Monday, May 24, 2010

Wanna see pictures of the grands?

Grandkids that is. I knew you would! DGS Mason and DGD Paisley came to see us this weekend. Boy were we busy making bottles, changing diapers, digging in the dirt, going to see the piggies, playing with the puppy (yes, we are down to one) and yes they sure are sweet when they are sleeping. Mommy and Daddy had a date weekend.

Big brother is giving little sister a kiss. He is so good with her.

We had our very own concert in our living room by none other than the very talented and might I add loud DGS Mason. LOL Poor Papaw! Mason still drags out my old baby doll. See her in the foreground.

And a dolly for sister. She was enthralled with the doll! She wanted to give it kisses.

And of course you must see this baby in all her glorious cuteness! It was an experience let me tell ya.

How safe do you think my pot plants are? NOT! This is the last puppy. The little female went to a family with a nine year girl who took her home and they slept together the first night. The other male went to a family with a five year little girl and grandparents who love dogs. We don't know what to name this one. He has a white face with black ears and a black spot like a crown on the top of  his head. Any suggestions?  I've been calling him Prince but I don't think DH is satisfied with that name. We will keep him for awhile and see if a new dog is what we need for right now. I could be satisfied with Max, Ruby, and Sissy. VERY easily.

And these are the little pigs from a previous post. They were weaned this weekend. They are four weeks old now.  All fourteen of them.  The little boys will soon well how do I say it? Not be boys much longer. All but two that is. DH is going to watch how they develop and keep them for boars. You needed to know that. Trust me. Oh can I tell you about our experience of getting the mother out of the pen so the piglets could be weaned? Man ya'll are so good. I seriously know why DH wants to do this by himself most of the time. LOL You see I was trying to help. Well we don't communicate real well sometimes. Mostly because I think men in general forget that women in general don't read minds. Or understand what they are saying. Can I get a witness? The sow did come out of the pen. Things were progressing well after that. We moved her to an outside pen for her to dry up and get near the boar so naturally she would come in heat so we can make more babies. Well things were progressing well like I said until she decided she didn't want to go in the pen we were coaxing her into. Note: I can't say I blame her. What female wants to repeat a pregnancy of delivering sixteen babies and nursing fourteen (might I add round the clock) and go do it all over again? Anyway--to make a long story short when she didn't want to go in the pen she wanted to go over the top of Marilyn to get out the way she had come. One minute I was standing the next I have been tackled and thank God it was soft sand.  DH is concerned and frustrated all at the same time. I was not hurt. Just felt slammed and a couple of bruises.

Next post--Exploding pineapples! Has nothing to do with national security. LOL

That oughta keep you wondering. LOL



  1. Glad you guys had a good time with them! Love ya'll


  2. Exploding pineapples? Now I'm really curious!
    Your Grandies are adorable. :)As is that puppy. I think Prince suite him, but if that's not acceptable maybe Roy? Short for Royal. lol

  3. How much fun is this!! Love time I can spend with my grandkids...keeps us young...adorable...thanks for sharing

  4. The grandkids are really cute!! Love the pig - she sounds smart enough to know when enough is enough!!

    Love the puppy - looks like he has a comma on his head .... lol


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