Friday, August 02, 2013

Done is a very good thing!

There's my sewing buddy in the top of the picture.  She will come and stay with me in the sewing room when I'm sewing.  Awwww.  And she snores, too. LOL
The piano key border is on and it's done!  I love this pattern.  : )   It measures approximately 72 1/2 by 82 1/2 inches.  And guess what?  With the trimmings from the piano keys and the extra 1 1/2" squares I am well on my way to starting another one!  I loved how the piano key border went on like a glove.  No adjusting seams just a small amount of easing.  But I squared up my blocks and that does make a difference.  I messed up though!  I had the borders all sewn on and laid it out to take a picture.  Took the picture and was uploading the picture.  I kept looking at it thinking something isn't quite right.  Yup.  I had sewn the piano key corners on the wrong direction.  Out came the seam ripper.  It pays to check the picture of your pattern.  ; ) 

The puppies are getting to a cute stage.  Yesterday evening I heard them growling and barking at each other.  I went out to see and sure enough they were playing and beginning to wag their tails.  Two and 1/2 weeks old.  It's been getting in the 100s this last week.  They whine when they get hot. Poor babies.  We have a fan blowing on them 24/7.  Then when that wasn't enough we started putting ice packs in with them and they really like them.  See what you think . . .

Yup, it's going to be time to get new ice packs when these babies get moved outside.
The other two grands are coming soon.  Where's the spinach, Popeye?  They'll enjoy playing with the puppies.  And there will be lots of sewing going on.  : ) 

Happy quilting and blessings,

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