Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grands have come and gone--Whew!

Note the flour on faces! It was also on the floor.  Thanks to DG Aimee and her mischievousness.  They helped mix up banana bread Thursday.  AND clean up the mess.  ; ) 
Then the two younger grands joined us Thursday evening.  There was lots of giggling and activity!

Our son-in-law threw a surprise party for DD Amanda to celebrate her masters degree. He pulled it off which is truly amazing since she is one who likes to know what's going on all the time.  He rented their local pool and got help from friends and family with the food and keeping it quiet.  It was fun and all the kids really had a great time. 
Look at that face! 
The last two went home last night.  I  am relaxing this morning! I think the dishwasher, cook stove, washing machine; not to mention doors (in and out) are relaxing too!  Thank God for dishwashers!  They got to see caterpillars, honey bees in the squash blooms, and even an empty cicada body.  Ewwww!  And with the doors opening and closing (CLOSE that door!) lots and lots of flies!
And of course there was crafting time--paper, markers, scissors (3 yr. olds and scissors, oh my) although there wasn't a problem--no hair cutting or upholstery or clothes.  Or at least I haven't found it yet! It's easy to see the play dough pieces that wound up in the carpet.  No problem--this grandma knows to clean the carpet AFTER not before.  ; )

So my feet are up. I had a relaxing shower.  And I am surfing the internet.  I just might visit you today!

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

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  1. Hi Marilyn, I'm behind! Lots going on this summer and I was trying to use Feedly - don't know what happened to that. Now I'm reading Blogger dashboard, and it looks good to me. Still don't know about Bloglovin' - it shows to be in Sweden now, better that where the little flag showed it to be the first time. I might have waited too late for that is I decided about that. Oh well, I won't lose you. I promise. :) Have a great weekend!


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