Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Snow!

The snow didn't entirely melt before it started snowing again today. I took this picture Monday afternoon to show how the snow was still on the ground. There are still big snow drifts along the sides of the roads. We cannot remember EVER seeing snow like this in our part of Texas.

Then today around noon it started snowing again! Okay, this is weird.

I made a snowman ornament for our tree this year. Very fitting don't you think?

Sissy (also known as "Little Doggie") enjoyed the sunshine coming in the window Sunday and Monday.

And she got a coat recently custom made by a lady I know. Sorry to wake you, Sissy.

I've been sewing on an apron and will post a picture soon.


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  1. Oh, your pictures are so pretty. I think you are very fortunate to have had so much snow. I like the idea of the snowman ornament honoring this season of snow.

    Winter has only started so maybe there is more to come . . .

    Stay warm,


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