Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Quiltey Post

'Bout time! LOL My posts have been lacking pictures of quilts. Today will hopefully make up for that.

Several weeks ago I went to a quilt show in Decatur sponsored by the Women's Club. Lots of antique quilts and lots of applique and embroidery.

This one makes me smile!

A signature quilt

A close up

A cathedral window

Took a picture with my hand so you could see how small these are!

There were several of this type--combination of applique and embroidery.

This one was over a 100 years old.

This last Saturday I had some shoppers come to shop : ) .

Dot brought her quilt to show me. She made this using the pattern from Sew Simple Pineapples. The fabric except for one border she bought from Quilt Catering--my store! She is hand quilting. Good job, Dot! She brought her friend Joanne with her. They were in the area camping with their hubbys and a group. Fun.

I started making these stacked moon block several years ago. I pulled them out on Sunday afternoon and finished this up. It measures 40 inches square. I will use it for a baby quilt.

Some of my favorite blocks

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Such beautiful quilts!!

    Love ya


  2. Lots of good quilts pictured! Pretty.

  3. Beautiful display....such wonderful artistry!!


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