Monday, June 03, 2013

A little catching up before

A little catching up before the next round of activity.  Isn't that the way life is?  A snatched moment here and there to put your feet up and relax.  Or to walk outside and listen to the birds or enjoy a sunset.  Before the next thing requires you to go or to come or to unload it or fold or wash it or cook it.  Notice I didn't mention quilting.  That's a welcome chore. ; ) 

This was the sunset on May 28.  Isn't it so pretty?

This was right before the sun went below the horizon.

I drove down for my nephew's memorial service this weekend.  I went a day early in order to get my mother to her hearing aid appointment.  She had gotten to where she couldn't hear thunder.  Again.  Bless her heart she drives me CRAZY.  I sure hope I don't do that to my kids someday.  It was recommended that she see an ear, eyes, and allergies doctor.  Do you think that is going to happen? NO  She says she is feeling just fine.  Her blood pressure runs high but oh, no she is not going to no doctor.  She drives me crazy. 

The memorial service was nice.  The slideshow they played was very nice.  I chose not to attend the private burial to avoid any possible family issues.   Mother decided to go to the memorial service.  I was glad she did.  It all turned out just fine.  If was a relief. 

I was almost into Winters on Friday morning when I came upon these combines
going down the road.  It is wheat harvest time.  Mother and I saw them harvesting in the fields around Rowena and Miles on our way to San Angelo for her appointment.
This is a wheat field east of Winters, Texas.

I have picked a few zucchini and I will cook some for our evening meal today.  We have more green tomatoes coming on the plants.  There are blooms on the cucumbers and little yellow squash. 

The grands are coming!  We will have all four later this week.  I can't wait to see them playing together.  Our house will be a flurry of activity.  Right now I am soaking up the quiet.  LOL 

Happy quilting and blessings,
Catering Quilter

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