Monday, December 05, 2011


It is snowing this morning. This is looking out my dining room window to the south at our crooked pine tree. Weird, huh?  I heard sleet hitting the window earlier in the wee hours and then when I got up and looked out--it was snowing to bit the band.  At almost 8am it is still snowing a little. They are predicting for it to come to an end soon. Our poor pigs need web feet. It has been raining for days and now with the snow they have some sloppy pens. Poor things. But we are so grateful for the rain. This will nourish our trees and grasses after this long hot, dry summer.

I have a busy week planned. Two quiltey group Christmas parties and a trip to Post Oak to take my store and do a demo.

Ya'll stay safe and be blessed.


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  1. We are still waiting on our first snow. Hubby loves it and is hoping it will be soon.


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