Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Back!

And of course you didn't know I was gone! My step-dad had a stroke and I drove down to Ballinger to help my mother. He is doing good. He has been transferred to a nursing home and is going to have therapy for several weeks. For a couple of months we had suspected he might be having little strokes. The last big one he had it affected his speech and his writing hand (why is it always the one they need?). This time it affected the same way.

I am always so torn. I know they need my help. I stay for a few days and then I need to get home. It is hard. All of us (sibling and spouses) are going to need to talk and see what we can come up with and present to them. My mother is a very stubborn lady. Their house needs lots of repairs and is not prepared for anyone with special needs. My step-dad's daughter wants them to sell their house and move a town over closer to her. That would work IF she would help them. Mother said they hardly ever hear from her. So I don't think Mother is going to go for that. I live over 200 miles away. But I am the nearest. My sister lives out of state. My mother is nearly deaf. My step-dad can't hardly talk. It is a circus.  I really love it where we live now. I am praying for God's will.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


We've had a little rain. Praise the Lord. It started last night and things are still wet this morning. It is still drizzling at 8am. The Possum Kingdom Lake area where they are fighting the fires hasn't received much rain as yet. From my understanding. But the conditions are much better with the higher humidity and cooler temperatures. We only got to 60 degrees yesterday and today is to be cool. If the sun comes out it will warm up. The fire is 25% contained.

The Wildcat Fire near San Angelo is 75% contained. Hallelujah! No loss of homes! Minimal loss of livestock! And they are having some rain! The new grass that comes will be awesome.

Here is a link to a map to see the burned areas from that fire.!/photo.php?fbid=215078948502393&set=a.215077595169195.62858.214795751864046&type=1&theater

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray. It is my understanding that the US Forest Service has taken command of the Possum Kingdom Fire. Thank you to all the volunteer fire fighters across the state for their hard work. And most of all thanks be to God for answered prayers, His mercies, and His goodness to all. It will truly be a good Resurrection Day! 

And now my prayer is that God will help them put out the remaining fires and comfort those who have lost so much.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fire Still Burning

The towns of Palo Pinto and Graford were spared. The fire reached almost to Graford. Scary for sure. The winds diminished last night for a time. This morning they are blowing pretty good again. The DFW area got rain and hail (some very large in areas) but the areas where the fires are burning haven't received any rain.
The temperatures are forecast to stay in the 60s to 70s today. Big plus. It is overcast here. The fire is still burning around Possum Kingdom Lake and west to southwest of that area. Possum Kingdom Lake is south of Graham where our daughter lives.

Please pray for rain.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tentative Report

The winds have shifted. The fires seem to be diminishing. Praise the Lord. The DFW area got rain and hail. We've missed the fire and the rain.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Please pray!

The fires are six miles from Graham where our daughter and family live! The temps today are forecast to be in the 90's and further west as high as 100 degrees. And the wind is still blowing.

I read on the Texas Forest Service site that since April 6 one million acres have burned in Texas.  Wow!

Again as I posted previously--we are not in any immediate danger.

Thank you,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grassfires in Texas!

Everyone who reads this blog please pray for the state of Texas. There have been homes lost and many acres burned all over the state. Here is a link to the Texas Forest Service.  A firefighter has lost his life. Small cities and communities have faced mandatory evacuations. We do not have any immediate danger where we live. Everything is so dry. We did receive a little over an inch of rain just a week or so ago but you cannot tell it now. The winds have been relentless. Friday the winds blew even more and higher. What we thought was dust in the air we found out was a combination of dust and smoke. Today we can see smoke from the Possum Kingdom Lake fire. The fire they are calling Wildcat came very close to the area where we formerly lived.

Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you busy too?

Seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Now there is yard work calling for attention.  I want to apologize for not posting. Everything is good with us we just have lots of things to do. Like everyone else.

I have been machine quilting. I have pieced some C.A.S.A. quilts. I am working on a sample to take when I sell my notions and supplies. I worked up an order this morning and I am really excited about some patterns from Jaybird Quilts. I like them a lot. I've been to Post Oak in recent weeks. Hello Post Oak Quilters. You ladies are special.

And a very special lady has very generously given me her copy of Electric Quilt 5! I was touched and very thankful. She and I found each other through blogging several years ago. We have contacted Electric Quilt and have the paperwork sent in to take care of the licensing. As soon as I have a little more time I will play! Thank you for your gift, Patsy.

The bluebonnets are blooming! We traveled to visit our parents this weekend. It is very dry in their area and not many there. Between Springtown and Weatherford there are some really pretty ones on Hwy 51. Some were in mass between Albany and Abilene. The ones in the drier areas are smaller and lighter blue. We got home yesterday evening just in time before some storms blew in. No hail, or high winds! Just some much needed rain. An inch and four tenths. Today the wind is blowing again. Instead of from the south it is coming from the north. When we were in San Angelo this weekend they reached 100 degrees. In April!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day,