Thursday, June 02, 2011


Sorry for the absence. But like a broken record--I have been busy. How do some people blog everyday and several times a day and be so busy? Not me for sure.

Let's see I have been doing some yard work. We got one of those cordless electric weedeaters. I just can't handle one of those with the gas tanks. Too heavy! The drawback with the cordless--I run out of battery pretty quick. I even have two batteries. But you know what -- if I plan it-- I can charge the batteries overnight and then in the morning while it is cooler I get out and do some trimming. I am liking the ease of starting this trimmer. Just push a button! No pulling on a cord. So that is part of what I have been doing--nearly every morning. We have a big yard.

I had a program May 16 at Bowie and presented a demo on the Lazy Angle ruler manufactured by Creative Grids.  So that meant sewing up a sample : ) what a problem for someone who looks for any excuse to piece a quilt! LOL The Lazy Angle ruler can help you produce so many different quilt blocks. It is amazing! Check out Joan Hawley companion book.  I have just delved into the very simplest! But if you like intricate looking but simple (lazy) you will like this.

Then I did some machine quilting. Butterflies and lots of them in purple thread on Jan's 4 Patch Stacked Posies. I have a snowflake panto ordered for her next one. Then I have some I need to catch up on. There's always the ordering and pricing. Such a big job--LOL--but somebody's got to do it. Pick me!

Then there has been guild. I updated our WCQG blog today so please go there and check out April and May. April will have the pictures of our Fat Sack Workshop. In May I asked several members to bring demos. It was a great meeting. We had four visitors and three joined that day. Woohoo!

And AND just recently we had the grandkids! First the two youngest ones cames for several days while their parents went tubing on the Guadalupe River. Then the older two came for several days. They overlapped for a few hours on Monday. DGD Paisley doesn't sleep well still. Sunday night was the worst. I was pretty zonked on Monday. Then I went to bed early Monday night and woke up refreshed. So DGD Aimee and I could sew! Gotta get her project worked on! We started sewing four patches at spring break. She got all the four patches sewn and got three rows sewn just not together. Eight more to go for next time she gets to come. She loves sewing on the little Elna. She is getting so much better. I was busy pinning and cutting for her. I let her pick her own colors. She likes bright and it is going to be bright. She is making it for a little girl through C.A.S.A.

 Don't you just love it? She ENJOYED her spaghetti. No use for a bib or clothes in this instance. LOL
And yes he is as sweet as he looks. This was not the same meal as above.

Here's all four watching "Gnomeo and Juliet". Do you see the little "ham"? By the way, it is a cute movie.

And you know there is the regular day to day laundry, cleaning, meals, etc. of course. No garden this year--it just didn't happen. We've had lots of good rain but now it is drying up. The wind has blown and blown this year. Last week it was awful. The storms everywhere have been awful. We have had severe weather warnings and tornado warnings in the last few weeks. No bad weather here--just warnings--Thank God.

And now it's gearing up time. For Wise County Quilt Show! June 18. Woohoo!


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