Monday, October 10, 2011


And lots of it! It started raining late Saturday afternoon and didn't stop until Sunday morning. So wonderful. When Larry (DH) went out Sunday morning to check the rain gauge it was over-flowing! It holds 5 to 6 inches. Praise the Lord.
 Remember this quilt?

Our darling granddaughter Aimee came and spent Friday and Saturday nights with us. Her mom and dad were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Congrats, kids. We had such fun. She wanted to sew. =D A girl after mine own heart. I prepared the backing for her quilt Friday afternoon before she arrived. BUT before the sewing could begin--there was the usual everyday stuff that had to be taken care of like feeding animals, preparing our evening meal, cleaning up afterwards, etc. Then I asked what they wanted for breakfast - sausage and pancakes- okay. Went out to the freezer. Uhoh! Things in freezer thawing. Not good. Relayed bad news to Larry aka DH. We begin process of transferring items from non-working freezer to other freezer and freezer section of refrigerator. I wound up with a large bowl of meat that had thawed too much to refreeze so I made room in the refrigerator. After getting all that moved around it was 8pm and I really didn't want to start sewing that late ALTHOUGH Aimee really wanted to. I convinced her we would sew the next day.

Saturday morning--I had bananas that needing baking into banana bread after cooking breakfast. Got that done. I had promised Larry and Aimee chocolate chips cookies. Got those started with Aimee's help. We had a late lunch of leftover chicken and spaghetti. I asked her to go with Papaw to the feed store. She did. While they were gone I prepared one of the round steaks that had thawed for smothered steak. Got that in the crock pot for our evening meal. Now all set for sewing!

I had some pieces of batting that needed whip stitched together to use for small quilts. So Aimee and I got one whip stitched for her quilt. Then we layered the backing, batting and top and safety pinned in a few places. I found some yellow embroidery floss that would work. She had wanted me to machine quilt her quilt but I thought it might be fun for us to tie it. Saturday afternoon we tied. And we tied. And we tied. We took a break. She went with Papaw to feed the animals and I got our meal together. Just as they got outside it thundered and the bottom fell out. They got soaking wet and enjoyed every minute of it!

To make a long story short--the tying was finished Saturday night. I had planned on turning the backing forward for binding. I miscalculated. Oh no! I didn't allow enough for the top and bottom. So Sunday I had to make binding. Aimee did help sew the strips together. We had to stop and help Larry in between. We had so much rain the weaned pigs were standing in water. He made a pen for them in a dry area. Aimee and I helped transfer them. Funny little squealing pigs! Then it was lunch time. Pork chops (that had thawed) with rice.

Then we pressed the binding--pressing the seams open and then pressing in half. But the sewing had to wait. Sigh. Larry aka DH had sold a pig and had an appointment to get it to the butcher. He loaded her while we were pressing. We rode with him to Weatherford. I wanted to go just in case he needed any help. Last Wednesday we had another hog to deliver to a butcher in Muenster. Had a blow-out on the trailer just a little over half way there. No spare. Limped on in and made to the butcher before they closed. Whew! The butcher knew of a mom and pop tire shop just a few blocks over. He made the call. Praise the Lord, they fixed us right up with a used tire and we were on our way. So I had wanted to go along JUST in case he had a repeat of Wednesday evening. The other tires on the trailer--yeah--need replacing. One of these days.

Back to the quilt--I decided it would be best for me to machine sew the binding on.  I got that done when we returned from Weatherford. Just in time before we needed to meet Aimee's folks in Jacksboro. Whew!

Today, I turned the binding and finished it by machine. Not the best job I have done. : (  But it will have to do. It is in the washer now and then I will toss in the dryer.

Now to finish the C.A.S.A. quilt I machine quilted last week. It needs trimming, binding, washing and drying. Then to make a backing for another C.A.S.A. quilt and pin it on the frame and quilt. But that quilt will wait for tomorrow.

I hope and pray that you've had rain if you needed it and of course as always--


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  1. Hi, did you have time to breathe? LOL I know you had fun with your lovely granddaughter. So sorry about your freezer, hope it was something simple to fix.

    We had a nice shower of rain this morning. It was the kind that pours down for a few minutes and is gone, but as you know, each raindrop is precious.

    Please send me some of your energy!

    Take care . . .


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