Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept. 11

Our nation will never be the same because of Sept. 11. No one really thought anything like that could happen to our country and afterward many people were wary to go anywhere. I remember wanting to know exactly where my kids were and that they were okay. Both our youngest were in college. Our youngest son was at Texas Tech, miles away from us, and I wanted him home THAT DAY. It wasn't possible. May God bless and comfort the family and friends who lost loved ones that day.
May our nation as a whole turn back to God and Christianity. Thank God for blessing our nation. And today my prayer is that America will bless God; praise Him; and thank Him for this great country we live in. Remember to pray for our military. Freedom isn't free. Thank you to all our military and their families who so bravely serve and risk everything.

Life at our house: We have had another visitor to our house. A Baltimore oriole has been visiting our hummingbird feeder. He is very camera shy. So I haven't a picture but follow the link and see a picture.
DV (our house guest) has picked up hand quilting. Yeah! She is doing the best she can with one good hand. She is making progress. I admire her patience and persistence. I plan on introducing her to the sewing machine soon. She is afraid she cannot manage the foot pedal. I have faith in her. Ya'll keep praying, okay. DV is learning more and more about God. It is really invigorating to watch a new Christian grow.


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  1. Hi, sounds like things are great up your way. It's so good your DV is making headway into the craft world - I would think it's good therapy for her.

    We are waiting to see what is going to happen with Ike. I've invited some friends and family who live near the coast to stay with us, but so far they have plans already made.

    I'm not a good candidate for wait and see situations!

    Take care and 'type' to you later!


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