Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To whett your appetite

Let this whett your appetite. This is the Purple 4 Patch Stacked Posies that was in my UFO List. I found this fabric in a tote in our room we meet in each Wednesday for Kraz-z Quilters. The fabrics are two colorways of the same print. I finished this quilt top yesterday. In the post below you can leave a comment and be entered for my giveaway which includes the pattern to make this quilt.



  1. You are just sooo good at what you do. Your quilt is fantastic! I think I'll have to stick with easy stuff that I'm learning now. It's even gratifying that I can do that!

    Take care . . .

  2. Hi, when I left a comment last night I forgot to tell my story about why I ever made a first quilt which is so far the only completed quilt I've made! Long sentence, huh?

    A few years back, son David called one October day and said since we always ask what he and his siblings want for Christmas he was calling to tell us what he wanted. Now bear in mind this was in October - he told me he wanted me to make him a quilt! I about fell out of my chair. I have sewn forever but had never quilted. It took me about two years to get that quilt made. I started buying quilty supplies and reading tons of stuff online and in books and magazines. In hindsight, I know I should have taken lessons on the way to do it because I think there is a big learning curve between regular sewing and quilting. My first pattern was from Quilter's Cache, a free pattern that is strip quilting. Also, it got tied rather than "real" quilted, but David was very happy. As it stands now, I have another top completed, but I have some unsewing to do because I think although I followed the directions, some of my seams aren't opposite and I think they are supposed to be? It is a UFO for the moment. Until recently I had only made 4 patches and strips, but I've stuck my feet in the water so to speak and learning how to do other blocks to see if I can. I suppose you could say I have another simple quilt started and have vowed to make at least one block a day. I think it will be a work in progress because the center block is like an 'I Spy' block and I've about run out of designs for those blocks. I would like for all of them to be different. It is a 4" block with strips sewn around it to make the finished block. Star blocks are my favorites and I've found a pattern I like, so maybe soon I can start that.

    Quilting is fun but frustrating from the lack of know how. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist in what I do, as in if my name goes on it, it has to be perfect. I'm beginning to realize that there is probably no perfect quilt.

    The quilts I favor have the scrappy look, and I don't wish to make anything that will be folded in a box and put in a closet in fear of getting it dirty. I want the "you can sit on my quilt anytime and it's okay" quilts. I want a quilt I make to cover somebody in love. And that's my story!

  3. Love the new photo! You look younger in it than the last one.

  4. Marilyn,
    Do you have the pattern for Funky Blocks that is shown on


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