Friday, March 27, 2009

Checking in

Is everyone feeling like they can't get everything done? Seems like there's not enough hours in the day or maybe we have too much we want to get done. NO, can't be. I did get one thing crossed off my list. Yay! The Siggy blocks are done and on their way to Connie W to do her thing as Siggy Swap coordinator.

We saw these bluebonnets Sunday afternoon on our way to Weatherford.
We met and quilted Wednesday then I helped (what little help I was) with the donation quilt for the guild on Thursday. I sewed pinwheels. You know where you have to make sure the center looks really good. Yeah. I think I MAY have gotten three or four done. After ripping and sewing to get them to look good enough. But the quilt is going to be awesome. We hope to be done sewing it together in a couple of weeks.
Ya'll have a nice weekend.


  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Yor siggy blocks are so pretty. Did you do you signing on the computer. I've read about it, but never tried it.

    The bluebonnets finally arrived! They make spring nicer! I saw them on the side of the highway going to Waco today - two times!! That's another story though LOL. I did buy some green fabric that looks wonderful. I've decided I need to work on getting more solid colors in my stash. At home I found another piece that would look good. It is blue with small flowers, bees and lady bugs. I asked DH to choose which one he liked best between the blue and white one in the picture and the one I found that I just described and he chose that one.

    We didn't have any storms the other day. Some bad wind for a few minutes, some rain and not much of that.

    Our church is supposed to have a softball game and a picnic Sunday afternoon, but I think it's going to be too cool. It is supposed to start at 4 pm, with 5th Sunday singing starting at 6.

    Have a fantabulous weekend.

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    You might have already done this, but in case you haven't . . . go to Quilting On A Budget and look at their post yesterday (30th). Scroll down where it shows a photo of the magazine of "Quilter's Home" and Mark Lipinski. This fellow needs to drawn and quartered about what he printed in the current issue of the magazine. According to the article, it is sold out, but you can find out what was in it. JoAnn Fabrics wouldn't carry it. I'm going to send an email to their corporate headquarters thanking them. I hope there is enough public/quilter outcry that he will go bankrupt.

    Take care,


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