Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonderful Tutorials

A friend of mine, Sharon, put me onto the Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorials. They do a great job!

I am alive, Patsy. I survived. We had the little visitors for several days. The baby didn't sleep well for several nights in a row and the toddler decided to be rebellious the entire time. Mama said there would be days (and nights?) like this. And I had a birthday. I felt everyone of those years on Tuesday let me tell you.

DGD Paisley is crawling now. Not exactly what DGS Mason would like. She gets his "stuff". Oh, dear! "Nanaw, come get Paizwee!" She loves his Thomas the train engines.

Blessings and happy quilting,


  1. LOL I am glad i wasn't there for that. I love them to pieces.



  2. Hi, thanks so much for posting the link. That is a wonderful website. I put it on my toolbar so I can visit it often.

    Take care . . .


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