Friday, October 25, 2013

Reunion and Birthdays

Our high school graduating class celebrated our 40th recently.   Hog Man and I graduated from the same school, same class,  etc.  It makes it simple to go to class reunions.  We had lots of fun.  Some people hadn't hardly changed at all.  Others had changed some but I still knew who they were.  Others I had to read their name tag!  I hadn't seen some of our class mates since we had graduated.  I had reconnected with some via facebook and have connected with more since the reunion.  I was visiting with one gal who had moved down around Brownwood right after high school.  I told her our daughter in law was originally from Brownwood.  She asked what her maiden name was.  Turns out she knows Angie's folks.  Small world!  

We used the weekend of the reunion to do some more work at Mother's house.  We took down all the family pictures and boxed them up.  We located all the photo albums and boxes of photos.  Our DD Amanda drove down and helped out.  Lots of sorting.  Lots more to do.  I brought all the photos home with me for safe keeping and for storing.   Several of us had lost parents this past year.  One gal lost both her parents within a few weeks.  

I was clearing out our answering machine the other day and ran across a message from Mother.  I left it.  I thought it would be nice to hear her voice sometime.  I've been going through a very low time.  I guess it's part of the grieving process.  I have no interest in sewing, quilting, etc.  I know the urge will return in time.  Everything has a season.  

Hog Man and I are also celebrating our birthdays.  Our birthdays are only three days apart.  So tomorrow we will have the family over and cook some good food and have a wonderful time all together.   Psssst----
Hog Man celebrates a big one.  But I'm not telling.  LOL

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