Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Girl

 Our youngest granddaughter turned 3 and her party was yesterday.  She is a precious little girl.

I made her some skirts. I sure hope they fit!  The smaller one may not.  If it doesn't I will make another.  No problem.

And I made her some diapers for her dollies.  I found a Hello Kitty purse-so cute.  And she loves Dora the explorer right now -- so it was a Dora themed party.  I found the free pattern for the diapers here.  I made mine from flannel that was given to me and sew-in velcro I bought at Wally world.  I extended the back tabs slightly and sewed the velcro across the front in case she had different sized babies.  I think it would be neat to make them from real cloth diaper material.  But I didn't have any. 

I sewed them on the Elna Lotus SP.  The belt started slipping toward the end.  : (    I have worked the little sweetie pretty hard. 

We had some nice rain in the wee hours of Sunday am.  An inch!  Anything will help with our drought conditions.  


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