Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catering Quilter

November 13, 2007

Hello, to all! This is my first post. I have enjoyed reading posts of others for a long time and thought I would take the plunge of creating my own post. Please be patient as I learn all of this stuff.
Today it is warm for this time of year. The weather people are talking that we may set a record warm for this day--85 maybe. Hope not. The warm and dry weather was nice yesterday when we had a funeral to attend; but we really need rain in Texas again. The leaves are just starting to turn colors. I went to a small community last week to sell my wares and show how to cut a quilt pattern. I was anticipating seeing lots of beautiful colors and it hadn't happened yet only a little in the northern most part. But we are forecasted to have cooler temps the end of this week.
I was sick a two weeks ago with a cold or allergies or whatever. I am just now feeling completely over it. Just have a cough that wants to hang around.
On the quilty subject: I have a string quilt I need to machine quilt, my grandson's spiderman quilt/bedspread (that I am not happy with and will probably remove borders I put on and redo) that needs finishing very soon, plus UFOs and projects I have recently started. Plus my quilting group, Kraz-z Quilters, has donation quilts for the women's shelter in our area that I volunteered to machine quilt.
Today I need to go back to a neighboring city and sell more raffle tickets on my quilting groups raffle quilt which we draw for the last Wednesday this month. And I have to find white shirts for us to wear in a family photo this weekend.

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