Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Again

We left Thursday for San Angelo/Ballinger. My sister, Patricia, and I (and hubbies, can't leave them out because they were wonderful) hosted a birthday celebration for my mom and step-dad.  Mom turns 85 this week and step-dad's birthday was earlier this month. The party went well and I think they enjoyed it. We found a really neat place to rent that we didn't even know existed until the Chamber of Commerce suggested it to me. It was perfect! Guess who forgot their camera at the motel room? I will have to wait for someone in the family to share with me before I can post. Sorry. Thanks to DS#1 for all his help and extra trips to the store at the last minute. 

We got home this afternoon and found the bovines (cattle) in the garden. Last time we left town and returned it was the same thing! Except last time they hadn't been in there long and didn't do that much damage. This time--DAMAGE! While we were gone it rained 3 inches. So it should recover from being EATEN. Maybe it's God's way of saying "You need a break from the garden."  More litters of pigs due soon so stay tuned.

And can you say "HUMIDITY"! We have been having rain, wonderful rain off and on for a week or so with the tropical storms coming in from the gulf . And now the sun is out and the heat is rising. Steamy! 

Sissy aka "Little Doggie" traveled with us and has made a lot of trips with us now. She has become a perfect traveler. And everywhere we go everyone loves her. They were going to charge us a pet deposit at the motel but said that we were very responsible with her and could see that it wasn't a problem. No accidents. And she hasn't had any in a long, long time. Happy dance.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Before we know it--it will be gone.


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  1. I will be sorry to see summer go, although I won't miss the mid to upper 90's temps. Wouldn't it be nice if it could stay in the 80's with low humidities?

    My sister bought a house in Waco and we will be helping them move, but not in mid-afternoons! Just glad we can help.

    Hope you week is going well with the little munchkins there.

    Take care,


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