Thursday, August 15, 2013


Stitches and Sissy love Hog Man!


Baby pigs, puppies and now a kitten.  A very young kitten.  A too young to be weaned from mother kitten came to the house Sunday evening late.  I heard it meowing out in the field behind the house earlier that day then when a thunderstorm came up it came running to the house.  It is tame. Purrs like some kind of machine.  It laps milk well -- very good.  And it can eat cat food.  But too young to survive without some care.  So here we go.  Hog Man is not fond of kitties to begin with and certainly not in the house.  He grumbles a little.  It's been two days.  Grow fast kitty!  Oh, and DGD Aimee and I decided "Stitches" would be a good name for her.  Yes, she is female.  Oh, there he goes grumbling again.  LOL 

The puppies are growing.  And as you can imagine they don't stay in the kiddie pool anymore.  So Hog Man made them a pen from a cattle panel that has smaller wires and they cannot escape.  We've started them on puppy food.  A few have been given names.  There's Roman, Opal, Jet, Diva (just imagine why), Diamond, Whiney (always whining when the rest are asleep) and the rest I don't remember what the grands named them -- not that it matters.  Their owners will give them new names when they are adopted.  In just a few more weeks.  I am counting down.  LOL

This has not been a really hot summer but I am ready for fall.  There is something restful about cooler temperatures and the beautiful blue skies of autumn are a sight to behold.  Speaking of the sky--we have had some beautiful sunsets lately and the clouds and blue sky at times have been so pretty. 

Yesterday I was invited to go shop at United Notions/Moda. I had never been in their warehouse before.  It was too much to take in.  Everyone of their employees were very helpful and courteous.  And their facilities were 5 stars.  The FABRIC!  I tried not to drool.  It's a good thing the bolts are wrapped in plastic.  ; )

The WCQG quilt show is coming up next weekend!  Lots to do. 

Blessings and happy quilting,

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