Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Back!

And of course you didn't know I was gone! My step-dad had a stroke and I drove down to Ballinger to help my mother. He is doing good. He has been transferred to a nursing home and is going to have therapy for several weeks. For a couple of months we had suspected he might be having little strokes. The last big one he had it affected his speech and his writing hand (why is it always the one they need?). This time it affected the same way.

I am always so torn. I know they need my help. I stay for a few days and then I need to get home. It is hard. All of us (sibling and spouses) are going to need to talk and see what we can come up with and present to them. My mother is a very stubborn lady. Their house needs lots of repairs and is not prepared for anyone with special needs. My step-dad's daughter wants them to sell their house and move a town over closer to her. That would work IF she would help them. Mother said they hardly ever hear from her. So I don't think Mother is going to go for that. I live over 200 miles away. But I am the nearest. My sister lives out of state. My mother is nearly deaf. My step-dad can't hardly talk. It is a circus.  I really love it where we live now. I am praying for God's will.


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