Monday, December 14, 2009

How is everyone?

Doing very well, I hope. I am wishing you a glorious and miraculous December. Totally filled with joy and blessings. We had a very cool start to our month but yesterday and today was balmy -- in the 70s.

Our DDIL is still hanging in there. She had a little episode last week. She went into labor and they immediately started administering an IV and the labor subsided.

We had our guild Christmas party this past Saturday. We had a lot of fun. We played Quilt Bingo. We had been given the instructions to make our Bingo "cards" at the November meeting. The instructions came from a past Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine. We used buttons we brought from home for the markers. Christmas ornaments were our prizes. Food--Oh, my goodness! Need I say more. We had made Christmas stockings for C.A.S.A. and baby quilts and items for our local pregnancy resource center and those were picked up by representatives from those organizations. Hopefully they enjoyed our fabric Bingo games and didn't think we were totally crazy!

I quilted a baby quilt last Friday on my quilt machine. Then sewed the binding on and finished the hand work last night. I wanted to practice some more. I have two quilts lined up to quilt for a customer before Christmas.

Today DH as I was hanging clothes on the line (gotta take advantage of the good weather) asked for help in herding pigs. He was moving four feeders (180 lbs. avg.) to another pen. They didn't WANT to go. What normally takes us maybe a half hour took several hours. They wanted to run. Back and forth; just not where they needed to go. So we had to wind up using the stock trailer to move them. And in the end it all worked. Yeah! I had had plans to load another quilt on the machine but duty called. Then there were errands to run. And then clothes to fold and the supper to make and another day done. Thank you, God, for the good day you gave us. Sunshine, time together, a roof over our heads, good food -- all of these I am thankful for.


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  1. Hi Marilyn! Nice to finally get home and do some blog catching up. :)
    A wonderful and peaceful Christmas to you and yours. Bright Blessings!


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