Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Quick Post

Hello and how are you this December day?  We have had unseasonably warm weather--80s in December?!  A year ago yesterday we had snow.  The electric bill will be nice anyway. 

The computer still has problems and I am eeking out bits here and there.  If it can hold off until AFTER Christmas it would be so nice. 

Hog Man is continueing to do well.  He is stiff and sore some days after work.  Especially if he's been on his feet on the concrete a lot. 

We had the two youngest grandkids last weekend while their parents had a weekend off.  So that meant I had to put away ALL the sharp objects--translates scissors, rotary cutters, pins, etc. plus the projects I had going.  I folded up the ironing board and put away the iron--that doesn't happen too often--LOL.  Then I had to replenish the fridge and pick up some toddler type foods.  Milk, apple juice, fruit, graham crackers, raisins, macaroni, etc. etc.  I hadn't been to Wal-Mart in awhile. I avoid it. It always takes me at least two hours seems like plus the fifteen minute drive both ways.  I made it in under one hour.  Of course, I was sprinting through the store.  LOL 
They had a blast! You can see the exercise bike in the background!

Since the weather was so nice there was lots of play outside.  We made Kool-Aid play dough.  There was coloring on construction paper. DGS Mason discovered the hole punch.  He was in love! He punched holes in everything to his little heart's content.  Of course, this grandma learned from past little ones to buy washable markers. ; )  

My quilt at Kraz-z Quilters came off the frame yesterday. Yay! Now to get the binding made and put on.  I have started hand quilting DD Amanda's Dresden plate quilt.  I can't wait for the weather to get cooler.  It is mighty HOT with a quilt in your lap in the mild weather we've been having.

I also machine quilted a quilt I had acquired from the quilter I bought the machine from.  Our guild is sending quilts to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I got the binding made and sewn on. Sweating the whole time! It is a large one -- 91 x 98 inches and will make someone a good bedsized quilt. My hope is to bless someone who has lost so much.

Our Christmas party for the guild is this Saturday so lots to do to get ready for it.  Donation quilt winner will be drawn Saturday!  I have to go pick up new guild t-shirts from the printer today.  Hopefully I can sell some more tickets on the quilt and I have to pick up some door prizes.  Laundry and balancing the checkbook are in there somewhere!  LOL 

Blessings from the Catering Quilter

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