Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi again

Not much quilting going on yet but I hope to remedy that real soon. LOL I did get a Take 5 small quilt top pieced week before last. And we took my quilting machine to Denton to have a repairman look at it. The only thing he found wrong was the needle was in backwards. He said that would make it sew like it was out of time. I haven't quilted with it yet. Why? Well, we kept DGS Mason for several days while his parents were out of town. He had a cold and developed an ear infection. After an antibiotic and decongestant he is on the mend.

This has been the wetest(around 16 inches) October for our area in years and cooler too. It was in the lower 40's this morning. We have been getting the eaves and trim on the house ready for paint. Between rains. Tomorrow we plan on opening the paint buckets. We hope to get a lot done because we are forecast for more rain Sunday night and then later next week. My shoulder is sore from scraping this afternoon. I washed and hung out clothes. My clothes lines were full. Hanging clothes out has been challenging with the rain as well.

Oh, I found 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting blog while reading another blog (that's how I have found some really neat blogs!). She is a very talented quilter.

Sorry there are no pictures in this post. I will try and remedy that soon.


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