Thursday, February 14, 2008


Good morning! I know I promised I would post a picture of the block I'm doing for Saturday's meeting BUT when I started to cut it out I didn't have enough of the background fabric. I needed
3 1/2 " more. Just three and half! Well, I had to scramble to find another one that would work and I did. I have it almost completely sewn. I will post a picture later. But to give you a picture here are the flowers I got for anniversary.I should have taken the picture when they first came because as you can see they are fading fast.
Can you see my yellow walls? I love yellow! The crocheted table topper/doily was given to me by my mother. I have a matching one that is slightly smaller and she found them at a garage sale several years ago. I don't crochet. I watched my grandmother and she tried to teach me but I just didn't pick it up. I did try knitting years ago and made a scarf I think but gave that up. I'm glad to see that knitting and lots of needleart are doing much better. I will post again later when I have the block sewn up.


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  1. Hi and Happy Valentine's Day,

    Your flowers are beautiful, and yellow is one of my favorite colors, too.

    My DIL is getting really good at knitting. She brought a long a project to work on while they were here.

    Your scarves are really pretty. My sister is really good with crochet, but all I can do is a chain stitch. It's not something I want to learn more about.

    Today was our little quilt club day but I didn't go. We had to go grocery shopping in Waco. I did buy some fabric for a baby blanket. Washed and dried it tonight. I've got to get myself in gear and get busy. I hate to be in a slump!

    Hoping for some rain with this next front but not storms!



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