and write the prices beside your list than to be hunting through an ad. At our Wal-Mart they are always really good. A lot of people know about this evidently because they had a sale on Folger's coffee and that size and variety was GONE from the shelf. That does happen sometimes. It helps to shop the same day or very soon after the ad comes out if the sell item is a really good price. Also be sure and check the shelf price at Wal-Mart BEFORE you comp because sometimes their everyday price might be lower!

Hope this helps.


More Free Stuff

Don't you like free? As I took a few minutes this morning surfing I found this and thought you readers might enjoy some of the projects.

Well, the new refrigerator we had to buy yesterday was not free but thank God He is our provider and we had the money. Our compressor went out on our eight year old Kenmore. I told them at quilting maybe I shouldn't have fussed about it the week before and said I didn't like it. But I really didn't! You had to lean over to get anything out of it and I was always banging my head (don't laugh). The other one's door kept hitting my cabinet when you opened the door and I couldn't get my vegetable bin open all the way. We got a side by side this time with ice and water in the door and for a good price. And I don't have to lean over (no banging my head) and it fits in our opening better. Woohoo! And I like it. Thank you, God, for your good gifts. And now I am off to buy stuff to replenish what we had to throw out.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something Quilty

A post with quilty stuff and quilts--it's about time! I have received two gifts from two special people. The first came right before I left to go on retreat and I totally forgot to post a picture.

Connie W from Cootie Bug 2 held a PIF several months ago and I entered and here is her gift. Isn't it adorable?

AND Patricia who has been reading my blog since it's beginning sent me these wonderful strings and crumbs. The colors are so pretty. I have one of those fabrics, Patricia. The blue with the dark. And check out the one that says Welcome to Grandma's that I positioned in the middle.

And I promised quilts! Here is the Time Travel quilt. All it needs is quilting. Yay!

And here is the latest. I found this fabric and used it to demo 4 Patch Stacked Posies earlier in the summer. I saw Geta's quilt and used her tutorial. I need a name folks. I'm thinking Floating Flowers at Midnight or something. I need help.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Featured Blog

Check out what I found under Featured Blog!


Busy Again

Hi, everyone. How's your world? Busy I'm sure. What's God been doing in your life? Plenty I'm sure. He is so good. DFIL is doing well. He has the green light to start his cardio rehab.

Let's see. What have I been up to? Thursday last week the insurance adjuster came to evaluate water damage between the wall of our two bathrooms from a leak we found. The toilet in our master bath is leaking from the fitting to the tank. We could not figure out where the water was coming from until I was cleaning and saw it dripping. How weird is that? DH had already taken out a small portion of drywall to see if it was a pipe in the wall. Friday morning I picked a bushel of blackeyed peas and took them to a neighbor who had been wanting some to buy and then did some cleaning. Saturday morning was Wise County Quilt Guild. DS#1 came and spent the weekend with us. We really enjoyed it. Love you, Brian. Then we had the three grandkids come for a couple of days. They went home yesterday. Whew. LOL Lots of fun, lots of energy, and thank God they need lots of sleep! LOL

Tuesday afternoon it was so hot and youngest DGS wants to go 'side (outside) all the time so we put up the wading pool and turned them loose with the garden hose. It took some convincing for the two older grandkids that it was okay to play in the water in regular clothes (they hadn't packed swimsuits). LOL They had so much fun. Spraying and splashing and of course Max got in on the action. He doesn't like water but he does love to bite and catch the splashes of water. He would get water down the wrong pipe (so to speak) and choke and take a time out and then he was back at it again. Hilarious! He was soaked and didn't seem to mind. DGD and I went to Kraz-z Quilters on Wednesday for a little while. She made yo-yo's and I quilted. She helped me make chicken salad sandwiches from the chicken that cooked overnight in the slowcooker and we were hostesses. She loves it. DH and the boys stayed home and did their thing.

