Friday, January 20, 2012

We have a blue ribbon winner! Aimee entered 5 items in the youth fair in her county show. She got four blue ribbons and a second place. Doesn't she look happy? We are so proud of her.

Lovey had her pigs yesterday.  She is a Blue Butt (Hampshire and Yorkshire cross). She was bred to a Hampshire. There are more pigs behind her under the heat lamp and on the heated pad. I named her Lovey because she loves for you to rub her belly. Her belly is a little busy these days. LOL

While I had the camera I walked around and took pictures of all the other pigs. Remember these?

And these?

They have grown.

We have two left from the Blue Butts above and three left from the Hampshire litter and one from the Berkshire/Hampshire litter. Hog Man bought two Yorkshire gilts that will be replacement sows someday.  That feeder holds a ton of feed and has doors that the pigs lift to get to the feed.

This is King, our boar. He probably weighs 500 to 600 pounds. He is a registered Hampshire.

This is Berky (My daughter said we were very original with the name. LOL) She is a Berkshire.  King is behind her.  They are scrounging around for any feed cubes that may be left over.  She is bred to Hoss below.

This is one of our Yorkshire sows. She is #4. We never got around to naming her. She needs a name; don't you think?! She is dirty! She should be all white. This one is supposed to be bred and due in late March.

This is her sister #3. They were from the same litter. We've called them #4 and #3 so long I don't know if other names would feel right. LOL As you can see she is getting a tummy. She will have her litter in March.

This is Hoss. He is our new boar. He is a Hampshire cross.

And this is Princess. Hog Man named her. She is in the pen with Hoss. She is very "mouthy". Meaning she talks to us a lot. We hope that she is now bred. It is a "wait and see" until her date for her next heat cycle comes around. A female will come in heat every 18 to 21 days.

We sold two gilts and a boar early this month.

There you have it. Our hogs who are funny, stinky, and hungry what seems like all the time. LOL


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