Monday, February 04, 2013

Another vintage machine

Hog Man's buddy brought this to me last Thursday.  It is a Singer 201-2 and was manufactured in 1951.  I had started the cleaning process when I took this picture.  It was dirty!  The wiring needs replacing and the winder tire. I'm going to need Hog Man's help.  But I can't wait to get it running.  It was his buddy's mother's machine.  He remembers her sewing shirts for him.  I found an instruction manual online and part of a service manual online as well.  What's amazing--the handwheel and needle bar are free--everything moves well!  The 99K looks like a very little sister next to it. LOL  Once we get it running I want to find a cabinet to put it in.  I just love these black Singer machines!

I quilted on the Dresden Plate quilt while watching the Super Bowl.  One more block almost done!  Earlier in the day we had to round up baby pigs.  Hog Man had weaned two litters and separated them from the mothers.  But they had other ideas!  Then we loaded one of our Berkshires to take to Weatherford.  The temps were in the 60s and so nice to be out.  I made a run to Wal-Mart to pick up essentials--dog food, milk, ink cartridge for the printer, etc. LOL 

Blessings from Catering Quilter


  1. Looks like you have a good machine on your hands. I just love the fact that vintage machines are worn, used, but keep right on going today, and if they could talk, the stories we could be hearing. Enjoy yours!


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