Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Time flys. Let's see what have I been up to? September 24 & 25 found me in Post Oak with a booth at their Quilt Show and Trash & Treasures sale. We got up and it was raining (as in pouring). We had gone the night before and set up the canopy it was dry. When we arrived Friday morning we found out that the canopy is not completely water proof! Uh-oh. The ladies came to my rescue! They have an old time pavilion where they always have their Trash & Treasures sale and they offered to move their things around to make room for me. And they did! I told you these ladies are super nice. So we set up with them and we had a very successful weekend. The rain let up around noon each day--yes, it rained Saturday as well. It was sloppy but it didn't keep the people away. And as it turned out our canopy was used for their diners. They serve a meal with your choice of a variety of sandwiches complete with onion slices, pickles, chips, and cookie or beans and cornbread. Secretly I think some people come for the food! It's all home cooking. And they published a new cookbook this year! Love it. Thanks for the best chicken salad recipe ever. I will be trying a lot more.

Of course the week before I went to Post Oak I spent cutting fat quarters, one yard cuts and organizing. I stayed up late cutting and cutting. DH took off on Friday and went with me. He is good help. He doesn't totally understand a lot of quilt things but he is encouraging and and offers his help. What is most important he values quilts and the process of quilt making!

The week after I reorganized then we had our little visitors come spend a few nights with us. DGD Paisley can sit alone now and she is so sweet. When I hold her she pats me on the shoulder. How sweet is that?  DGS Mason is getting so tall. And his vocabulary is amazing. I took pictures. Want to see? I knew you would.

This past weekend we were in Wichita Falls at the Red River Quilters Guild Quilt Show "Quilting in the Falls".
We were one of ten vendors. We learned a lot. Saw some pretty quilts. I didn't take pictures; will you forgive me?

Yesterday I got two calls from two different quilt groups asking me to come do a demo. How about that?
The first one is next Thursday. Yikes! Gotta get one worked up. Saturday we have a little booth at a local fall festival to try that market. I made up postcards and mailed out today to let fellow quilters know I would be there. We'll see how it works. Saturday is also guild meeting and I will miss it. I am helping get the little program together and to some ladies on Thursday. Tomorrow is Kraz-z Quilters and we are still hand quilting on the Time Travel quilt. We've had fewer quilters the last several weeks so it's been taking longer. So we probably still have a couple more Wednesdays to go.

How about the wonderful weather? Fifties at night and eighties in the day--just wonderful. We have the house open day and night. We decided to give Roy (Roy-L-T) away. He went to a family that needed a second dog to work cattle. DH is doing better. I can tell a big difference. He isn't breathing heavy anymore and he isn't exhausted all the time. Really nice.

Blessings and happy quilting,

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    You have been one busy lady! I know you are having fun :)

    You're right, time does fly by at record speed. Speaking of time flying, Paisley is growing like Johnson grass, soon she will be a toddler. Seems like she should still be an infant! Mason is growing up, also.

    The weather has been beautiful, and great on the electric bill. I love this time of the year.

    Take care,


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