Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still in the Deep Freeze

And thank God we haven't lost electricity. I can still cook and stay warm and blog. : )  We got up to 21 degrees yesterday and today we have only seen 19 for a high so far at 2pm. The weatherman is saying we haven't seen temps this low in twenty years. Let's hope we don't see them again for at least another twenty years. LOL Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 32 degrees. To put that in perspective--that will be almost double what we have right now. Hard to believe we had temps of almost 80 on Saturday.

There were rolling blackouts across the state yesterday.  Here's an article explaining what happened.

The media were asking everyone to conserve not only electricity but also natural gas use. Well, we did our part. We sacrificed majorly. : )  We put our thermostat to 65 degrees and put on extra clothes and turned off lights. I am so glad we didn't lose power like some did for seven hours or more in the DFW area. We are forecast for possibly more snow before this is all out of here.

We have been so blessed. A family nearby who bought show pigs from DH offered to come help him with the animals. A five gallon bucket full of water gets mighty heavy carrying it from the nearest non-frozen water source (I can't even carry one). For two days they have come and helped DH. I haven't been out other than to run to the mail box and seeing to the cat. I've got to invest in some insulated coveralls. Anybody got a source for a petite round little lady? At the very least I've got to get some insulated long johns. Our outdoor dogs have been camping out in the garage. That reminds me -- I need to check their water.

Stay warm and blessings,

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  1. It is now 9 degrees F this morning where I live. It's a good thing I don't hate winter, or I'd be kinda' unhappy :))


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