Monday, December 09, 2013


Two to three inches to be exact.  And 20 degree temps.  I took this picture on Sunday afternoon when things had begun to melt.  Then things refroze.  I was in the house for three days.  Hog Man thinks that is horrible.  I think it is divine.  Lap top and a quilt on my lap -- cooking when I have to.  What's wrong with that?   : )    Did you hear?  The highways in the DFW area pretty much iced in with 18 wheelers and vehicles of all kinds stranded.  That would stink so bad.  Hog Man attempted to leave.  He got backed out of the driveway.  Then when he tried to go forward.  It didn't happen.  We become so aware of slight inclines when there is ice on the road.  Well, he totally forgot we have a slight incline to go forward after leaving the drive.  Yeah.  He put it in reverse to see if he could go back a little ways and get a run on it.  Yeah.  No traction.  He let it slide backwards into the bar ditch to get it off the road.  That was Saturday.  A neighbor came by on Sunday afternoon with a 4 wheel drive one ton and pulled him out.  Hog Man's truck is a one ton.  Heavy.  So not everyone can pull him out.  His is not 4 wheel drive.  : (

Speaking of 4 wheel drive.  Hog Man is in need of a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Not because of this last weather but because he has a job!  A job!  It's been since May that he has had regular employment.  God has provided.  He is a pumper.  What is a pumper?  He has eighteen gas wells to meter, check, etc. every day.  Some of the properties where these wells are located get pretty muddy and hard to travel in bad weather.  He got out today and we'll see how today goes.  He called his boss Saturday when he couldn't get out.  The boss said he would go check the wells.  He has 4 wheel drive and even found it really treacherous. 

I haven't told you about Stitches, our kitty.  She is doing wonderful.  She is such a joy and a belly laugh most days.  She and Sissy, our little yorkie,  get along great.  They play.  They chase each other and play fight.  We caution Sissy.  Get your bluff in early because the kitty may get bigger than you.  LOL  Our family came to help us celebrate our birthdays back in October.  She hid the entire time.  The next time when we had company she ventured out a little.  The grands really want her to like them.  She will -- but you know cats.  They have to do it in their time. 

I made chili and potato soup during our cold weather.  Yum.  I guess you could call the potato soup I made more of a chowder.  It had cream style corn and whole kernel corn and cream cheese.  Just a little cream cheese.  It added such creaminess.  I also added some heat.  Cayenne pepper.  For Hog Man.  He likes his heat.  Will I make it again?  You betcha! 

Still not much sewing going on.  It will happen.  Or it won't.  : )    

Blessings to you,