Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Tailed Norther

Came through before sundown today.  The weather has been "chamber of commerce" as they say.  Just lovely. Just no rain. We need rain. 

Thanksgiving was great. We traveled to San Angelo/Ballinger to gather with Hog Man's family to celebrate.  On the way home we stopped by and picked up DGD Aimee and she spent several days with us.  I helped her to complete her quilt she had chosen to do for her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts.  I showed her how to do things and she did the work.  I showed her how to do the "quick turn method" (page 5 on this link tells an excellent way for a newby).  It worked really good for her.  Then she turned it and whipped the opening closed.  Then the next day she tied it.  And she did it!  She is a quilter! Woohoo!

She looks pretty proud of herself as she should be! Good job, sweetie.

I hope your Cyber Monday started out better than mine.  I had a cup of water in the microwave heating it to heat Hog Man's thermos before pouring the coffee in and out from under the microwave came a SCORPION. It was a small one but none the less a scorpion.  It quickly crawled back under when I started trying to whack it with the fly swatter. I hauled that sucker out of their with the fly swatter and splat -- no more scorpion. 
Then- THEN! Hog Man went to work. Telephone rings about fifteen minutes later.  Conversation went like this--"Hello, are you the ones with the hogs?" We get that a lot so I didn't think much about it UNTIL.  "Yes, we are."  "Well, I'm your neighbor and I've got one in my front yard."  "We will be right there." Guess what--Hog Man forgot his cell phone this morning. I wasn't dressed yet. You know it's Monday morning when things happen like that. Before I could get completely dressed another neighbor was knocking on the door.  Long story short, I got in touch with Hog Man; he came home; the two sows who got out got put up; and things settled down real quick. A feed bucket works wonders! Thank goodness!  Never a dull moment.   
 Blessings from Catering Quilter

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  1. Oh My, never a dull moment. Glad things calmed down.


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