Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Tuesday to Ya!

Hi, to all. Hope you are doing well. We had a beeaauutiful weekend. 70's and sunshine. Last night we had a cold front and we were forecast to have rain; but no. Wind but no rain. Hope you had rain and no hail, Patsy.

Back to Friday--DH had a beautiful bouquet delivered during the day for our anniversary. Yellow is my favorite color and he had (I think he had them) make it up in yellow roses, daisies,
and gladiola with purple and green filler in a lovely purple vase. I was surprised because I can probably count on one hand how many times he has bought flowers. We had a nice weekend together.

I am going to cut out the block for Saturday for guild meeting today and sew it up. I will post it tomorrow. I am committing myself here. Today, I will make the rolls I promised to bring tomorrow. Actually, the bread maker will do the work. I will put the dough in the refrigerator tonight and shape and bake in the morning. Jan is bringing chicken lasagna. And I don't remember who else is bringing food.

We put Jan's quilt in the frame last week after we rearranged our quilting room. Bless her heart. It is a beautiful quilt top with butterflies made in the drunkard path type pattern in bright, scrappy colors. But her borders are too large and are wavy. We will try our best to quilt it and make it look as good as we can. Anyone having problems with borders; scoot on over to Bonnie's Quiltville. She has an excellent tutorial. I am going to print out her directions and give to Jan. She doesn't have internet right now.

Speaking of Bonnie, how about that girl?! She moves into her new house and has time to post to let us know what's going on. She is great. I really hope they enjoy their new adventure. And Judy L. moved her blog and has a slightly new look. Best wishes to her with her move.

Ya'll have a great day and blessings.

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  1. Good Tuesday morning to you, too!

    The front blew through here with gusto, but only a few rain drops fell.

    Your flowers sound gorgeous - you will have to take a pic and post it. I love yellow flowers. I would love to plant a yellow antique rose, but our yard is lacks adequate sun exposure. We have learned our lesson in that department.

    Your rolls sound delicious. I think our breadmaker is kaput :( The last time I used it, the bread was a dismal failure.

    A good while back I printed out Bonnie's article about wavy borders. She shows a great example of that, doesn't she? Looks like a nightmare to me!

    Hope you had a good weekend. Ray did buy some Roper shoes from Cavenders in Waco. While in the store, I went to the ladies side, tried some on and they are sooo comfortable that I bought some, too. So good to wear with jeans, and they have arch supports. They look like what call 'clodhoppers.' LOL

    Stay warm today,


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