Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More progress

I have been hand quilting more on the Dresden.  I have two sides and two corners completely done.  : )  It's getting done -- just not as fast as I'd like.  Who am I kidding?  This IS hand quilting and it's not meant to be fast.  : ) 

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed remembering all the quilting projects I have going.  But I stop and tell myself--they will get done and it's okay.  Enjoying the process is it.  Sometimes I enjoy some processes more than others.  But I always learn something. 

Last Wednesday at Kraz-z Quilting Club I got out one of the sewing machines that had been donated to our club by some very nice folks after the building burned that we were meeting in.  That morning early I had cut 10" squares from an old sheet.  I had some strips of fabric that I put in a basket thinking of making a string quilt.  The week before we had been talking about string quilts and one of our new members didn't know what a string quilt was.  I showed how to sew the strips on the 10" squares.   I came home and cut enough 10" squares to make another small quilt and will take this week.  I brought the second sewing machines home after discovering that it was very sluggish.  I asked Hog Man to look at it.  He got it to going after using penetrating oil and then sewing machine oil to oil everything really well.  He tried and tried to get the bobbin winder to work and it is just couldn't get to free up completely.  So now we have two machines working!  Two people can sew at the same time.  Yay!  Very helpful when the quilt on the frame is almost complete and only a few have a space to quilt.
I have more little green tomatoes and LOTS of little zucchini.  The jalapeno plants have blooms and I am waiting for blooms to appear on the yellow squash.  We've had rain and the grass is green.  It looks so good.  Thank you, God.

Hog Man had some folks come pick up show pigs this weekend.  I grabbed two of the feedsack tote bags I made and gave them to them.  I gave the more purple one to the little girl (new customer) and handed the more blue one to the fellow (repeat customer) who had brought the little girl and her dad from Burkburnet.  The fellow said "My wife will really like this."  Wasn't that nice of him? 

Hog Man has been wanting a gas grill.  He earned some extra money the last couple of weeks and he got to get himself a gas grill.  So we grilled this weekend. The only part I don't like.  The cleaning.  But isn't that the least enjoyable process of any cooking?  But it sure is nice once everything is nice and clean again. 

Ya'll have a great week and be blessed,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My heart goes out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma.  Read more about it here.  The weather man is forecasting more possiblities of severe weather today.  We got a sprinkle yesterday.  Points north--nearer the Oklahoma border-- had a tornado touch.  This weather pattern with humidity and warm temperatures--90s is much more normal than recent years with the drought. 

The tornado that happened in Granbury last week was just east of where DS#1 lives.  We received 1 1/2 inches of much appreciated rain.  The grass immediately perked up.  I have teeny weeny zucchini on the plants.  And one green tomato!  Looking good.  I can't wait to taste them. 

This past Saturday was WCQG meeting.  It was a good meeting and I did the Worry Free Bias Binding demo for them. 

I took a break from quilting on the Dresden plate quilt.  Temps were too warm to sit under it!  Until we turned the a/c on.  The humidity was just too great not to turn it on.  So now the quilting continues.  I am almost to the end of the 2nd border.  I marked the corner this morning.  I am finding that the chalk marks are disappearing with my handling if I mark too far ahead.  This is not loose chalk but a chalk cartridge. 

I don't think I am going to be able to keep up with Hog Man.  He empties the feed sacks faster than I can sew them!  Those little pigs are growing fast!  Which is a good thing. : ) 

I gotta share a recipe of sorts.  I had some leftovers in the fridge.  Little pieces of this and that.  Steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, roast beef.  I had seen a recipe on Pinterest for broccoli patties.  My mother used to make potato pancakes.  I only had about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes--not enough for potato pancakes.  I had about a cup of leftover steamed broccoli that needed using or would have to be thrown out.  So I chopped the broccoli and mixed in the mashed potatoes.  Then I sprinkled in dry minced onions and broke an egg and stirred.  I added some frozen corn--maybe 1/3 to 1/2 cup.  Then I added a tablespoon of cornmeal and about a fourth cup of flour and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I took small spoonfuls and pan-fried them for our lunch yesterday.  The roast beef was minced up and added to white sauce and served over toast for a fast tasty lunch.  Leftovers gone! 

Happy quilting and blessings,

Friday, May 17, 2013


Warning: This post is HEAVY.
I know that what is posted on the internet stays somewhere on the internet forever so I try to choose my words remembering that.  The last several days have been filled with emotions and memories.  My nephew who suffered a gun shot when he was 16 and was made a paraplegic has died this week due to severe infections in his body.  He has battled wound infections off and on this last year; spending months at a time in the wound hospital.  He lost a leg due to an infection almost ten years ago.  And I know all this second hand and I call it "eavesdropping" on facebook.

I have never really known my nephew.  He was born when I was in high school.  There were a lot of family dynamics that went on.  My parent's marriage was dissolving and of course being a teenager I had my own things going on.  More family dynamics with sides being chosen when the divorce happened.  Families can be complicated.  I realize now that ours was a dyfunctional one.  Are there really any normal ones?  I am so thankful for having married into Hog Man's family.  I learned what hugs and kisses were.  I learned to say please and thank you and I'm sorry.  And that families are important and you have to work at getting along rather than choosing to stay apart over a disagreement. 

So my heart is heavy.  Even if I didn't really know him I know there are those who are hurting.  I know he went through battles.  I also know he has fought the good fight and it is now over for him.  He has ultimately won!  Praise God!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

I wish I could do two things at once

Or three or four!  I have done three more feed sack totes.  I need to quilt on DD's dresden quilt and machine quilt.  But SINCE I can't do two or more things at one time I will have to be satisfied with what progress I make! I've got my system down on these totes so they go pretty fast.

