Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy Week

Happy Valentines! We loaded pigs to take to auction on Tuesday before daylight. Then Tuesday afternoon DGS Mac had a program at school that I was invited to. It was a musical with percussion instruments and he had a speaking part. He did good. I got pictures. Wanna see? I knew you would!

This one was after the program and they
had already taken up the thingy a ma jiggys.

Afterward I got to check both DGS and DGD out of school early (lucky me with parental permission, of course) and we went to Dairy Queen for a treat and visited while their mom was still teaching. Then we met mom at their house and visited. While we were talking it came a hail storm. Nothing big -- marble size at the most. And the sun was shining! I knew we were forecast for bad weather later that evening so I gave my goodbye hugs and kisses and headed home. We didn't get any bad weather just rain and some wind. But Colleyville in the DFW area and areas near the Red River and Oklahoma just across the Red River from us did receive some really bad weather.

Then Wednesday as you know I have Kraz-z Quilters. I made lasagna (Stouffer's lasagna --Stouffer's did all the work) and salad and we quilted and quilted. Then Thursday I loaded up my quilting notions and went to Post Oak. I had a lovely time with the Busy Bees of Post Oak and a wonderful meal. Folks, this is the real thing. An old time quilting bee! Thanks, ladies.

Needless to say you didn't have to rock me to sleep either night. And I have been sewing rows on the Navy 4 Patch Stacked Posies as I have time per Wanda at Exuberant Color's method to save time. I think I'm going to like this. Since it is chained together, nothing gets separated and it's easy to pin the next step.

I'll get you a picture of my crumb blocks later. I have a total of 63 now. I love quilting! 8 )



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