Monday, June 16, 2008

It was a "Mason" weekend!

We had DGS Mason this weekend so his mommy and daddy could do the activities they each had to do. He is on the move now. So there was picking up somethings out of his reach. And we played ball. They have been playing with him at home. We were so amazed at him. I have lots of cabinets doors he wanted to check out. I use big rubber bands on those that have knobs that meet each other. It always worked for DGD Aimee. He's a boy! He figured it out. His dad is an engineer and his grandfather is a diesel mechanic; do you think I have my work cut out for me?!

Yep, he just pulled the doors open wide enough for him to get his hand in and commenced to extract. Like I said DGD is no dummie for sure and this tactic worked real good for her but he is another story. This will be a plus when he is older and I "need" him to help figure out a problem. We had "surprise" visitors this weekend. On Saturday morning we found two young raccoons in our hedge by the patio. And later DH looked up in the tree beside these hedges and saw another one. They're gone now. I don't know WHERE they have gone. DH sure didn't want them in his barn where he stores his feed. Max found a mole and killed it. It was on the patio Saturday morning, too. Good boy! I just wish he would scare that amardillo away that is digging holes all in the yard at night.
I demonstrated the 4 Patch Stacked Posies pattern at my Wednesday group last week. It was fun showing them my addiction. You think it's contagious. I sure hope so. Hee, hee. I wasn't feeling the best in the world. I went to the doctor this morning--urinary tract infection. I used to get them all the time in my twenties. I could've lived without this one. I am drinking water, cranberry juice, taking my meds, and posting. I will live. I will live. I will live. Keep saying it long enough and I will convince myself.
Thanks goes out to Patsy again. She is responsible for the signature. If it wasn't for you, Patsy, I wouldn't know how to do anything. Now can you could tell me how to do the linky thing so that when people click on your name it would take them to your blog? Sure would appreciate it. Hugs.
Blessings and happy quilting,

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  1. Hi,

    You are so welcome - I'm just glad I could help you and me. And if anyone else needs to know, I'll happily pass the info. on. I honestly don't know how to do the linky thing. Are you talking about linking back to you if someone clicks on your new signature? I noticed Judy L. was having trouble with hers. I'll have to google it and see what I can find out.

    Mason is precious, and I know y'all got in some good bonding time. He is growning!!!

    You have varmints, and so does Ray's sister who lives one mile outside of town. Twice she's seen a rattler she says is about 3.5 or 4 feet long in her back yard. She called the police but they couldn't find it.

    We are changing ISP's and been off line for awhile today. It won't change my email address though. With hotmail or google I can keep them until I depart this earth. We are going back to ATT. We left them last year because there was noise on the line, knocking us off Internet and also our phones. Now that problem is fixed (fingers are crossed) and our year was almost up with Time Warner. We didn't sign a contract with them last year, but got a good deal for a year.

    Your signature looks great!


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