Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time flys doesn't it?

Where does the time go? Away for sure. Well, I didn't get the piecing done I wanted to last week. VBS I did get some pillowcase kits cut out and a sample sewn up. Then I cut out more fat quarters to put in my booth. Then I helped with the quilt show. Then I set up my booth. I did really well with it. I really enjoy meeting and visiting other quilters. There were some really pretty quilts. Sorry no pictures. Bad blogger. I was too busy. I will see if I can get Fran to email me some. Speaking of Fran--very talented lady even though she doesn't think she so. She does wonderful machine quilting on her sewing machine. She and her daughter like to make projects together. They did rabbit quilts. Each was done in 30's fabric with bunnies, carrots, radishes, etc. all over. Just adorable. Then Fran quilted them with her imagination. Fantastic! I gotta get you pictures. And the one that won viewer's choice was amazing! A fiftieth wedding anniversary quilt with hand embroidery and applique done by a very talented lady in our guild.

In this photo he is playing with my baby doll. This will not be his favorite when he grows up.

Then Saturday after the show we kept DGS Mason overnight so DS and DDIL could go out. He is walking now--no, make that running. From the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to sleep at night with maybe a short nap in between--if you're in the car. I wish I had half--make that a fourth of his energy. I really want to get all three of the grandkids together so they can have fun together and get to know each other. The older two missed out on Mason crawling and when my DD told my DGD that Mason was walking she couldn't believe it. Oh, and by the way we have some very gifted grandchildren. DD told me DGS#1 is reading on a fourth grade level and in second grade and DGD is reading on a third grade level and is in first grade. They were both read to a lot from the time they were babies and on up. It truly makes a difference.

In this photo he is wearing rubber boots and walking with Papaw.

Well, I've got some things to get done. Ya'll be blessed.

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