Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Back!

Oh, and we had such fun! We left Monday morning March 16 and returned last night, Wednesday March 18. We stayed at Le Retreat House in Gainesville, Texas. The house was built in 1920 and is very charming. There is lots of room with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. On Monday there were five of us with Jan joining us on Tuesday. Anna, Priscilla's sister, visited on Monday afternoon and ate our evening meal with us.

Each one of us was responsible for a meal and what food! Marie had Monday lunch--with 24 karat sandwiches and a wonderful salad. Priscilla had the evening meal with white chili and salad. Kathleen had breakfast on Tuesday morning with a wonderful hash brown and sausage casserole with a fried egg for everyone and toast. Dixie had lunch that day with sloppy joes on an English muffin with the leftover salads from Monday. Then Dixie (being Dixie) went into the kitchen that evening and made us baked potatoes with trimmings and we had fruit and salad. My turn came Wednesday morning with breakfast. I made Ziploc bag omelets with choices of sausauge, ham, bacon, onion, red bell pepper, and cheese. (If you want the recipe--just leave a comment and I will post the recipe.) It was fun. Oh, I took some of my homemade bread and sliced and made toast and had Kathleen's leftover hash brown casserole. Since Wednesday was our last day and breakfast was big we ate later in the afternoon and ate leftovers (trying to clean out the refrigerator).

And of course we sewed! I got all my siggy blocks sewn and now all I have to do is sign them and mail.

I sewed up the little blocks our guild is doing for a project.

I worked on my Stacked Moons.

Isn't this one sweet? Isn't that little circle in the center amazing? I couldn't have made that happen; it just is that way. And of course we know as Christians that things don't just happen. There's a purpose. So amazing! I'm not sure how I will put these together yet. I laid them out on this green fabric and I kinda like it. I'm thinking of making a table runner/topper or a wall hanging because I don't have much of this fabric. I am open to suggestions. I had sewn them all into full moons and while at retreat did some unsewing and resewing to make the other shapes--where the stacked arcs form the kaleidoscope effect--and I think I like it that way. Again I am open to suggestions.
I cut out and sewed up Block #13 of the Star BOM and then began cutting the sashing strips and setting triangles before it was time to go.

We laughed and helped each other with color placements. We helped Marie (our oldest at 82 years old) cut out some of her things. Jan brought her foot bath and gave foot treatments (with sea salt, lotions, and massage) and pedicures. She is a doll! We had an absolutely wonderful time and can't wait until we plan another.



  1. My you have been busy! It's a wonder anything got done with all that yummy food sitting in your tummies. lol

  2. Isn't it wonderful to go away...sounds like you ate well and a lot accomplished..I would be interested in your bag for breakfast....I am working on duffy is a huge bag to carry your rulers and project in ...will post when I get it done....#13 looks good...have not touched mine as playing for a wedding and a lot of practice goes into it so it will be a while...blessings...Maine

  3. How fun! I've never been on an overnight quilting retreat ...well unless you count when my sisters and I visit Mom's!

  4. I know you had a wonderful time. I can feel it from reading description of what all y'all did. You really did accomplish lots of things.

    Take care . . .


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