Monday, October 31, 2011

A whirlwind of activity!

That's what it has seemed like around here. LOL Week before last I sewed five more tote bags for the veterans. I worked in the yard--dug grass burrs, mowed and weed eated. Cleaned house. All in preparation of company coming. Larry's parents came and most of our kids and all their children. We had Mason and Paisley Friday and Saturday nights. Mac and Aimee spent Saturday night with us. Amanda and John brought pumpkins for them to carve and they had a good time doing that.
Okay, can you see Paisley marking on herself with her marker? Caught her in the act.

Paisley is scooping out the "guts" of her pumpkin. She really got into this activity!

On a sadder note--one of the ladies in our quilt guild suddenly died and her funeral was Friday afternoon. Then Larry's employer passed away Wed. and his funeral was Saturday. I was so busy getting things ready that I didn't think my menu through enough. Forgot to buy bread. I made biscuits. I forgot to buy cream of chicken soup. We managed without it.  No one (hopefully)knew the difference. : )  All in all it was a great weekend.

We have had some FOG several mornings. We're talking thick! It didn't burn off until almost 11am. 

How 'bout those Texas Rangers? Are you watching the World Series? I haven't got a clue most of time what most of any of it means. LOL Not a good baseball follower. Update: It was intense watching some of the games especially the 7th one! Of course, I wish they had won the Series but since they didn't maybe next year.

I've washed laundry and hung out on the clothesline AFTER the fog lifted. I got things put away and picked up after the weekend. I will put the clean sheets on the guest bed. Larry has been home since last Thursday. Since his employer had passed away and the shop is relatively close to their house they thought they would allow the family some private time without all the noise and also allow more parking for extra family and friends coming. SO you gals know what it's like to try and clean or do ANYTHING around a man. Extra patience is required. LOL And the questions--what are you doing now? What are doing that for? Why don't you do it this way?

I told you I would keep you posted about Larry's hip replacement surgery. He's had the x-rays done for the first diagnostic visit. We have an appointment with the DARS rep this Friday morning to discuss the plan of action. Woohoo! Update: We attended our appointment. Doc wants more x-rays -- of his knees now. Hopefully things will start progressing.

This post started out week before last. It got pushed to the back burner. LOL  Hence the updates.

So, I will add recent activities and not put off posting for another week. LOL  Would you believe I have  done very little sewing? I patched some of Larry's bib overalls and sewed one more tote and turned it in. Our total totes 194 and possibly some others will be turned in. What have I been doing? Working outside! The weather is gorgeous. I have declared war on the sunflowers again. Seems like this battle is never ending. I tried pulling them up before the rains and it was impossible (they just broke off or worse didn't budge) not to mention too hot to be outside much less pulling weeds. So with the wonderful rains we've had the conditions are perfect. I got a lot done over the weekend and hope to get more done today.

Since Larry took off for his appointment Friday we used the day to get other errands done. We both needed new tennis shoes and Beall's had a good sale. A trip to Tractor Supply, of course, for stuff for the pigs. A trip to the feed store and then it was time for lunch. We tried a new place in Bridgeport called Rock City Burgers. We got the jalapeno bun. Very tasty.


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