And in the mix--DH looked up Tuesday morning and the calves were in the garden! A little damage to the tomatoes and okra but I'm not sure if the blackeyed peas will recover. It's getting late in the season for them anyway and we have enjoyed them immensely. And I had the top and backing for a little C.A.S.A. quilt ready so I sandwiched it while the DGKs were sleeping Monday night and then got up early Tuesday morning BEFORE they woke up and turned it and topstitched it. Then Tuesday we (read on) tied it (they tied a few and decided it was too much work) and turned it in Wednesday to the Kraz-z Quilters. AND we have a new kitten. Since we have a Butterball and this one is a darker yellow I named him Butterscotch. We were told that Butterscotch was two months. Nope don't think so. Probably more like five weeks old. I was concerned that Butterball would be too rough with him--he's probably three months old. They were so funny at first. They both hissed at each other something awful. Then the next thing you know they are playing and getting along just fine. AND we have thirteen (make that 15--I went down a minute ago to turn on the mister) new baby pigs this morning. AND Ruby has come in heat and we decided that she was too young to breed and will wait until next time; so she has been locked up. Poor baby.

AND I have lost 3 1/2 pounds! Yay. I have a goal to lose 16 pounds.

Today it's laundry, figuring the checkbook, paying bills, straightening the sewing/quilting room, etc. etc. Answering the phone! Don't you just love it. DH has been to Wal-Mart to buy new batteries for his pickup and on to do some tractor work.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you're still reading-thanks and God bless. I am adjusting to DH being home--if you ladies know what I mean?! LOL We are doing better. LOL

I am picking okra every day. More than we can eat in one day so I am sharing. : ) We are getting a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and yellow squash. AND I'm picking blackeyed peas about once a week. I cooked a big pot with bacon ends yesterday along with a pan of cornbread. Yummy! Patsy, I hope you've gotten rain today. We missed out on this round.

Today, I attended the memorial service for our darling and beloved Agnes. She passed Saturday at 96 years of age. I am so thankful to have known her. The church was nearly packed. Everyone loved her. I don't know how many baby quilts Agnes made in her lifetime! If only she could have lived long enough to see the next great grand baby that is due very soon. Brian, David Walker is going to be a father.

Today as we sat around the quilting frame after the memorial service we talked about others who were in our club who have passed on. We had a good time remembering. Tell me about your memories of some special quilter in your life.


Sunday, August 02, 2009


Our Kraz-z Quilters had another retreat! We went to Victorian House Retreat in Weatherford Monday through Wednesday. We had a lot of fun. I took the Time Travel quilt for DS#1 to put the last border on to bring it to queen size. One fellow quilter asked me, "Marilyn, do you ever put plain borders on?" Yes, I do but I felt this needed more flying geese. Why not? I haven't been following any pattern so that means I have to do the figuring. Math! I know. So I started cutting fabric then decided I better figure out how many I needed so I wouldn't come up short or make way too many. On Monday I was so tired from the weekend before so I was kinda brain dead if you know what I mean. 8 ) But after a good night's sleep I was good to go. It was my turn to cook lunch on Monday. Pasta salad and I took okra from our garden and fried.
Of course, there is always lots of good food at these retreats.
Gina and Kathleen--my sewing table is in front of Kathleen.
Gina of Busy Bees Quilters from Post Oak joined us this year. She bakes professionally. Oh, yeah! Red velvet cupcakes, coconut cake, and a heavenly blueberry chilled dessert! Forget any diet. Gina was a lot of fun and I believe she had a lot of fun.
Sharon was also a new comer. She joined our Kraz-z Quilters in January and we will be forever grateful! She hand quilts beautifully but most of all she is a beautiful person. AND she is a good cook! She has two sons still at home. Yeah, you know what that means! Cooking and lots of it.
Jan and Dixie busy at work.
It is so fun to see what everyone brings to sew on and watch their projects take shape. And the colors! Dixie, Jan, Kathleen, Sharon, Gina, and I had a blast. If you've never been on a retreat--you owe it to yourself to try one. If you do your homework they can be very affordable. We scheduled another retreat with the Victorian House and received 20% discount on our next retreat. A whole house with all linens, cutting tables, sewing tables, extension cords, design walls, irons and big ironing boards, pots and pans, coffee, etc. with two quilt shops nearby and more shopping available. A bargain!

Back to the quilt, I figured I was going to need 162 flying geese. (There's already 408 small ones--do the math--that brings the total to 570 flying geese.)Better get to sewing. I sewed and I sewed. It didn't look like I was getting much done. UNTIL late Tuesday night. Then Ta-DA. It started coming together. I sewed the two long side borders on and got most of the work done for the other two before time to go. If I have time in the next few days I will continue to work and get it completed. Stay tuned as they say.

God Bless,