Hog Man thinks these totes will sell.  I told him he is in charge of selling--I've got enough to do!  It's the whole "A woman's work is never done" thing.  Speaking of--I gotta go!

Happy quilting and blessings,

Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Cool and Sorta Rainy Day

We are experiencing a light drizzle and the temps are in the 70s.  A very nice day for May in Texas.  This has been an unusual May already.  Record setting cold a few days and still on the cooler side.  I'm not complaining!  This is wonderful. 

Yesterday I visited the Hugs and Stitches Quilters in Jacksboro.  They are a very nice bunch of ladies.  I demo-ed the Worry Free Bias Binding method.  It always so much fun to see the look on faces with this demo.  : )  They had potluck of soup and salad and turn desserts!  Since it was Wednesday it meant I was missing out on my Kraz-z Quilters.  I got back in town in just enough time to see Kathleen opening her birthday presents.  Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Kathleen has always been my cheerleader in my Quilt Catering business.  Always believing and always cheering me on!  And she's contributed to my success--shopping.  Priscilla has also been one of those friends who has cheered me on and shopped!  Priscilla will be taking off for her summer stomping grounds in the mountains soon.  I am so going to miss her. 

I have been making more of the Feedsack Totes.  Hog Man asked me last week when I was going to get around to making them.  He informed me that he had several dozen in the barn.  So--I got busy.  First the ends had to be cut off. I recruited him to help--it was his idea right?  Then they had to be washed and then hung to dry.  Then I cut the bottoms to even it and cut straps.  Then I sewed them.  I think I have sewn ten or so with about that many more waiting.  I laughed at Priscilla.  She saw a pickup like one of our members drives in the parking lot when she pulled in and she was so afraid that member would have more feed sacks for her.  Seems as though this lady has been keeping her WELL supplied.  And with her packing to leave soon she really didn't have time for anymore.  Pick me!  What am I saying?! But hers are different from mine!  Marjorie and I are going to exchange a rabbit one for a pig one.  Sounds logical to me! 

Our tomato plants, cucumber, peppers, and squash made it without damage through our cold snap last week.  I can't wait to have fresh vegetables.  I can make the relishes I love and have fresh tomatoes to eat. Yum!

Happy quilting and blessings,

Friday, May 03, 2013

Making Progress

Slow progress.  One corner is completely done. Yay!  Outer borders and piano keys are done on 1 1/2 sides.  I used a Frixion pen to mark the tulips in the pink border.  I haven't tried to remove it yet. I used a chalk cartridge pen in the off white.  I have used the Frixion pens before with success.  But I did read on a quilting board that on batiks and dark fabrics when you use the heat to remove the marks they turn white.  I did some experimenting.  And it is true.  On batiks it wasn't nearly as noticeable as on black and other dark fabrics. On Kona cotton in Bone color it left a faint grayish line that could only be seen if you turned the fabric at an angle.  So quilters beware.  Always test.  Hand quilters are always looking for that perfect marker that can be removed easily.  Will I continue to use Frixion pens?  Probably.  I will test on the fabric before I mark with them. 

I didn't get to clean yesterday.  I had other things pop up.  So today is the day. Oh, speaking of today--it is COLD.  We woke up to 38 degrees this morning.  Thank God it didn't freeze.  I covered our tomato, cucumber, and squash plants just in case.  After that cold wind yesterday the zucchini plants leaves had suffered some burning around the edges.  The news reported that this is the coldest it has been this late in May.  Very strange indeed. 

Blessings and happy quilting,

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hello May!

Yesterday was warm -- 80s.  Today it is not -- 40s.  How weird is that? 

Last week was busy.  Last Thursday we had a blast in Post Oak with the Busy Bee Quilters.  They had asked me to demo some specialty rulers.  I asked my quilting buddy, Priscilla, if she would come and demo some rulers as well.  She has made so many amazing quilts and I knew she had great experience with rulers.  I also invited two other Kraz-z Quilters to ride with us and join in on the fun.  So Kathleen and Mickey joined Priscilla and I.  I had such a good time.  The Post Oak ladies had invited two other groups so there was a few extra ladies. I also demonstrated Worry Free Bias Binding.  It was a beautiful spring day and we had a great time.

Then Friday, you know there is the necessary stuff--laundry, vacuuming, etc. Straightening etc. etc.  I put a small quilt on the machine and finished it up Saturday.  Sunday was a quiet day.  Monday I machined the binding on the little quilt and started the hand part.  Then Tuesday I was invited to go with some quilty friends to Dallas to the fabric warehouse district.  Two of the ladies were looking for specialty fabrics for church vestments and banners.  I was basically along for the fun.  I had been warned it would be an all day trip.  And it was.  We left town at 8am and got home at 9pm.  I heard several different languages spoken from shoppers.  We oohed and aahed over sparkly fabrics--dance, bridal, etc.  There was drapery and upholstery fabrics.  And there was a nice surprise--buttons!  One warehouse had rooms of buttons.  What fun we had looking and going through them. 

Boxes, bins, plastic boxes and giant bins all full of buttons! 

I had been warned to dress comfortably.  So glad I chose my athletic shoes and not my sandals.  My feet didn't hurt after all that walking. 

We had to stop by Quilt Country quilt shop in Lewisville coming back.  I love their bright store.  It is well arranged and they have nice samples.

We were famished so we stopped at Golden Corral then a must stop by Sam's Club and after many laughs and non-stop talking we were back home.  So fun. We all need days like that.

Yesterday, of course, was Kraz-z Quilters.  We are working on Kathleen's Triple Irish Chain in pinks and brown.  I got home and had an invite to come do a demo in a nearby town.  I am grinning.  I love it.  Today? Errands, cooking, cleaning, and more quilting. ; )

Blessings and happy quilting,