Monday, February 16, 2009

Calling all Quilters

Here is an opportunity to help those who have lost so much in the bushfires in Australia. Camp Follower has asked for wonky star blocks and has set up a Bushfire Quilt Project for those who would like to help. And Sew Many Quilts-Too Little Time has asked for string blocks made in the quilt as you go method.

I know we all have scraps that we can make into a few blocks. With the Bushfire Quilt Project if you are in America you can mail to her APO address.

These are excellent ideas to make community quilt projects for those in our own communities who find themselves homeless after a fire. I know we had a family who lost their home a couple of weeks ago in our county. I bet you know someone or someone you know knows someone. Let's reach out and see who we can bless with a comforting quilt. Shall we?


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