Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

I went to Paradise. Yeah, I did! It's just about six miles from my house. Really! Paradise Piecemakers met Saturday and I took my Time Travel quilt top and pieced more of the Soaring Past Time blocks. And I peddled some of my wares. It was very enjoyable. I mean what could be better than piecing most of the day. Unless it was quilting most of the day. SO, today I worked some more on the blocks and now only have four left to put together.

When I got home Saturday we got the news that DH's friend/ex-coworker passed away that afternoon. Thank God he didn't suffer long. DH has been asked to do his funeral.

I called my neighbor today and asked if she wanted to start walking (we talked about it last year and never got started) and if today was a good day. We agreed to meet after lunch and walked about a mile to start with. I know not much for some but for us out-of-shape gals; it is a start. My neighbor quit smoking this year and I am so glad for her. It was very warm-82 degrees when we were walking. Right now the wind is blowing ninety to nothing. And in the morning it is to be 40 degrees but feel like 30. Joy. I will definitely finish the four blocks in the morning.

I would appreciate your prayers for my sister and her family. I won't go into detail here but please pray for a peaceful solution to the custody issues involving their granddaughter.
This is not a desert photo. Really! This is located in Colorado. This is a National Park in Colorado that we visited back a couple of years ago. The dark figures are people walking toward the dunes. It was so weird to see this huge sand dune between a couple of mountains.This is a picture of some of our ladies from Kraz-z Quilters on one of our fabric field trips. I'm the one in the back in the lavender shirt. We had lunch that day at a lovely tea room.

I keep forgetting to take my camera with me to take pictures of our pigs. I will remember one of these days. Promise.



  1. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about you friend. It's never easy.

    I hope it works out okay for your sister. Our neighbors are still working on their quest to adopt their great-granddaughter. It's a long and drawn out affair. Prays going up for all.

    Your sand dune photo is neat. I've never seen anything like that in real life or been to Colorado. I know it is beautiful there.

    Take care,

  2. Oh yes, one more thing : )

    The next time I see that Paradise sign, I'm going to take a picture of it. Maybe you can meet us at the sign and DH can take a picture of us by the sign. I imagine we won't be up that way until July.


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